Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Autofocus Telephoto Zoom Lens - Refurbished

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About Canon 70-200mm F

High-performance, L-series telephoto zoom lens combining light weight and compactness with an f/4 maximum aperture. Inner focusing and the ring USM enable quick and quiet autofocusing. Also, a circular polarizing filter can be attached and used without difficulty because the front lens element does not rotate during focusing. The tripod collar (sold separately) is the same one used with the EF 300mm f/4L USM.

The Canon 70-200mm F is commonly used for Art, Documentary, Fun, General purpose, Landscape/scenery, Photojournalism, Portraits, Sports, Sports/action, Travel and more.The Canon 70-200mm F is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Enthusiast, Professional among others.The Canon 70-200mm F is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Canon 70-200mm F: Clear glass, Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Easily mounted, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight, Nice bokeh, Rugged, Simple controls and Strong construction

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Strong construction (161),Fast / accurate auto-focus (128),Lightweight (98),Durable (76),Consistent output (72),Rugged (67),Easily interchangeable (62),Clear glass (60),Super-sharp images (58),Superior build quality (56),Fast auto-focus (54),Easily mounted (51) Simple controls (48),Nice bokeh (40),Quiet (13),Easy to clean (11),Sharp (11),Light weight (7),Price (7),Constant aperture (6),Good price / value (6),Compact (3),Excellent contrast (3),Excellent price point (3),Large lens hood (3),Light for an L (3),Outstanding CA correction (3),Reasonably compact (3),Reasonably light (3),Saturationa and sharpness (3),Sharp optics (3),Smooth zoom ring (3) View All
Poor in low light (15),Heavy (12),Tripod collar extra (6),Not IS (4),A little heavy (3),Does not open to 28 (3),Lack of tripod mount (3),Not F 28 (3),No weather sealing (3),Too big for amateurs (3),Tripod adapter needed (3),Tripod mount is extra (3) Tripod ring not included (3),Umm thats it for me (3),Wish it were f 2-8 (3),Slow focus (3) View All
Best Uses:
Sports/action (76),Travel (71),Landscape/scenery (52),Fun (42),Photojournalism (42),Wildlife photos (38),General purpose (31),Weddings (28),Portraits (25),Art (24),Wildlife (24),Documentary (21) Sports (13),Landscape photography (9),Professional work (9),Low light (8),Upgrade (7),Video (7),Night photography (6),Macro photography (6),Kids (4),Aircraft (3),Animals (3),Anything (3),Back-up (3),Candid shots (3),Nature (3),Nature photography (3),Well lit sports (3) View All
Reviewer Profile:
Enthusiast (72),Photo enthusiast (46),Professional (17),Semi-pro photographer (16),Pro photographer (12),Casual user (10),Semi-professional (10),Student (6),Beginner (3),Semi pro (3),Semi-pro (3)

Canon 70-200mm F Specifications

13 groups /16 elements
Angle of view
34° - 12°
F stop range
Closest Focusing Distance
1.2m / 3.9 ft.
Maximum Magnification
Filter Size
Dimensions (Length x Diameter)
3.0" x 6.8" / 76 x 172mm
25 oz. / 705g

Canon 70-200mm F Reviews

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L glass on the cheap

I got this product about 5 months ago and since have been very satisfied with it. I got it as a gernal purpose medium telephoto lens for shooting nature, sports, and some wildlife. My camera body is a Canon EOS 30D, which has a 1.6x crop factor.I was torn between this lens and the 70-300 IS (Image Stabilization). I liked the IS, but i appreciated the extra 2/3 stop at 200 and the better image quality of the 70-200 f/4. This lens is sharp wide open and even sharper when stopped down. viniettin...

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I got this product about 5 months ago and since have been very satisfied with it. I got it as a gernal purpose medium telephoto lens for shooting nature, sports, and some wildlife. My camera body is a Canon EOS 30D, which has a 1.6x crop factor.I was torn between this lens and the 70-300 IS (Image Stabilization). I liked the IS, but i appreciated the extra 2/3 stop at 200 and the better image quality of the 70-200 f/4. This lens is sharp wide open and even sharper when stopped down. vinietting is not an issue on an APS-c DSLR. Build quality is great, especially for the price. All controls are smooth, the lens itself feels solid, and even the tiny switches have a saitisfying solidity to them. AF is the lightning quick ring type USM, and the only sound emited from the lens is a slight noise of shifting glass elements. You can also manually focus at any time, which in certain time critical scenes can be a life saver. The only negative of this lens is the fact that it does not go to F/2.8. when shooting sports that extra stop would have often kept me in the ISO 400 range rather than having to go up to 800. Even so, for the price i cant complain. If you are trying to decide between the 70-300 IS or the 700-200 F/4 L I hope this will help you decide. If you are a beginner to intermidiate photographer, this includes people who havn't quite yet made it away from the automatic mode and scene modes, id recomend the 70-300 IS. Its a very good lens and the IS will save you, especially as you start moving into the program Aperture, shutter, and manual modes. the extra reach (since it goes to 300) comes in handy as well. If you are an advanced photographer who is looking for quality above all else, go with the 70-200 F/4. While at times you may wish you had IS, the faster autofocus, better build quality, and better image quality of the 70-200 F/4 L will more than make up for it. In conclusion, i highly recomend this lens. [...]

