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About Flashpoint BP-960

"A truly professional portable rechargeable battery pack that makes the quantum leap! More mobile power for your favorite speedlight or strobe.
The new Flashpoint Blast Pack is the long endurance power supply for which professional and semi-pro photographers have been longing.
Stable, memory free, interchangeable Lithium 4500 mAh battery modules snap in to provide you with up to 1800 full power shots in your energy reserve.
With spare units, your shooting is never interrupted. You don't need to own more and more full size power packs to keep on shooting for weddings, journalism, or event and sports coverage. Just slide the battery module onto the main pack and fire away! ONE SECOND for a full power recycle!

The durable pack is compatible with a wide range of popular on and off camera flash units from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz and Quantum via tough resilient plug in connector cables. Dual flash output can operate two different units simultaneously, without any sacrifice in recycle time.

LED indicators on top of the Blast Pack show storage capacity and cycle status. The gauge style display warns when power discharge is too low. And recharge time is only 3 hours for a full power charge!

Convenient and versatile turbo portability that makes the quantum leap.

Blast Pack your way through the toughest assignments!

Qliq Qwip
One of the great developments in portable flash technology which has been enjoyed for de cades by a loyal group of shooters using bigguide number off camera strobes like QFlashes and Lumedyne is Rechargeable Power Cell Packs. The battery packs that have been powering these units have reliably served minions used first lead acid, nickel cadmium and then nickel-metal hydride. While quite expensive and demanding to maintain for optimal performance and longevity, they are generally worth every cent for delivering sufficient energy to the uncompromising photographer under the pressure of capturing the moment. Even when they finally exhaust their power, the packs are exchanged, recharged and placed back into action. It pays to own a few of them for instant swapping for along assignment and you are in business. Unfortunately, the cells don't last forever and the process of replacement is not inexpensive. It's an unavoidable downside to a product which has a long list of positives with very few drawbacks.

Lithium has recently entered into the portable strobe energy technology ring with a strong showing, giving the traditional power packs users a real alternative to consider. And, there is nothing more welcome than an alternative that works better than the original. Much better.

Our field tests, made during real assignments, demonstrated that the high tech lithium Flashpoint Blast Pack excelled against our former favorite, based on nickel-metal hydride or lead cells. One photographer recently exclaimed, "actually used a streaker battery(he means Blast Pack - that works with the new Streaklight) with my QFlash last night. Over 1000 shots (1/4 power) and had 3/4 of the battery left at the end of the night!"

Read the reviews coming in. The Flashpoint Blast Pack is making history. Looks like the lithium power pack revolution is here and we are really ready!

Flashpoint BP-960 Features

  • Extra large capacity swappable lithium battery
  • Dual ports drive two flash units without sacrificing power
  • LED battery Power Level Indicator on top
  • Powers most pro shoe mount flashes from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz and Quantum Q and Treo flashes
  • Only 1 second full power recycle with Canon 580EXII, Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM;
  • Almost instant recycle on auto settings.
  • Interchangeable Lithium battery modules for nonstop shooting.
  • Lightweight portability and super value.

Flashpoint BP-960 Specifications

Battery Type
Lithium 11.1V/4500m Ah
Charging Time
3 hours
Flash Recycle
1 second at full power
Flash Capacity
Up to 1800 at full power (Canon 580EXII)
Standard DIN 45326 sockets, compatible with Quantum Turbo cables. For many Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz and Quantum strobes via custom cables.
Output Power
Output Voltage
6.25" X 5.25" X 2"
18 oz / .5 kg

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Minimal parasitic losses

I've used this with the Qflash T5dr and with the Bolt 760. Unlike the Quantum 2x2 NiMH battery, this pack does not rapidly drain on its own when not in use. Other advantages are the removable battery and the ability to charge the battery while not mounted on the pack. Not quite the full-power recycle time of the Quantum 2x2 NiMH, but two of these and the "Y" cable should cure that. On the other hand, with the Bolt 760, this recycled fast enough to put the Bolt into overheat alarm after just 2...

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I've used this with the Qflash T5dr and with the Bolt 760. Unlike the Quantum 2x2 NiMH battery, this pack does not rapidly drain on its own when not in use. Other advantages are the removable battery and the ability to charge the battery while not mounted on the pack. Not quite the full-power recycle time of the Quantum 2x2 NiMH, but two of these and the "Y" cable should cure that. On the other hand, with the Bolt 760, this recycled fast enough to put the Bolt into overheat alarm after just 20 consecutive shots.

Reviewed by 15 customers


Long lasting


from Union City TN

I charged this battery when I recieved it and have used it daily for a week and it still goes.


Great power pack, I plan to buy another


from Savannah, Ga

For the price you can't beat it. It's light weight, rapid recycle times, and plenty of power. I use it either for off camera flash for weddings, on location portraits, and other events. I often use it clipped to my belt with on camera flash as well. You'll save a ton of money on AA batteries and avoid having to replace batteries at inconvenient times.


