Pentax K-50 Digial SLR Camera with DA L 18-55 WR & 50-200 WR Lenses, Black, 16MP APS-C CMOS, Weatherproof, Full 1080p h.264 HD Movie, K-Mount Lens Compatible, In-Body Shake Reduction, Eye-Fi Compatible - Now with 4GB Eye Fi Card

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Product Highlights

  • 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • 77 segment metering system
  • Customizable in 120 colors
  • Dual-axis electronic level
  • Enhanced creative modes w multilayer filtering
  • Eye-Fi Card Compatibility
  • Fast Shutter speed up to 1/6000
Pentax K-50: Picture 1 regular $469.95

About Pentax K-50

PENTAX K50 DSLR BK W/DA L 18-55 and 50-200 WR LENSES

What does it take to show everyone your own unique style and photographic taste? It takes a unique camera that’s just as quirky as you. Introducing the PENTAX K50 DSLR BK W/DAL 18-55 and 50-200 WR Lenses, a camera with customizable colors, high-quality HD video, and enough accessories to make your head spin.

Product Highlights

  • With the Pentax K-50, you’ll receive a USB cable, a D-li109 battery, a hotshot cover, an eyecup FR, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, everything except the latter—but you get our point.
  • The high-quality video allows you to handle just about any live event, so feel comfortable bringing your Pentax K-50 to a wedding, concert, or sporting event. You’ll be able to switch seamlessly between still shots and live video and the quality will be every bit what you expect.
  • Weather-resistance makes the Pentax K-50 a camera for all seasons: spring, winter, fall, summer, you name it.

If you want a true “pick-up-and-go” camera kit, this Pentax combination has all of the accessories you need to get started. Stop all that amateur photography—and become a true photography enthusiast.


Learn about the PENTAX K50 DSLR BK W/DA L 18-55 and 50-200 WR LENSES

There are name brands to choose from sure — your Nikons, your Panasonics, your Olympus, your Canons. But every once in a while, a great camera combination comes along that makes you forget all about the name on the side of the box and concern yourself only with what luscious technical specs are contained therein. We’re talking, of course, about the PENTAX K50 DSLR BK W/DAL 18-55 and 50-200 WR Lenses, a camera-and-two-lens kit that is sure to take your photography to the next level—no matter where your current level is.

How does Adorama make such bold claims? Well, consider some of the specifications that make this combination so unique and so darn impressive:

  • A mid-level DSLR with affordability and professional quality on its side. The phrase “mid-level” shouldn’t scare you off. The functionality is all advanced here in the Pentax K-50, featuring everything from high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 51200—that’s a big number—and 100% field of view. You’ll be amazed at just how much of every scene you can capture by pointing this camera at it and letting the camera do the rest. You’ll receive a sharp, high-contrast image that’s well-focused and pleasantly consistent, which means you can keep on taking great shots all night long, if you’re at an event like a wedding—or even if you simply want to watch the stars come out above your landscapes.
  • Color combinations. If you’re an outside the box photographer, why shouldn’t your camera be something much like you? The Pentax K-50 is available in 120 customizable color combinations that can match a range of personalities and styles. This is great for amateur photographers who really don’t care what people think about their camera colors—while it allows professionals a way to be as distinctive as their own photographic style.
  • Weather resistance. In some parts of the country, this is a must-have feature. Consider that the Pentax DA L 18-55mm lens and the DA L 50-200 are both weather resistant – hence, the WR designations - allowing you to work even in dreary, rainy, and snowy conditions. That means those of you in the northern half of the country won’t have to relegate your photography to the more pleasant seasons of the year, veritably removing your potential photography time to half of each calendar. Instead, the Pentax K-50 is durable and weather-ready, which means you’ll be able to work even on rainy days.
  • Accessories galore. A combination like this almost demands that you make it your go-to photography kit. There’s good news: with this camera and either lens as a combination, you’ll also receive a USB cable, a D-li 109 Battery, a battery charging kit, a strap, an eye cup, a body mount cover, a software CD-ROM, and a 1-year Warranty to make sure you never have to say “oh, shoot!” if you drop any of it.
  • Premier video. Want to switch to video? You can get 1018p HD video capture with eye-fi card compatibility to share the images you’ve already taken, making this the ultimate social media tool: it allows you to share and submit both video and still shots with ease.