Reviewed by 284 customers


Excellent purchase!


from Richmond, Virginia  -  Semi-pro Photographer

I have always considered the 70-200mm focal length zoom lens to be ideal for general photography. This L series zoom by Canon is amazing lives up to the hype with its outstanding optical quality. Size is fairly compact and the weight is much less than some 200 to 300mm prime lenses. Despite the maximum f/4 aperture, I have used this lens in available light situations to photograph dance and stage productions. I purchased this lens used and it was absolutely flawless, with no visible defects to the finish or the glass. The only minus was that I did not receive the front lens cap (no big deal as I always use a UV filter on it) nor the tripod collar (again no big deal). I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

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Perfect images


from Houston, Tx

This lens produces amazing images on my 70D, detail and clarity is just awsome. The IS still leves me wanting a better performance so as the auto focus.


Great lens at a great price


from Knoxville, TN

Absolutely love this lens. It's my first "L" lens and it works flawlessly. Image quality is superb with minimal vignetting around the edges which is easily corrected in post processing. The auto focus is fast, accurate and quiet. Even at f4 we can still get a nice blurry background but our subject is still in precise focus. It also has great contrast and clarity and the images taken with it are just spectacular!


Historic Telephoto Zoom Masterpiece


from Queens, NY

The Canon 70-200mm F/4 USM is quite an amazing telephoto zoom lens. I wanted to wait a while before writing a review, but I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with this lens. Although this version is an older model with no IS, it still performs very well and I am always impressed with the quality of my photography. This was my first telephoto lens and I knew I had to own one since the day I saw it at an electronic store through the glass display window; I was in awe! One of the main purposes of the 70-200mm F/4 is for medium range photography where subjects can be shot at a distance. The minimal focal distance already starts at 70mm, so more than likely indoor or close quarter photography may not by the best environment for this lens. Obtaining a shallow depth of field at maximum aperture F/4 produces really sharp results. The Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) helps the lens' Auto Focus (AF) operate very fast and quiet simultaneously; other standard models tend to make louder AF sounds and may struggle depending on what the camera is attempting to identify as the subject. If you struggle with the AF, MF is always to secondary option to manually control your own shots. I suggest using a lens filter to protect lens glass to prevent or eliminate scratches or worse. The 1.4x and 2x tele-converters can be used with this lens, I have the 2x version already. Even at 135mm to 200mm (which I hear is really 216mm to 320mm for my Rebel T5 APS-C 1.6x crop factor sensor), any perceived distortion is not even noticeable to the naked eye. However, I will admit that once the focal length maxes out at 200mm, hand held camera shake or other instabilities can blur potentially great photos. I do understand why IS was built into the newer models. Compared to other telephoto lens, the 70-200mm is very lightweight, but still on the long side, which I don't mind. The body is very well built and has a stunning cream white, black and red ring design, which looks very attractive, even to to onlookers. I do truly love the 70-200mm F/4 lens and while most of my environments that I take photos in do not warrant its use, it feels 'new' when I do I have the opportunity to use take great shots with it. By today's standard, the 70-200mm F/4 is quite affordable as well. Truly a masterpiece and most owners will attest to its quality craftsmanship and continuous dynamic results.


Great portrait lens


from Maui, HI

We used this lens for the first time yesterday in a beach photo shoot. The images are stunning...crisp and vivid. The image stabilization works very well. We chose this over the more expensive 70-200 lenses because we shoot almost exclusively outdoors in sunlight and this lens appears to be perfect for this. The build quality is fantastic so it should provide great results for our clients for years to come!


