Ewa-Marine U-BXP100 Underwater Housing for Large Pro Digital SLR's with Wider Lens Diameters (Max: 82mm) & Shoe Mounted Flash, Dive Depth to 50m /155'


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About Ewa-Marine U-BXP100

The U-BXP 100 is a special version of the U-BXP housing.

It has a wider front glass and allows in combination with the C-A 77 adapter (supplied with the housing) and C-A 82 (available as an accessory from your dealer) adapter the use of lenses with a filter thread of 77 and 82mm.

This means you can use your professional digital SLR camera like the Canon EOS 1D, 1Ds Series as well as the Nikon D1, D2H, D2X, D200 and similar cameras, withmost of the professional wideangle lenses currently on the market.

This enables you to use wideangle lenses with a focal length of 16mm (full format chip) without problems. SLR cameras which have a smaller chip can even use the 10mm wideangle lenses. Please note: all lenses used with this housing must have a internal focus.

Lenses with a smaller filter diameter can also be used in this housing as long as they have internal focus. You just need the right step-up ring. The autofocus adapter (AV110) is not included in delivery as it is not needed for this housing.

If the optional BF1 lead weight is inserted into the housing, underneath the camera, it becomes even easier to reach the maximum depth. Experienced photographers have confirmed, that the auto focus and flash both continue to function perfectly. As you descend, the air is pressed into the camera.

Due to this, the pressure inside the housing will remain the same as the surrounding water pressure. (this is the reason why ewa-marine housings are so safe to use: implosions are impossible). Due to this, we have to start the dive with a suitable amount of air inside the housing.

The foam pads supplied with the housing are part of this air "reservoir" and additional air should also be blown into the housing, via the valve at the rear, to ensure that the maximum potential volume is being utilized.

The U-BXP100 housing is manufactured from double laminated PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port. The external flash that is commonly used on SLR cameras fits into the specially designed section on the top of the housing.

It has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing. They tighten by means of three screw knobs. It is supplied in a handy yellow carry-case which has a water-proof interior and zippered side-pocket.

Ewa-Marine U-BXP100 Specifications

Front port diameter
95 mm (3-3/4")
Lens diameter
77 / 82mm filter thread
Depth Rating
50 m / 150 ft.
Controls accessible
Port type
Fixed, Flat
TTL Compatible
Yes (Flash inside Housing)
Internal Flash Usability
PVC (Double Laminated)
Control Type
Pressure through PVC

length: 10cm / 20cm with extendet tube (4/8")
width: 22 cm (8-2/3")
hight: 37 cm (14-1/2")
Weight ((without Camera)
1.9 lb (860 g)

Ewa-Marine U-BXP100 Reviews

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Unbeatable Quality for the Price


from Pennsylvania  -  Pro Photographer

Ewa-Marine U-BXP100 Underwater Housing is a must have for this "all weather" shooter! There wasn't a review here, so I purchased this handy housing on company reputation and a desire to save money and not risk my equipment in the process. I've been in and on the oceans of the world and have used virtually every manner of underwater image capturing equipment since 1980. This bag is handy and takes up very little space in stowage. How I used it for this review: I placed a Nikon D700 with MB-D10 attached for added battery resources. For a strobe, I attached the Nikon SB-800 with dome diffuser and it fit with room to spare. I see no problem with fitting it with the SB-900 (but avoided using that unit as I didn't want the high heat cutout to leave me hanging at a critical moment). **I recommend always putting a diffuser on any strobe in this bag as it acts as a spacer between the flash head and bag material** Knowing that this would be a high humidity environment, silica packs come with the system... I have bags of silica packs already and if you don't have them get them... they will not only remove moisture while your gear is in standby, but will also prevent fogging when the strobe heats up the inside and water temps are cold. For a lens, I attached the NIKKOR AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED of all my lenses, this has the largest diameter front element and fits SNUG right up against the protective glass lens port. **A smaller lens would leave room for movement (something you don't want) and the possibility of the lens cover moving away from your lens during the dive. The wide angle was a perfect choice for underwater portraiture (which is the purpose of my setup). The long straps are adjustable and will dangle into the way of the viewfinder if left full length. They are well constructed and support the inside equipment in a balanced way. While submerged, I suggest pulling the straps down and out to the sides, you can also clip a tether to them if you need to release the camera to allow your hands to be free. My first dive with the unit was a tad annoying... strong positive buoyancy was a surface challenge. Of course as you descend, the bag compresses and buoyancy equalizes then goes negative. I recommend keeping the unit slightly positive so that if you lose control, at least the bag and your valuable camera equipment will just head to the surface where the bright yellow base and straps will be helpful in locating it. There is a blow up nipple in the bag which I thought was a little odd as it could easily become a leak path, but soon realized it's value as a method for removing some air (and positive reverve buoyancy) from the bag. **When loading the gear inside, I push a straw through the air nipple/spout and leave it there until the main seal is secured, then I use the straw to evacuate most of the remaining air. This method draws the bag close to the camera body and facilitates my controlling the D700 through the bag with no restrictions. One thing I did not like at all, is the little built in pocket that is designed so you can activate the shutter button (I locked the shutter release on the MB-D10 so it would not fire) the pocket has a ridgid seem and is so stiff that pushing the shutter release is difficult at best. I simply learned to push the shutter release through the bag material avoiding the little pocket. There is a circular patch constructed into the back of the bag, this is to facilitate looking through your viewfinder. Lining that up was a little tricky, I used foam inserts (provided) and other filler material to take up slack around the body so it would remain in the optimum position... once again, evacuating extra air volume helps the camera, and lens housing remain in place. For a dive mask, I switched to a low volume close fitting split face system, this allowed me to get my eye right up to the camera for looking through the viewfinder. A regular face mask may create so much of a standoff that looking into the viewfinder maybe frustrating. Swimming with the bag was effortless as it's very streamlined. You will want to protect it from sand and other rough surfaces when out of the water as it will soon scratch up and reduce visibility through the bag. The lens insert seems nice and durable and cleans up nicely. So, bottom line... worth the money? Absolutely. Functional... fast learning curve, easy to get used to. Room for gear? Plenty for my D700, D3s or D4 respectively with attached SB-800 or SB-900 Leaks? NONE Always push it down in the water and watch for bubbles escaping prior to beginning your descent... if even tiny bubbles are escaping, get it back to the surface! The sealing mechanism is nice and screws are on retainers so you won't lose them. Threads are brass, so no rust. I would definitely buy it again and certainly would recommend it to other members of the photography and dive community.

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