Olympus PT-E05 Evolt Underwater Housing for E-520 Digital SLR Camera


About Olympus

The Olympus PT-E05 underwater case has been specially customized for the Olympus E-520 and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 meters. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water while also cushioning it from knocks and bumps on land.

As a genuine advantage to the underwater photographer, the photographer can make use of the Live View function and use the large 2.7"/6.9cm LCD instead of the viewfinder. The flash connectors allow optional use of up to two UFL-2 underwater flash units. Five interchangeable lens ports allow the optional use of 14-42mm, 14-45mm, 11-22mm or 14-54mm, 7-14mm, 8mm Fisheye and the 35mm as well as the 50mm Macro lens.

Olympus Features

  • E-520 Underwater case body
  • Waterproof up to 40m
  • Semi-transparency poly-carbonate
  • Front cover and back cover, locked by a rotary buckle
  • Two optical fiber connectors

Olympus Specifications

Compatible with
Waterproof up to
40 meters
High quality polycarbonate
14-42mm, 14-45mm, 11-22mm or 14-54mm, 7-14mm, 8mm
Lens ports
Five interchangeable
Olympus warranty

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Ergonomics the key


from Palmdale, CA  -  Pro Photographer

When it comes to the design of an underwater housing, the obvious is not most important. All underwater housings need to be watertight, sturdy, and a good fit for the camera. If it is not that, it is not an underwater housing. Olympus has met all of those requirements, within the limits of operator maintenance and efficiency. Olympus has gone beyond the obvious, however, and covered the most important bases for underwater housings beyond operator competence. It is impossible to inadvertantly open the housing underwater. The safety catch on the housing closure is spring loaded to the closed position. You would have to consciously open the housing to get it to flood. Rather than the obsolete levered catches on older housings, that could be opened by inadvertantly catching the lever on an external object, this housing has a cam-activated latch with rounded edges that has a recessed safety catch that is spring-loaded in the safe position. All of the controls are located where they can be used without surrendering a good grip on the housing. I have my housing mounted on an Ultralight Control Systems (UCS)Subal Double Tray with UCS handles and ball joints. With the Olympus housing hand strap installed and the housing slid all the way to the right in the tray slots, with medium gloves on, all of the controls are easy to manipulate. To promote the ease of transition from dry land operation and underwater operation of the camera, the controls are in the same locations as on the camera body in dry land operation with the exception of the "OK" button in the right side grouping, which is conveniently located at the lower right corner of the right hand control grouping ("Automatic Exposure Lock/Focus Lock," "Image Stabilization," "Live View," "White Balance," Metering," "ISO," "Auto-Focus," buttons), an extremely convenient relocation for underwater use and much more accessible to a medium gloved hand. The left hand grouping ("Preview," "Delete," "Menu," and "Info") is available to the thumb of the left hand without having to give up the left hand grip on the UCS handle. The zoom and focus knob on the left side is located well within the reach of even the shortest fingers on the left side of the housing and can be manipulated quite easily with the left index and middle fingers. The shutter lever falls naturally in the crook of the right hand index finger and just a short move to the left with the right hand index finger achieves control of the on/off lever and the "exposure compensation" button. The right thumb easily reaches the "Function" button, the "Auto-focus Target" button and the "Control" dial. Are there other underwater housings that provide the same kind of ergonomic efficiency? Yes. But if you have an Olympus E-520, you won't find a better fit than this one. The price is right and the function is maximal. The housing has a solid feel and the finish is very impressive. The system for storing the eyecup and hotshoe insert is conveniently located in the camera table, the sturdy bracket that secures the camera in the housing. When inserting the camera for strobe use, the in-camera flash is popped up and two windows in the front of the housing provide access for the optical cables from the dedicated Olympus strobes. If you need hard-wired TTL connections, there is a watertight connection that leads from an external connector to the hot shoe on the camera by means of an optional connector. Regardless of the flash setup you choose (TTL optical cable setup or the TTL hard wired setup), you will find the hookups to be simple and effective. The housing and associated tray and arms seems to be more than slightly negatively buoyant with the Ultralight Control Systems (UCS) tray and arms. I will be trying the UCS Buoyancy Arms to try to achieve neutral buoyancy. I understand that others have used other methods to achieve neutral buoyancy with the housing, but I think that replacing two or more of the arms with the UCS Buoyancy Arms is the best option. I secure the housing to the tray with the supplied UCS hardware and to my BC with a screw-gate mountaineering Carabiner on each side of the tray attached to Cetacea Coil Lanyards. I have replaced the plastic clips on the lanyards with stainless steel split-rings and screw-gate carabiners for greater security. I also have a sturdy nylon rope with screw-gate carabiners at each end and a float at one end for securing the setup to the boat during entries and exits to minimize the possibility that the camera setup would be dropped and lost at depth. This is a great housng. I am looking forward to expanding my selection of ports and lenses to get the best out of this outstanding piece of equipment.

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