It's a Great Lense at a Fair Price


from Burr Ridge, IL

I am very pleased with this lens. I'm not a professional, just someone who enjoys taking photos and using Photoshop Elements/Premiere to do some creative things for digital photo albums, etc. My subjects range from grandkids and professional sporting events, trips to the zoo, landscapes/macro photography, and occasional wildlife. Over the years I've purchased 3 DSLR's and have finally learned a lesson not to purchase a "bundled package", and to buy just the body. My last purchase was a bundled Cannon Rebel, T3i, that included a EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II lens. It was ok, but I wasn't satisfied with the clarity of the photos and after reading reviews posted on Adorama's and Canon's website I elected to purchase this lens and to date I've been very pleased with the results and recognized improvement over the bundled lens. The photos appear much sharper and the colors more vibrant which means less Photoshop manipulation. I shoot in raw and jpg. Since this lens does not include stabilization I use a monopod and/or tripod, but handheld it's not that cumbersome to hold it steady. So as I said in the beginning I'm not a professional and this is not technical critique and would recommend the purchase of this lens, or if money is no object, upgrade to the next level with IS.

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Sharpest Lens I've ever owned


from Concord, CA

Several months ago, I took two bags of lenses that I have, including several "L" lenses, and I ran them through my own tests to see which was the sharpest and second sharpest, etc. This was after a friend of mine, who does professional photo work, had a picture of herself taken with this lens and it was so sharp, it was almost too sharp. By far, this lens came out the winner! I now have a new respect for this lens. The only problem is that I wish I had more uses for it then I do. It's kind of an odd "mm" in that I find it too high to use for portraits and landscapes, except for close-ups of things far away, and when I shot the moon a few weeks ago, it came in a big blurred, whereas my really cheap 500mm mirror lens did okay. But when I've used it for shooting portraits of people, though they are further away, making it more difficult, the pictures are absolutely amazing! Likewise, I shot a mountain in a meadow a few weeks ago and that was amazing as well. I haven't found the exact best use of this lens yet, but if you're considering buying this lens, it takes by far the sharpest and most amazing color photos of any other Canon lens I've come across as of yet.


Perfect Balance


from Germany

I purchased this lens for my 700D after reading multiple reviews and researching various lenses. This is my first L lens and I am very pleased with the pictures and the way the lens handles. For me, it is the perfect balance of quality (great glass and solid build), practicality (lightweight and ergonomic), and cost (especially with a rebate). I primarily shoot outdoor sports/action and have also taken some great indoor action pictures--yes, handheld without IS. I recommended this lens to a friend who ended-up purchasing the IS version (also a great lens) and has been very satisfied.


Simply superior!


from SF Bay Area

Others have probably summed this lens up pretty well, but I LOVE THIS LENS! I have been using Canon SLR's since the late 1970's and have always been a big fan. I made the switch to digital in 2011 and have the 7D and 5D Mark 3. Both are super cameras and each lens I have is like having two when you consider the 1.6 crop factor of the 7D. I also have and love the 1.4x extender. On the 7D you now have a 480mm equivalent! Great for sports! I was strictly a prime lens guy for most all the years I have been shooting. I loved my Canon 200mm f2.8 lens! With this lens, I am now a huge zoom fan. This lens is just a super compact size and very light weight. Personally, I would choose it over the 2.8 model unless I really needed the speed or really shallow DOF. It is tack sharp and super easy to use. I love how the lens does not extend when you zoom. Always the same size and about half the weight and price of the 2.8 model. Aside from the excellent quality, what I like most is the size and weight. I can get this and my 24-70 f4 easily into a small bag and this is my go to run and gun package. I have several primes, but find myself not using them at all with these two excellent lenses. Buy one! You will love it!

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Made the right choice!


from Los Angeles

Debated long and hard on this vs the 2.8 non-IS since they are very close in price. I opted for the f4 because I didn't want to lug around a monopod and the f4 is proven sharper. The 4 extra stops of shutter speed is real and more than makes up for the slower glass. Hands down winner!


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Questions about this item:

MARY E  Does this lens have an image stabilizer?
JAMES L  This lens does not have IS. I have found it to be extremely sharp though.
Shopper  can I use it for a Cannon Rebel XS?
JAMES L  It works just fine on a Rebel but will be a 112-320mm effective focal length lens on the crop body. This has been a fantastic lens for me both on the 5d and Rebel!
Shopper  Can this lens also be used for macro-photography?
JOANNE B  Well, the closest focusing distance is about 4 feet. I've taken so pretty good close-up pictures of butterflies by zooming in from about 4 feet and catchinglots of detail, but not true macro photography.
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