Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Image Stabilized AutoFocus Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Lens - Refurbished

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About Canon 28-135mm

Standard zoom lens with an Image Stabilizer and high zoom ratio. With the Image Stabilizer turned on, you can obtain sharp, natural-looking pictures in dim lighting without using flash or a tripod. Very handy for places where flash is prohibited. Uses ring-type USM for swift, silent autofocus and full-time manual focus. Closest focusing distance is 20 in. (50 cm).

The Canon 28-135mm is commonly used for Art, Documentary, Fun, General purpose, Landscape/scenery, Low light, Macro photography, Night photography, Photojournalism, Portraits, Sports/action, Travel, Upgrade, Video, Weddings, Wildlife, Wildlife photos and more.The Canon 28-135mm is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Beginner, Casual photographer, Casual user, Enthusiast, Photo enthusiast, Professional, Pro photographer, Semi-pro photographer among others.The Canon 28-135mm is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Canon 28-135mm: Clear glass, Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Easily mounted, Easy to clean, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Image stabilization, Lightweight, Nice bokeh, Rugged, Simple controls and Strong construction

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Strong construction (163),Fast / accurate auto-focus (149),Easily mounted (123),Clear glass (108),Lightweight (105),Easily interchangeable (102),Simple controls (102),Consistent output (97),Durable (80),Rugged (43),Fast auto-focus (33),Easy to clean (17) Image stabilization (16),Nice bokeh (16),Quiet (13),Superior build quality (13),Super-sharp images (11),Price (8),Sharp images (6),Versatile (5),Inexpensive (4),IS (4),28-135 is a great range (3),AF is fast (3),All around lens (3),Decent quality for price (3),Easy to use (3),Fine for daylight wedding (3),Good color options (3),Great range (3),IS adds convenience (3),IS is nice (3),IS works well (3),Quality product (3),Responsive auto-focus (3),User friendly (3),Versatile range (3),Good value (3) View All
Lens creep (68),Heavy (54),Glass not sharp (27),Poor build quality (20),Poor in low light (19),Semi-sharp images (19),Slow focus (11),Weak casing (7),Blurry focus (7),A little heavy (6),Construction not strong (6),Slow auto-focus (6) Difficult to clean (4),No lens hood (4),Plastic construction (4),1st lens didn't focus (3),A bit slow (3),A little soft (3),Cheap construction (3),Color seems flat (3),Control turnoff too easy (3),Could be sharper (3),Down to 18 mm usefull (3),Dust collects internally (3),Dust gets in lens (3),End of lens wobbles a bit (3),Flare without hood (3),Heavy / bulky (3),Lacks durability (3),Lag / shutter delay (3),Lower F stop would help (3),May cause image blurr (3),No case (3),None at all (3),Not "L" quality glass (3),Not all copies are sharp (3),Not strong construction (3),Not the smoothest zoom (3),Only f 35 (3),On the heavy side (3),Replacement worked fine (3),Use a flash indoors (3),Variable aperture (3),Variable apeture (3),Weight (3),Zoom not very smooth (3) View All
Best Uses:
Travel (131),Fun (108),Landscape/scenery (75),Photojournalism (73),General purpose (72),Weddings (45),Sports/action (43),Wildlife photos (35),Art (33),Low light (33),Documentary (30),Portraits (26) Night photography (24),Macro photography (23),Wildlife (16),Landscape photography (15),Upgrade (13),Video (13),Back-up (6),Great picture quality (6),Special effects (4),Action shots (3),Daylight weddings (3),Everyday shooting (3),Family photos (3),Multi-purpose (3),Sports (3),Studio work (3),Walk around (3) View All
Reviewer Profile:
Enthusiast (95),Photo enthusiast (42),Professional (39),Semi-pro photographer (30),Casual user (23),Semi-professional (18),Pro photographer (17),Beginner (13),Casual photographer (11),Action sports (3),Amateur (3),Entry-level profressional (3) Experienced non-pro (3),Local paper publication (3),Part timeer (3) View All

Canon 28-135mm Specifications

12 groups /16 elements
Angle of view
75° - 18°
F stop range
3.5-22 (5.6-36)
Closest Focusing Distance
0.5m / 1.6 ft.
Maximum Magnification
Filter Size
Dimensions (Length x Diameter)
3.1" x 3.8" / 78.4 x 96.8mm
18.9 oz. / 540g

Canon 28-135mm Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great all-around lens

I have used this lens with my Canon 10D for more than two years and have shot thousands of images with it. I can honestly say that this lens has performed well shooting anything from landscapes to portraits and from bright sunlight to scenes lit by the moon. All my other lenses are Canon L-Series. There is a slight difference in sharpness compared to those, but I would not hesitate to use this lens beside my professional grade ones. It is not as sturdily built as an L-Series and it does not h...

