Hasselblad H5D-50C Medium Format DSLR Camera, 50MP, 3" LCD Display, FireWire 800, RAW 3FR File Format

SKU: HSH5D50C MFR: H-3013668
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About Hasselblad H5D-50C

The Hasselblad H5D-50C Medium Format DSLR Camera Body houses a new 50MP CMOS sensor. The 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor with 8272 x 6200 pixels enables improved low light sensitivity with an ISO range from 100 to 6400. In addition, the H5D-50c, compared to the H5D-50, provides longer shutter speeds and a faster capture rate of 1.5 fps. Images are produced in the Hasselblad 3FR lossless compressed RAW file and are approximately 65MB with TIFF 8-bit images being approximately 154MB. Hasselblad's Natural Color Solution (HNCS) creates accurate colors, with natural skin tones and an ability to capture specific product colors.

The H5D-50C features the True Focus autofocus system and the new Absolute Position Lock (APL) processor which recognizes the camera movements made during recomposition and instantly adjusts focus for precision.

With two storage options, either to Compact Flash cards or directly to your computer via a tethered connection, the H5D-50C enables versatile in-studio or location usage options. The functional handling of the camera has also been improved, including grip control of zoom and menu navigation and seven adjustment profiles can be stored for easy retrieval. The ergonomic body with large grip has also been given a robust weather sealing further enabling its use in difficult location settings.

An updated Graphical User Interface makes menu navigation easier and the 3.0" TFT LCD display offers clear image playback. Also, the rear LCD can now show an exact copy of the grip LCD with all relevant shooting information on the big, bright screen. An integrated electronic spirit level is available in both the viewfinder and on the LCD screen. The HVD-90X Eye-level Viewfinder with 3.1x image magnification and diopter adjustment is packaged with the H5D-50c, but other viewfinders are available including the HVM waist-level viewfinder.

The H5D-50C is compatible with Hasselblad H system lens line including 12 autofocus lenses, all with central lens shutters. A built-in central shutter allows flash to be used at all shutter speeds up to 1/800s. making flash photography in daylight easy. It also improves image quality by generating extremely low camera vibration.

Included with camera is Phocus software which enables you to improve workflow, including the extension of camera and image control with live video, improved metadata, GPS functions and the DAC Automated Lens Correction System which relays information about capture conditions and the specific lenses being used to fine tune autofocus and metering for improved imaging results.

New 50MP CMOS Sensor
The Hasselblad H5D-50C includes a 50MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS sensor that provides the camera with improved low light sensitivity with an ISO ranging up to 6400 as well a capture rate of 1.5 fps.

True Focus and Absolute Position Lock
True Focus and APL provide accurate autofocus when composing and recomposing your images.

Digital Lens Correction
When supported by Phocus software, the H5D-50C camera allows information from the lens and exact capture conditions to be fed to the camera processor for ultra-fine tuning of the auto-focus mechanism, taking into account the design specifications of the lens and the optical specifications of the sensor. Digital Lens Correction (DAC) is an automatic correction of the images based on a combination of the various parameters concerning each specific lens for each specific shot.

Lens Compatibility
Hasselblad H System lens line (12 lenses from 24 to 300mm) with integral central lens shutter system is fully compatible with the H5D-50c. And all central lens shutter V system Carl Zeiss lenses are compatible via the optional CF adapter.

The H5D-50C can save up to seven customized complete camera settings profiles. Custom profiles can be passed to other H5D cameras.

LCD Display
The H5D-50C has a 3.0" TFT type LCD display with 24-bit color and 460,320 pixels and larger, easier to read display style. The grip-based LCD camera settings information can be made to appear on the rear LCD for a clearer view.

Viewfinder Options
Three viewfinders are available for the H5D-50c
HVD 90x: 90deg. Eye-level viewfinder with diopter adjustment (-5 to +3.5D) and 3.1x image magnification (Included).
HV 90x: 90deg. Eye-level viewfinder with diopter adjustment (-4 to +2.5D) and 2.7x image magnification.
HVM: Waist-level viewfinder with 3.2x image magnification 3.2.

Tethered Operation and Storage Options
Supported in Phocus by Hasselblad and Hasselblad Tethered plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, tethered operation is possible in the field or studio. The H5D-50C offers a choice of storage devices: CF cards or a computer hard drive. With these operating and storage options, you are able to select a mode to suit the nature and location of your work.