It's BIG, it's Bright, it WORKS


from Erie, PA

Wedding days are long, no time for battery changes and can't afford a slow recycle time with my SpeedLights. I use it on my gear belt, attached to a SB-910. I've had problems with the SD-9 battery pack failing to perform, often cutting out altogether. Thsi Blast Pack was definitely the right direction for me. Traveled to Pittsburgh, PA yesterday for a wedding that ran from 11:00 AM, to 10:30 PM... outside in the cold, inside various locations. Fired off easily more than 900 flash assisted exposures. I can't say that I used it with FULL POWER discharges, as I normally have ambient exposure already factored in. So flash is fill, or used to balance with background lighting. During rapid fire sequences, couple exiting the Church, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake eating/smashing exchange, or fast moving dance sequences, I have to say that the RED ready light basically remained ON... with no detectable delay in recycle time. WOW. The LED indicator lights on the pack are bright and conspicuous in a darkened reception hall. I used the belt clip, metal, and secure. Several guests came over to ask about my equipment and I was happy to talk about the new battery pack. Impressive in every possible way... I guess it has to be this big. I did side by side full power recycle tests with both of the Nikon battery packs... the SD-9 and more reliable SD-8a units. I fired three Nikon SB-910 speedlights at the same time and of course, the Blast Pack demonstrated the quickest recycle time frame. the SD-9 came in second and the SD-8a third. End of the night, I checked battery levels.. almost no drain on the Blast Pack, and the associated SB-910 was only at 80%... that's after a FULL DAY of image making. I made the right choice and will now use this system as my go to pack. The build seems good, cord is heavy duty, with firm connections. Nikon cord design. I will also be using this system on my umbrella stands for on location shooting. Consistent power delivery, handy construction. I'm IN... would absolutely recommend to others without reservation.


Blast Power Pack Makes the Difference


from El Cajon, CA

I received the unit on Friday and charged it up to test it recycle time. I used it today with my Quantum T2 on a pregnancy photo shoot. The unit, at this point, works fantastically well. I will save up to get another one within the next couple of months.

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This unit is INCREDIBLE!!!!


from New York

I've been looking for a powerful battery pack unit to power up my 2 Canon 580EX-II Speedlights for some time as buying 12 AA lithium batteries for each shoot has been getting quite expensive lately. Also, other stores sell similar batteries with half the power for twice the price – trust me, I did my research. Also, there are many Chinese knock-offs, claiming to offer the same, but beware and check their "mAh" Power Ratings before you decide to buy. This battery is phenomenal. It' hasn't failed me even once throughout the entire shoot and it arrived already FULLY charged! Each time I pressed a shutter button, my Speedlight fired without a glitch or a delay, (just like my studio monolights) – something I can not say about my other flash, powered by an expensive power pack with 8 AA lithium batteries. :-(( I really couldn't believe that after having taken 1000+ shots, the battery indicator still showed as being fully charged. Wow! I also loved the cable: while being light, it has a really nice solid feel to it, with just enough rigidity and "heft". It made a really tight contact with my trusted 580 EX-II and without any of the wobbliness often associated with the 3rd party products I often read as #1 complaint. Having gotten the results from this awesome battery/cord combo, now I'm planning on buying from Adorama one more set just like this one for my other Speedlight and get rid of my now useless and quite expensive to maintain AA-battery pack. it's comforting to know that both, the future battery/cable combo will also provide me with the same level of fail-proof reliability I've seen with my existing new pack. If you need a reliable and money-saving solution to powering your flash, look no further. The only thing I wished for was that it came with a Bolt-Mounting Clamp to attach it to a tripod – something I had to buy separately. You may get by by hanging it by its strap that comes with it.

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Batt Pack


from Graham NC

Have not used this product yet will be using it on July 23-27

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Game Changer


from Hull, IA

I can't tell you how much I love this power pack! This has been a game changer in my reception photos and now I have to buy another one! Because it has so much power my flash never dies during the middle of an important event...and it has consistent power no matter how how quick I take pictures. Best investment EVER!

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Unlimited Power


from Chicago IL

I just got this battery pack to replace my older Quantum 1+ batteries of which I have four. I shoot weddings and bring the chargers and by the end of the night I am constantly changing and charging them. With the Flashpoint I just used the one pack all day without having to recharge it. It recycles very quickly. I'm planning on getting rid of all my Quantums and buying another Flashpoint as a backup. The only thing I don't like about it is the tiny red/green light to indicate charging status.


Long lasting portable power


from Brunswick, Maine

Purchased as part of the Streaklight 180 kit. This unit packs alot of power. Very easy to use and rarely needs recharging. Very light and portable.

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I would buy this Product again


from Richfield, MN

I love this. I use this with my Nikon SB 800.The recycling as fast as one second in Manual mode at full power. The only thinhg I wish is the Power cord is a little bit longer or an extension cord is available for me to use it with my Nikon SB 800.


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Shopper  I bought a Zeebra unit just like this that the output voltage is 10 vdc. This overheats the flash. Does this unit have the same problem with 11.1vdc?
MORRIS S G  this does have overheat protection, i tested it. mine did overheat after about 3-4 minutes of firing full power literally the instant it recycled. so thats not really a normal type of use i was just testing it. the overheat cuts out until it cools off, or you can power on and off the battery and that lets it restart faster. but again, we are talking about 48 full power pops one after the other!
Barry P  Do Quantum cables plug directly into this pack?
Shopper  IS the cables for Canon Speed lights included or are they extra?
YEHOSHUA K  buy the kit http://www.adorama.com/FPPPBP960CA.html
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