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I have used this lens with my Canon 10D for more than two years and have shot thousands of images with it. I can honestly say that this lens has performed well shooting anything from landscapes to portraits and from bright sunlight to scenes lit by the moon. All my other lenses are Canon L-Series. There is a slight difference in sharpness compared to those, but I would not hesitate to use this lens beside my professional grade ones. It is not as sturdily built as an L-Series and it does not have any environmental gaskets to protect it from the weather, but then it costs a third of what the professional lenses do. It also has a slightly loose feeling to the two parts of the housing. You will need to buy your own hood and lens case if you want them (I believe Canon offers these). Other than that, I would highly recommend this lens for anyone from beginning photographer to serious amateur. You will not be sorry.


Most Liked Negative Review


You get what you pay for!

Used one for a couple of weeks and then upgtraded to the 2.8. I sold the 28-135 on [...]. It's light and cheap- That's about all it has going for it!

Reviewed by 392 customers


Big good lens


from illinois

All my friends told me this lens was very big and that they like it they wanted to have one like this.

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My trust Versatile Go-To Lens


from Florida

I have been using this lens soon after it came out around the turn of the century. It was purchased with the film SLR Rebel 2000 and since 2010 on T2i. In addition to this 28-135, I also own a 50mm F1.8, a recent purchased 70-200mm f/4L IS USM, and the EF-S18-55mm IS kit lens that came with T2i. It is the primary general-use lens attached to my T2i. The other lenses are the alternates only used when the occasions demand their applications. I have taken thousands of shot with this lens on travel, in-door and out-door events such as orchid show, wedding, air shows and have been very happy with the results. I have also been shooting wildlife with it and have high quantity of superior results. Every lens has its own character. Knowing its strength is the way to take good pictures. I set the aperture at around 8 on T2i's AV mode and use this mode frequently when I ask for sharpness from this lens. It's excellent macro capability is often more convenient than the 70-200mm L for close-up shots. It's true this is not a perfect lens like some other reviews picked on it -- it's not wide enough (I found myself pulling out my smart phone often these days instead of changing lens for wide angle shots), and not long enough for some bird shots, etc. However, the 28-135mm handles most situations very respectfully and dependably. It's going to be as my prime go-to lens as it has been for the past 15 years.


Great Lens for Photo Walking with my 5D


from Alabama  -  Photo Enthusiast

I bought this Canon EF 28-135 IS lens used and it is excellent for photo walking / travel photography with my Canon 5D Classic (which I also bought used). Both this EF 28-135 IS Lens and my Canon 5D classic were purchased used grade E from Adorama. I am really enjoying my full-frame photography experience with the lens-camera combination.

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The Best All-Around Lens


from Middle Tennessee

I have used a mid-range zoom lens as a primary lens for over 40 years. When I made the transition from film to digital I knew exactly the Canon lens I wanted, and haven't been disappointed in my choice of another mid-range zoom. In fact, the Canon EF 28-135mm offers me much greater latitude than my earlier film zoom lenses that didn't have new features and slightly broader focal range. The lens' range is all most photographers need 75% of the time. I watch all the show-offs with their phallic symbols, who don't know how to use them, and all I'm using is a utilitarian zoom lens (but, a Canon). For the serious-amateur, at least, if you are going to buy and use Canon, this is all the lens you will need most of the time. The pro, maybe not. I don't need to 'push' my lenses like a pro yet still come up with award-winning photographs using my Canon EF 28-135mm. My interests are in landscape competition, press/feature, and stock photography. I use a Canon 40D, primarily, with a select array of Canon lenses. I also own and use other Canon cameras depending on need, especially my G-12.