View Camera Compatibility
Mechanical shutters controlled via flash sync. Electronic shutters can be controlled from Phocus. Optional Battery Adapter for stand-alone operation of digital capture unit.

Flash Control
Automatic TTL center weighted system. Uses the flash built in to the viewfinder (Guide No. 12 at ISO 100) or flashes compatible with SCA3002 (Metz). Output can be adjusted from -3 to +3EV. For manual flashes a built-in metering system is available. Flash can be used at all shutter speeds.

Digital Spirit Level
The H5D-50C camera features a Digital Spirit Level function which assists the user in accurately placing the camera vertically or horizontally. The Spirit Level is displayed on the rear LCD display and in the viewfinder.

More programmable buttons and larger, more reachable buttons improve performance and workflow. Improved weather sealing allows you to shoot in the field with less worry for your camera.

Phocus Software
The HD5-50C comes bundled with Hasselblad's proprietary image processing software. Phocus features sophisticated lens corrections for H and V system lenses (DAC), Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) and advanced tethered camera controls.

Hasselblad H5D-50C Features

  • 50 Mpixel CMOS sensor with almost twice the physical size of the largest 35mmDSLR sensor.
  • Excellent high ISO performance: shoot at up to ISO 6400 and still produce crisp clean images with perfect colors both on location or in the studio.
  • High dynamic range (up to 14 stops) for improved detail in shadow and highlight areas.
  • Longer shutter speeds (up to 12 minutes).
  • Faster capture rate: 1.5 frames per second.
  • Live Video in Phocus with higher frame rate.

Hasselblad H5D-50C Specifications

Sensor type
CMOS, 50 Megapixels (8272 x 6200 pixels, 5.3 x 5.3 um)
Sensor dimensions
43.8 x 32.9 mm
Image size
RAW 3FR capture 65 MB on average. TIFF 8 bit: 154 MB
File format
Lossless compressed Hasselblad 3FR
Shooting mode
Single shot
Color definition
16 bit
ISO speed range
ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 & 6400
Storage options
CF card type U-DMA (e.g. SanDisk extreme IV) or tethered to Mac or PC
Color management
Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
Storage capacity
8 GB CF card holds 120 images on average
Capture rate
1.5 captures per second. 35 captures per minute (based on a SanDisk Extreme UDMA7 120 MB/s)
3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 460.320 pixels
Histogram feedback
Yes (on rear display and on camera grip display)
IR filter
Mounted on CMOS sensor
Acoustic feedback
Phocus for Mac and Windows
Platform support
Macintosh: OS X 10.5 or later. Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7 (from version 2.8 64 bit only), Windows 8
Host connection type
FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b)
View camera compatibility
Yes, Mechanical shutters controlled via flash sync. Electronic shutters can be controlled from Phocus
Camera type
Large sensor medium format DSLR
Hasselblad H system lens line with integral central lens shutter
Shutter speed range
12 minutes to 1/800 second
Flash sync speed
Flash can be used at all shutter speeds
Viewfinder options
HVD 90x: 90deg. eye-level viewfinder w. diopter adjustment (-5 to +3.5D). Image magnification 3.1 times.
Integral fill-flash (G.No. 12 at ISO100). Hot shoe for SCA3002-system flashes from Metz
HV 90x: 90deg. eye-level viewfinder w. diopter adjustment (-4 to +2.5D). Image magnification 2.7 times.
Integral fill-flash (G.No. 12 at ISO100). Hot shoe for SCA3002-system flashes from Metz
HVM: Waist-level viewfinder. Image magnification 3.2 times
Autofocus metering with passive central cross-type sensor. Ultra focus digital feedback.
Instant manual focus override. Metering range EV 1 to 19 at ISO 100
Flash control
Automatic TTL centre weighted system. Uses built-in flash or flashes compatible with SCA3002 (Metz).
Output can be adjusted from -3 to +3EV. For manual flashes a built-in metering system is available
Exposure metering
Metering options: Spot, Centre Weighted and CentreSpot.
Metering range Spot: EV2 to 21, Centre Weighted: EV1 to 21, CentreSpot: EV1 to 21
Power supply
Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.2 VDC / 2900 mAh)
Operating temperature
0 - 45 deg.C / 32 - 113 deg.F
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Complete camera with HC 80mm lens: 153 x 131 x 205mm / 6.02 x 5.16 x 8.07"
2290g / 80.8oz (Complete camera w. HC 80mm lens, Li-Ion battery and CF card)
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