Canon EOS-1D MARK-IV Digital SLR Camera - Refurbished

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About Canon

Offering a comprehensive combination of speed, accuracy and image quality, the EOS-1D Mark IV is the perfect choice for professional photographers and subjectson the move.

With a completely redesigned 45-point AF system including 39 cross-type points, a new AI Servo II AF focus tracking system with improved algorithm combined with 10 fps continuous shooting, the EOS-1D Mark IV can handle even high-speed situations with ease. An APS-H sized 16.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors, a spectacular ISO range of 100 - 12800 (up to 102400 in H3 mode) with an advanced noise reduction system helps ensure sharp, low-noise images even in low-light situations.

Add advanced Live View shooting, Full HD movie recording with selectable frame rates and manual exposure control plus a host of new features that enhance every facet of the shooting process. The EOS-1D Mark IV is the choice of professionals looking for the ultimate in SLR performance.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Large clear LCD (52),Superior build quality (41),Excellent image quality (37),Easy to use (34),Nice features/settings (34),Solid operation (33),Quick start-up time (31),High ISO performance (28),Fast / accurate auto-focus (26),Good battery life (26),Fast shutter speed (24),Good image quality (24) Simple controls/menu (23),Quiet (16),Image stabilization (8),Lightweight/portable (6),Fast (3) View All
Heavy/bulky (11),Noisy (7),Short battery life (5),Poor in low light (4),Complicated controls/menu (3)
Best Uses:
Sports/action (28),Low light (20),Travel (17),Weddings (13),Wildlife (13),Landscape/scenery (10),Family photos (8),Video (7)
Reviewer Profile:
Semi-pro photographer (16),Pro photographer (11),Photo enthusiast (4)

Canon Features

  • New 45-point Area AF sensor including 39 cross-type AF points with f/2.8 support plus newly designed AI Servo II AF with improved algorithm.
  • ISO 100 - 12800 (expandable to L: 50, H1: 25600, H2: 51200, H3: 102400) for shooting from bright to dim light with low noise levels.
  • EOS HD movie with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p(29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 60p (59.94) / 50p).
  • 16.1 Megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor and Dual DIGIC 4 Imaging Processors for highimage quality and speed.
  • 10.0 fps continuous shooting up to 121 Large/JPEGS or 28 RAW using a UDMA CF card.
  • 3.0-inch Clear View II LCD monitor, 160° viewing angle, 920,000-dot VGA, reflection resistance with multi coating and high-transparency materials for bright and clear viewing.
  • Magnesium alloy body with shutter durability up to 300,000 cycles and exclusive dust-and-weather resistance.
  • Fully compatible with over 50 EF lenses and a wide range of EOS System accessories.

Canon Specifications

Digital, single-lens reflex, AF/AE camera
Recording Media
CF Card Type I and II, SD/SDHC Memory Card (1 slot each), UDMA Mode 6 CF cards and/or External media (USB v.2.0 hard drive, via optional Canon Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2/E2A or Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 IIA)
Image Sensor Size
1.098 x 0.73 in./ 27.9 x 18.6 mm (APS-H size sensor)
Compatible Lenses
Canon EF lenses
Lens Mount
Canon EF mount
Image Sensor Type
High-sensitivity, high-resolution, large single-plate CMOS sensor
Effective pixels: Approx. 16.1 megapixels
Total Pixels
Total pixels: Approx. 17.0 megapixels
Aspect Ratio
3:2 (Horizontal: Vertical)
Color Filter System
RGB primary color filters
Low-pass Filter
Fixed position in front of the CMOS sensor
Dust Deletion feature
(1) Self Cleaning Sensor Unit
- Helps remove dust adhering to the low-pass filter.
- Automatic cleaning when power on and off, and manual cleaning.
- Low-pass filter has a fluorine coating.
(2) Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending
- The coordinates of the dust adhering to the low-pass filter are detected by a test shot and appended to subsequent images
- The appended data is used by the provided software to automatically minimize dust spots
(3) Manual cleaning
Recording Format
DCF 2.0 (Exif 2.21): JPEG, RAW and RAW+JPEG simultaneous recording possible. Multiple options for recording images on two memory cards, and onto compatible external USB hard drives (via optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2/2A, E2 IIA)
Image Type
1) Large: Approx. 16.00 megapixels (4896 x 3264)
2) Medium 1: Approx. 12.40 megapixels (4320 x 2880)
3) Medium 2: Approx. 8.40 megapixels (3552 x 2368)
4) Small: Approx. 4.00 megapixels (2448 x 1632)