It might not be the ordinary camera, but the PENTAX K50 DSLR BK W/DAL 18-55 and 50-200 WR Lenses doesn’t care about being ordinary. It wants to be extraordinary. The only question we ask here at Adorama is: are you ready to make your own photography just as extraordinary?

From the Manufacturer
Forget conformity, and get serious with the PENTAX K-50, a mid-level DSLR with fast, advanced functionality, all wrapped up in your own bold colors. Featuring specifications of a top level DSLR, enjoy a 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, fast continuous shooting at six frames per second, high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 51200, 100% field of view, innovative in-body shake reduction, and an advanced auto focus module with four optional focusing screens, not to mention the PENTAX-original weather-sealing.

Even with features this generous, the K-50 is also available in 120 customizable, brilliant color combinations that are sure to match your personality and style. The K-50's approachable, easy ergonomics is perfect for families and everyday photography, complete with a wide selection of creative tools and filters for limitless personalized expressions.

Get ready to stand out from the crowd and wear your colors on your camera. Also enjoy full 1018p HD video capture, and eye-fi card compatibility for fast and easy image sharing. It's your camera, and your colors, with the PENTAX K-50.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Easy to use (11),Fast shutter speed (10),Fast / accurate auto-focus (7),Good image quality (7),Image stabilization (7),Large clear LCD (6),Good in low light (4),High ISO performance (4),Good battery life (3),Great resolution (3)
Best Uses:
Family photos (10),Travel (10),Wildlife (10),Low light (9),Landscape/scenery (8),Sports/action (6),Weddings (6)
Reviewer Profile:
Photo enthusiast (6),Casual photographer (3)

Pentax K-50 Features

  • Customizable in 120 colors: Forget conformity and carry your colors with your camera. Select from 120 different color combinations to custom create a DSLR as unique as you are.
  • 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor: A high performance 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor strikes the perfect balance between resolution and image quality.
  • PRIME M Image Processing Engine: PRIME M image processing engine is optimized for HD video capture, smooth live view, low chromatic noise, and low energy consumption.
  • 6 frames per second continuous shooting: A fast 6 FPS frame rate captures fast action shots in dynamic shooting situations.
  • Fast Shutter speed up to 1/6000: A maximum 1/6000 second shutter speed freezes sports and fast action without subject movement blur.
  • ISO Speeds up to 51200: High sensitivity shooting up to 51200 ISO range improves noise performance throughout, even in low lighting.
  • High Precision SAFOX IXi+ Auto Focusing: Advanced SAFOX IXi+ autofocus engine, with AF assist lamp and light source detection sensor, features improved optical components, including a diffraction lens, for responsive autofocus in any lighting.
  • Pentaprism Viewfinder for 100% Field of View & 4 optional Focusing Screens: What you see is what you get with the low profile glass pentaprism viewfinder, with four interchangeable focusing screens, achieves a 100% optical field of view for framing accuracy in a highly compact form factor.
  • Fully Weather-sealed, Dustproof, Coldproof Design: With 81 weather seals throughout the entire body, your K-50 ensures worry-free use in any weather condition or outdoor setting, be it rain or sand.
  • Coldproof: The K-50's rugged, coldproof design is also made for perfect use in sub-freezing, wet, snowy winter conditions (-10C, 14F).
  • Innovative In-body Shake Reduction (SR) Mechanism: The PENTAX in-body, sensor-shift Shake and Dust Reduction technology ensures sharp, image stabilized, auto-leveled, and dust-free imaging with any mounted lens.
  • K-Mount Compatible with 25 Million PENTAX lenses: The PENTAX K-mount is compatible with every single K-mount lens ever made. Choose from over 25 million PENTAX lenses to use with your K-50-whether you're a novice or an expert, there's a PENTAX lens that lets you capture your interesting view of the world.
  • Eye-Fi Card Compatibility: With Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards, the user can automatically transmit recorded images to a smartphone. New built-in menus allow the user to easily enable automatic transmission of images and video to a smartphone for rapid sharing. Images can be selected and resized before sending.
  • Full 1080p h.264 HD video recording: Full 1080p HD video capture at 30 frames per second (60 FPS for 720p) features efficient h.264 compression, flexible exposure control, and HDR finishing options for stunning video quality.
  • In-body raw development and HDR shooting: Enjoy in-body raw development and in-camera HDR shooting mode, featuring multiple blending options to bring out the detail in wide gamut still imaging.
  • Programmable front & rear e-dials: Programmable front and rear e-dials enable PENTAX renowned Hyper Program and Manual modes, as well as other rapid no-look settings changes.
  • Enhanced Creative Modes, multilayer filtering opportunities: Choose from 11 types of custom image modes and 19 digital filters, all with multi layering capabilities, for more creative expression than you ever dreamt of. The K-50 lets you show off your unique visions with real, high-resolution images.
  • Large High Resolution 3 inch LCD: Large 3 inch LCD with brightness and color adjustments is wide angle viewable, and features 921,000 dots of resolution.
  • Dual-axis electronic level: For high precision horizontal and vertical alignment, use the electronic dual-axis level to make sure your shot is perfectly aligned with the horizon or framed just the way you want it. Measure both side-to-side and forward to backward tilt for the ideal shot.
  • Standard Lithium-ion battery or optional use of AA-size batteries: Compatible with both rechargeable Li-Ion and AA batteries (via optional AA battery holder) for plentiful power at home or while travelling.
  • 77 segment metering system: Highly accurate 77 segment metering system produces beautifully exposed images and video, even in complex lighting situations.
  • Traditional, Auto Picture and Scene modes: Traditional shooting modes feature PENTAX Sensitivity Priority (Sv) and Shutter And Aperture Priority (TAv) for outstanding flexibility, while powerful automatic modes like Auto Picture and Scene modes take the guesswork out of great photography.