Decent all around lens


from Undisclosed

I am an advanced beginner in photography, shooting digital for the last 5 years. This lens is a good overall walk around lens, with sharpness being an issue only at the widest angle. The lens does zoom itself put, especially when carrying it on your shoulder or pointing it downwards. It tends to be a bit annoying because almost every time you need to take a shot, the lens is fully zoomed in. Aside from that, it does take pretty decent macro shots, and the bokeh is pretty good when you are zoomed in all the way. The only downsides are the not fast aperture, and lack of rounded aperture blades. Barrel distortion also comes into play at the widest angle, along with chromatic aberration unless you stop the lens down to around f6.3 or 7.1




from Undisclosed

When I purchased my EOS 7D, I chose a package which contained the EF 28-135 IS USM lens because I figured it would be better than the EF-S option and because I wanted to be able to use it when I upgrade to a full-frame camera. Fortunately, it wasn't too costly a mistake. The good: The image stablization system works very well. Focus speed, as a result of the USM, is also fast and reliably accurate. The large-ish rubber zooming grip is also quite comfortable to use. The bad: Lens "drift" is not descriptive enough. I barely flick my wrist and the lens flies fo the telephoto end. Dust? Likely as a result of the looseness and general lack of build quality, the lens has dust particles inside and on multiple elements. This doesn't affect the image quailty too much, unless there's a light source in the frame. Images are soft, even when stopped down to f/8, color is muted and requires a rather large saturation bump in post processing, and contrast (yes, I have a lens hood) is lacking. I suggest that anyone thinking about purchasing this lens as a package consider purchasing the body only and applying the cost difference toward a higher-quality lens.


easy clear pictures


from phx az  -  Casual Photographer

I shoot landscape, animal and grandkids with this lens. It is easy to focus, takes very clear pictures and gives the extra power needed for the photos taken within 30ft.


A heavier lens but a great product!


from Harrisburg, PA  -  Photo Enthusiast

I bought this lens for the 28-135mm feature and it image stabilization. It is definitely a heavier lens than the 28-85mm lens, but it takes a better picture with the image stabilization. Again, consumers can trust Adorama's assessment of lenses. My lens was ranked as "E" but looks brand new. Amazing.


After over 7 years of Use


from Seattle, WA

This lens is a great travel lens. It works wonderfully with my 40d and 5d. While not the sharpest lens in my bag it is more than adequate for travel and snap shots. The image stabilization does it jobs and I can shoot hand held with out issue--I do bump up the ISO when necessary just because I like fast shutter speeds. I have not experienced the lens slippage mentioned so much in the other reviews. However, having read about the lens slippage issue several years ago--I do not push and pull on the barrel at all (as I don't want the lens to start slipping). The build quality to me is very good and the quality of contrast/sharpness is acceptable. The best way to tell if this lens will meet your needs is to head your local camera store for some test shots with your camera and review/pixel peak if you like at home. Also, if slippage is a concern inspect the lens at the store --turn it facing down--that will tell you a story. I really like my 28-135mm and based on my experience--I can recommend this as a very good travel lens.


Excellent add to cabag


from NY

At first the lens challenged the areas that I wanted to shoot in. After a few minutes of toying with the lens and my settings in the camera I was able to learn to fully manipulate the lens to my advantage as well as my cameras advantage. The image quality in low light seemed to be an issue but proved to be user error and was easily overcome after a few shots and setting adjustments. The images are sharp and far far from soft as some have said but that is my experience with the lens and my experience shooting as well. Facial features on tight and close ups are absolutely amazing, super sharp and super tight. It has proven to be a great buy and I would not only suggest it as a great weapon in the arsenal in your bag but as a must have the macro and well as it being a great all around 18-135. Just amazing It would have been perfect if the lens did not slide with the downward angling of the camera to adjust to that you have to learn to hold it to keep the focus not a big deal only when you don't remember and it slides and the shot is off


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Questions about this item:

Shopper  I have the New Canon 6D is this lens compatible? I currently have the sigma 18-250 AF from my older camera T2i but its has a vinette effect when i try to use it on my Canon 6d HELP need a lens that is either 18-250 or 28-135... THANK YOU
CARL K  The Canon USM Lenses are all Full-Frame camera compatible. I use it on my 5D MkIII. Use Canon's in-camera Peripheral Illumination tool to further correct any minute vignetting.
Heather V  Can I use this lens with my Canon 5D Mark iii?
FLORIN I  YES, Is a full size lens, and very decent optics.
Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
CARL K  I bought the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 USM IS AF Refurbished lens for catalog photography. Not sorry either. It's one of the sharpest in my camera bag. I saved about $100.00 by buying the Refurb. Besides, it had a great warranty and I figured I couldn't go wrong. I would not think twice about getting another.
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