1) RAW: Approx. 16.00 megapixels (4896 x 3264)
2) M-RAW: Approx. 9.00 megapixels (3672 x 2448)
3) S-RAW: Approx. 4.00 megapixels (2448 x 1632)
Recording Functions
(1) Standard
(2) Automatic switching of recording media
- When the current recording media becomes full, it switches to another recording media automatically and continues recording
(3) Separate recording
- Set the desired image size (L, M1, M2, S, RAW, M-RAW, S-RAW) for each recording media before shooting
- The image size set for one captured image will be applied to all the recording media
(4) Recording of identical images
- The same image is recorded to all media
Backup Recording
- With external recording media connected via WFT-E2 IIA* and WFT-E2/E2A (Firmware Ver. 2.0.0 or higher).
- Two options: 1. Quick backup (Backup folder created automatically and folder name set automatically.), 2. Backup (Backup folder created manually and folder name can be entered manually.)
- Images in the card are backed up in the external recording media's root directory based on the card's DCIM folder structure.
File Numbering
(1) Continuous numbering (2) Auto reset (3) Manual reset (the image numbering isreset to 0001, a new folder is created automatically)
Color Space
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Picture Style
Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Def. 1-3
Auto White Balance
Auto white balance with the image sensor
Color Temperature Compensation
White balance bracketing: Three consecutive images, Up to +/- 3 levels in 1-stopincrements White balance correction: blue/amber bias and/or magenta/green bias (Corrected in reference to the current WB mode's color temperature.) +/- 9 levels; manually set by user.
When blue/amber bias and magenta/green bias set with White balance correction, white balance bracketing cannot be set together during white balance correction
Color Temperature Info Transmission
Viewfinder Type
Eye-level SLR with fixed pentaprism
Viewfinder Coverage
Approx. 100% horizontally and vertically
Viewfinder Magnification
Approx. 0.76x (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1) Angle of view: Approx. 28.3°
Viewfinder Eyepoint
20mm (at -1m-1, from eyepiece lens center)
Built-in Dioptric Adjustment
-3.0 to +1.0 m-1 (diopter)
Viewfinder Mirror
Quick-return half mirror (Transmission: reflection ratio of 37:63)
Depth-of-Field Preview
Enabled with depth-of-field preview button
Autofocus Type
TTL-AREA-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS sensor
AF Points
Area AF with 45 AF points
- 8 mm (H) x 15 mm (W)
All 45 AF points are horizontal-line sensitive at f/5.6 (vertical). Thirty-nine of the 45 AF points are vertical-line sensitive at f/2.8 for cross-type focusing. For automatic AF point selection, cross-type focusing with 19 AF points is used. (The 39 cross-type AF points are used only during manual AF point selection.)
- When using some f/4 lenses (also when using f/2.8 lens + 1.4x), cross-type focusing with 39 AF point is possible
Metering Range
EV -1-18 (at 23°C/73°F with 50mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100)
Focusing Modes
1) One-Shot AF
2) Predictive AI Servo AF
- The following can be set: C.Fn III -2: Focus-tracking sensitivity, C.Fn III -3: Servo operation method and shutter-release timing, C.Fn III -4: Servo operation method in case a closer object enters the focus center during subject-tracking.
(2) Manual focus
AF Point Selection
(1) The 45 AF points can be selected automatically or any one of them can be selected manually.
2) During manual AF point selection, the six AF points (or 26 AF points during automatic AF point selection) other than the 39 cross-type AF points will work as horizontal line-sensitive sensors at f/5.6.
Selected AF Point Display
Superimposed in viewfinder and on LCD panel
AF-assist Beam
When an external EOS-dedicated Speedlite is attached to the camera, the AF-assist beam from the Speedlite will be emitted when necessary
- Compatible with the 270EX's AF-assist beam (a series of small flashes)
Metering Modes
63-zone SPC TTL metering with selectable modes
(1) Evaluative metering (linkable to any AF point)
(2) Partial metering (approx. 13.5% of viewfinder at center)
(3) Spot metering (approx. 3.8% of viewfinder at center)
@@ Center spot metering
@@AF point-linked spot metering
@@ Multi-spot metering (max. 8 spot metering entries)
(4) Center-Weighted average metering
Exposure Control
Program AE (shiftable), Shutter speed-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, E-TTL II program AE (Evaluative flash metering, Averaged flash metering), Manual