Pentax K-50 Specifications

Sensor Type
CMOS with primary color filter, integrated Shake/Dust Reduction sensor movement system
Sensor Size
23.7 x 15.7mm (APS-C)
Sensor Color Depth
8 bits/channel JPG, 12 bits/channel RAW
Effective Pixels
16.3 MP
Total Pixels
16.5 MP
Dust Removal
Sensor movement with SP coating on low pass filter
Pixel Mapping
Image Stabilization (Shake Reduction)
Sensor-shift SR with rotational compensation (3 stops avg CIPA, 4 stops max)
Lens Mount
PENTAX KAF2 bayonet stainless steel mount
Usable Lenses
PENTAX KAF3, KAF2, KAF, and KA (K mount, 35mm screw-mount, 645/67 med format lenses useable with adapter and/or restrictions)
SDM Function
Power Zoom Function
Focus Type
SAFOX IXi+ TTL phase-detection 11 point (9 cross) wide autofocus system with light wavelength sensor and diffraction lens
Sensitivity Range
EV -1 to 18 (ISO 100)
Focus Modes
AF.A (auto), AF.S (single, w focus lock, focus/shutter priority selectable), AF.C (continuous, w focus/FPS priority selectable), Manual
Focus Point Adjustment
Auto 11 pt., Auto 5 pt., User-Selectable (with Expanded Area AF), Center
AF Assist
Yes via dedicated LED AF assist lamp
Focus Peaking
Yes (n/a during active video recording)
Metering System
Type: TTL open aperture 77 segment metering
Sensitivity range: EV 0 to 22 (ISO 100, 50mm F1.4)
Metering patterns (multi, center, spot): Multi 77, Center, Spot
Exposure compensation: +/- 5 EV (1/3 and 1/2 steps)
Exposure lock: Yes
Exposure bracketing: 3 frames, up to +/- 3 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 steps
Type: Electronically controlled, vertical-run, focal plane shutter
Shutter speed: Auto: 1/6000 to 30 sec., Manual: 1/6000 to 30 sec. (1/3EV steps or 1/2EV steps), Bulb
Type: Pentaprism
Coverage (field of view): 100%
Magnification: 0.92X (w 50mm F1.4 at infinity)
Standard focusing screen: Natural-Bright-Matte III (interchangeable)
Diopter adjustment: -2.5m to +1.5m
Depth of field preview: Optical (diaphragm stop-down), digital
LCD Monitor
Type: 3.0" TFT color LCD w brightness/color adjustment
Resolution: 921,000 dots
Wide angle viewable: Yes
Live View
Type: TTL by CMOS image sensor
Field Of View: 100%
Display Modes: Magnification (2-6X), Grid Overlay (4x4, Golden Ratio, Scale), Bright/Dark Indication, Histogram
Built-In Flash
Type: Retractable P-TTL pop-up flash
Guide number: 12m (ISO 100)
Coverage: 28mm wide angle equivalent
Flash modes: P-TTL, Red-eye Reduction, Slow-speed Sync, Trailing Curtain Sync
Flash exposure compensation: -2 to +1 EV (1/3 steps)
External Flash
Type: Hotshoe (P-TTL), high speed sync and wireless with PENTAX dedicated flash
Synchronization speed: 1/180 sec
Storage Media
Internal memory: n/a
Removable memory: SD, SDHC, SDXC, (Eye-Fi Card compatible)
Ports: USB 2.0 hi-speed, AV out
USB Connection: MSC / PTP
Video out: NTSC, PAL
Microphone: Built-in monaural
Image File
Recorded resolutions: 16M (4928x3264), 12M (4224x2816), 8M (3456x2304), 5M (2688x1792) RAW (4928x3264)
Quality levels: Best, Better, Good
File formats: RAW (DNG), JPG (EXIF 2.3), DCF 2.0 compliant, DPOF, PIM III
Color space: sRGB, AdobeRGB
ISO Sensitivity
Auto: 100-51200 (1, 1/2, 1/3 steps), auto range selectable
Manual: 100-51200 (1, 1/2, 1/3 steps)
White Balance