ISO Speed (Recommended Exposure Index)
Auto, ISO 100-12800 (1/3-stop or 1-stop increments: Expandable to 25600
Exposure Compensation
Exposure Compensation (user-set): +/-3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.
Auto Bracketing (AEB): 3 shots, up to +/- 3 stops, in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments, in all exposure modes. Can be changed via C.Fn I-6 to 2, 5, or 7 shots. Bracketing order can be changed via C.Fn I-5.
*Except during movie Manual exposure.
AE Lock
Auto: Applied in One-Shot AF mode with Evaluative metering when focus is achievedual: By AE lock button
Manual (user-set): By AE lock button in all metering modes
Shutter Type
Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled
Shutter Speeds
/8000 to 30 sec. (1/3-, 1/2-, or 1-stop increments: C.Fn I -1), X-sync at 1/300 sec.
Shutter Release
Soft-touch electromagnetic release
10-sec. or 2-sec. delay
Remote Control
Canon N3-type terminal
Compatible Flash
Compatible with all EX-series Speedlites. Compatible with the AF-assist flashes fired by Speedlite 270EX
Zooming to Match Focal Length
Flash Metering
E-TTL II autoflash
Flash Exposure Compensation
±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
FE Lock
External Flash Settings
Flash function settings, Flash C.Fn settings / Clear all Speedlite
Drive Modes
Single, silent, high-speed continuous (approx. 10 fps), low-speed continuous (approx. 3 fps), 10- or 2-sec. self-timer
Continuous Shooting Speed
Approx. 10 fps (at a shutter speed of 1/500 sec. or faster in all recording modes); fastest speed can be lowered if desired via Custom Function III-16
Maximum Burst
The maximum burst during continuous shooting is as follows:
JPEG Large (Compression rate 8): Approx. 85 shots, RAW: Approx. 26 shots,
RAW+JPEG Large (Compression rate 8): Approx. 20 shots
Although the file size is larger than the EOS-1D Mark III due to the increase inpixels, the improved internal processing enables stress-free continuous shooting.
1) Manual focus
2) Autofocus (One-Shot AF)
- AF enabled by pressing the shutter button halfway or pressing the AF-ON button.
1. Live mode: - One point, contrast AF. Switching to another AF point possible.
2. (Face detection) Live mode: - Face detection, Contrast AF. When multiple faces are detected, face selection is possible with the multi-controller.
- Magnified view not possible.
3. Quick mode
45-point, phase-difference AF, One-shot AF, Manual AF Point selection
Grid Display
Exposure Simulation
LCD Monitor Type
TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor
Monitor Size
Monitor Dots
Approx. 920,000 (VGA)
Monitor Coverage
Approx. 100%
Brightness Adjustment
Adjustable to one of seven brightness levels
Image Playback Display Format
Single image, 4-image index, 9-image index, Jump, Magnified zoom (approx. 1.5x to 10x), Histogram, Auto rotate, Rotate
Live view: view image before shooting on LCD monitor; live histogram and live simulation of exposure level possible with C.Fn IV-16-1
Image Protect
Single image, all images in a folder, or all images in the memory card can be protected or cancel the image protection
Image Erase
Single image, all images in a folder, all images in the memory card or check-marked images can be erased or unprotected
Compatible Printers
PictBridge-compatible printers
Printable Images
RAW/M-RAW/S-RAW and JPEG images complying to Design rule for Camera File System
Version 1.1 compatible
Custom Functions
A total of 62 Custom Functions from C.Fn I to IV can be set with the camera
My Menu Registration
USB Terminal
For personal computer communication and direct printing (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed)
Video Out Terminal
NTSC/PAL selectable
One Battery Pack LP-E6
* With the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E4, AC power is possible.
Battery Check
Automatic battery check when the power switch is turned ON Displayed in one of six levels
* Displayed on LCD panel, in the viewfinder, and battery information screen.
Power Saving
Provided. Power turns off after 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 min.
Date/Time Battery
One CR2025 lithium battery
Start-up Time
Approx. 0.1 sec. (Based on CIPA testing standards)
* Approx. 0.2 sec. based on previous specification standard.
Working Temperature Range
Working Humidity Range
85% or less
Dimensions (WxHxD)
6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1 in./156 x 156.6 x 79.9mm73.5mm
Approx. 1180 g / 41.6 oz.

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great item, Great price!

Best image quality of any DSLR on the market. A great professional all around combination of fast shutter, great low light, and professional features.

Reviewed by 86 customers


Canon 1d4


from Santa Rosa ca  -  Semi-pro Photographer

I was looking for a pro series Canon body and saw a very well priced one at Adorama. The condition was rated as an E-, but I would have rated as E++. It's imacculate and in better condition than my Canon 5d3. Highly satisfied with my purchase and great customer service helped me acquire this dream camera of mine!


A very good camera


from Columbus, Ohio  -  Pro Photographer

I am a professional photographer and I shoot a lot of sports in low light situations and this camera is easily the second best camera Canon has made for this type of siutation. The files are very clean up to iso 3200. Iso 4000 to 6400 is very usable. Autofocus is fairly accurate but it does take some work to figure out how best to set it for certian situations. It does struggle quite a bit with low light and subjects wearing darker clothes but I guess that is to be expected. I own two of these cameras and in my opinion they are the best sports option with the exception of the 1DX.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Could not be happier!


from Albany, NY

After the first shot I was amazed at the quality of photo as well as the quality of the camera. Although it seems a bit heavy to carry, I never regret taking it along. I use 3 lens - 28 - 105mm, 70 - 200mm, and the 300 prime - all perform exceptionally with the Mark IV.


Great sports & action photography camera


from Stamford, CT  -  Pro Photographer

This camera has a fast buffer so I am not missing important shots waiting for the camera to transfer the images to the memory card.


Excellent camera


from Maryland  -  Semi-pro Photographer

Excellent all-around camera. Great for fast action or low light. This camera can do it all.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!


from Sac City Iowa  -  Photo Enthusiast

This won't be the typical review of this fine camera for I haven't had a chance to really put it through its paces yet in AI Servo/Continuous Shooting drive mode. However I can say the Single Shot/One Shot focus mode images from this are razor sharp. And the weather sealing was recently a godsend for just last week while I was attempting to cross a mountain stream while carrying my 5D Mark II and the 1D Mark IV the current swept my feet out from under me and down I went, submerging both cameras in the water. The 5D2 was destroyed and I'm waiting for a settlement from my insurance company. However the 1D4 wasn't fazed by the water at all, everything works just the way it should. Next weekend I'll be shooting an event which will give me a test of the 1D4s continuous shooting mode and I'm expecting excellent results from it.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Hell yeah...


from nj  -  Semi-pro Photographer

This is one camera that sets the pros from the ameratures. Super fast and great video well beyond 7d's capability in low light. The only thing ive noticed is the battery life is a bit short, but not really a big deal. Solid built and heavy, but thats what you pay for.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great camera with excellent performance!


from Los Angeles, CA  -  Pro Photographer

This camera is a beast. 10fps will rock your world. I shoot a lot while on the move - in, on and hanging off all manner of transportation in developing countries. Not missing 'the shot' makes this investment very much worthwhile. The low light capability is incredible for both stills and video (which when shot with a 24-70 2.8 blew my mind in regards to quality). She's not cheap, but if you're in the market for pro level quality and pro level options, you won't be disappointed.

(6 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


Excellant but lenses need tweeking


from Undisclosed

I've had my Mk IV less than a month and the results of indoor high school sports have been wonderful. My only concern (so far) is the AF Microadjustment required by my lenses. On page 221 of the manual it says, "Normally,this adjustment is not required." It has been very much required on my camera. 50mm f1.4 +12 85mm f1.2 -3 135mm f2 +14 70-200mm f2.8 -8 Only the 24mm f2.8 has not required an adjustment. Once the AF is adjusted, focus is great.


Good camera but not perfect.


from CHICAGO IL  -  Semi-pro Photographer

For outdoors and good indoor lighting: 1- excellent fast accurate focusing. 2- picture quality is great. 3- excellent for sporting events, concerts, weddings. In poor / low lighting, the focusing is slow and inaccurate, especially with lens that is slower than F2.8


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