Type: Image sensor detection with light wavelength sensor detection
Auto preset modes: Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, (D: Daylight Color, N: Daylight White, W: Cool White, L: Warm White), Tungsten, Flash, CTE Manual mode(s): a) 3 manual settings can be configured and saved, b) Kelvin color temperatures can be selected, c) WB settings can be copied from a captured image WB fine adjustment: +/- 7 steps A-B axis or G-M axis
Mode Selection
Hyper Program (P), Sensitivity Priority (Sv), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Shutter & Aperture Priority (TAv), Hyper Manual (M), Bulb (B), User (U1, U2), Scene (SCN), Auto Picture (AUTO), Movie
Auto Picture Modes
Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Moving Object, Night Scene Portrait, Night Scene, Blue Sky, Forest
Scene Modes
Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Moving Object, Night Scene Portrait, Sunset, Blue Sky, Forest,Night Scene, Night Scene HDR (JPG), Night Snap, Food, Pet, Kids, Surf & Snow, Backlight Silhouette, Candlelight, Stage Lighting, Museum
Custom Image Modes
Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing
Green Simplified Mode Available
Face Detection Available
P, A, S, M, B (extended modes Sv, TAv)
Date Stamp
Digital Filters Capture
Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Color
Dynamic Range Adjustment
Highlight, shadow
Digital Level
Viewfinder (horizontal), LCD (horizontal, vertical), SR auto-level function
File/Folder Customization
Folder name (standard, date), create new folder, embed copyright
Drive Modes Mode Selection
Single, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self-Timer (12s, 2s), Remote (0s, 3s), Exposure Bracketing (3 frames)
Drive Modes Continuous FPS
Continuous Hi: approx. 6.0 FPS (30 JPG, 8 RAW)
Continuous Lo: approx. 3.0 FPS (unlimited JPG, 10 RAW)
Other Modes
Multi-exposure: 2-9 shots, auto exposure adjustment
Interval: 999 shots, 3 sec to 24 hr interval, time delay
HDR: Auto, HDR 1, HDR 2, HDR 3, pixel alignment, exposure bracket +/- 1-3 EV (1/1 steps)
Cable switch: Yes CS-205 (sold separately)
Playback Mode Selection
Single frame, Multi-image display (4, 9, 16, 36, 81 segmentation), Display magnification (up to 16x, scrolling and quick magnification available), rotating, histogram, bright/dark area warning, copyright display, calendar filmstrip, display, folder display, slideshow, Eye-Fi transfer
Playback Mode Pallet
Image Rotation, Digital Filter, Resize, Cropping, Index Print, Protect, Slideshow, Save as Manual WB, Save Cross Processing, RAW Development, Movie Edit, DPOF
Playback Digital Filters
Monochrome, Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Color, Tone Expansion, Sketch Filter, Water Color, Pastel, Posterization, Miniature, Soft, Starburst, Fish-eye, Slim, Base Parameter Adjustment
Video Capture Image File Information
Recorded resolutions/FPS: 1920x1080p30/25/24, 1280x720p60/50/30/25/24, 640x480p30/25/24
Quality levels: Best, Better, Good
File formats (compression): MOV MPEG-4 AVC (h.264)
Sound: Audio gain adj
Video Capture Modes
Custom Image modes: Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass,Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing

Digital filters (capture): Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Color
Video Capture Modes cont.
Interval movie: 3 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., 30 sec., 1 min., 5min., 10 min., 30 min., 1 hr.
Recording time: 4 sec. to 99 hr., Start Interval setting: immediately, from the set time, Motion JPEG(AVI)
Movie editing functions: Movie Divide, Delete Selected Frames
File Storage (Based on 4GB Memory)
Still 16MP (3:2) RAW: 150 images
Still 16MP (3:2) Best Image Quality: 421
Video 1080p30 Best Image Quality: 0:16:21
Video 1080p24 Best Image Quality: 0:20:21
Video 720p60 Best Image Quality: 0:16:21
Video 720p30 Best Image Quality: 0:28:18
Custom Functions
Language Support
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian
System Requirements
Windows: Windows XP(SP3 or later 32-bit Home/Pro), Vista (32-bit,64-bit), Win 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) Win 8, (can be run as a 32-bit application on any 64-bit edition of Windows). Mac: MacOS X, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
Primary Construction Materials
Reinforced polycarbonate over stainless steel chassis
Operating Temperature
14-104°F (-10 to 40°C)
Ruggedized Features
Fully weather sealed throughout body, coldproof
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI109 (included), AA battery holder D-BH109 for 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
Battery Time Stills
Li-Ion approx. 480 (410 w 50% flash, CIPA), AA lithium approx. 1250 (710 w 50% flash, CIPA)
Battery Time Movie Playback
Li-Ion approx. 270 min, AA lithium approx. 560 min
Battery Time Movie Recording
25 min max time per clip
AC Adapter Available
Yes. K-AC128 (sold separately)
Body Dimensions (WxHxD)
5.1 x 3.8 x 2.8" (129.5 x 96.5 x 71.1mm)
Body Weight
20.8 oz (589.67g) without battery or removable memory
22.9 oz (649.20g) loaded and ready
Mfr #

Pentax K-50 Reviews

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Reviewed by 13 customers


Pentax K-50: A feature-packed sleeper.


from Queens, NY  -  Semi-pro Photographer

This is a very good camera. I already have a Pentax K100D, which is a good camera, but it is now outdated performance-wise. Two years ago, I bought a Pentax K-01, and was very pleased with its upgraded features. When I saw that the K-50 had the same sensor as the K-01, and also had an optical viewfinder, I had to get one. I've been using the K-50 for the past two weeks, and it is simply a pleasure. Fast and ready for street shots, extremely high-quality images, a very bright viewfinder, two user-programmed modes, and a very eye-pleasing information monitor make this camera a must have! You should add this camera to your collection, and if this is your first camera, you could not do any better. Did you see the price? Buy one; you will be happy with it.


Awesome Camera


from Elida, Ohio

When the Pentax K-30 first debuted I purchased one to replace a K20D. The K-30 was a mid level but it blew the K20D away, it was just that much more advanced. When the K-50 came out I knew it would be good since it shared so much with the K-30. Last fall I decided to buy a second body, the K-50 price was just excellent, but so was the K-5. For my usage the mid level K-50 beat the flaghship K-5. The K-5 has 14 bits, and the top LCD. I had found with the K-30 I did not need the top LCD. The K-50 offered the same sensor, improved autofocus, focus peaking, higher ISO. The focus advantages made the K-50 win for me. This is a full feature DSLR at at a fantasitc price. To find similar specs and performance in other brands you will pay three tiomes as much.


Awesome starters camera Pentax K-50


from Gorakhpur, India

Awesome camera to start with, lots of manual controls. This kit is value for money. Packing of the shipment done by Adorama was awesome. Received everything as it is.


An Impressive Surprise


from KY  -  Photo Enthusiast

This is my first Pentax. I could not decide between the K50 and the K5IIs. I went with the K50 because it allowed me to invest a little extra into lenses, being that I was switching brands and starting from scratch. I was nervous that I may have made the wrong choice ordering the K50, but once it arrived and I began shooting with it, I knew I had made the right choice. This camera takes excellent pictures. The ergonomics are excellent. This is my first DSLR with dual control dials, and they are nice. The interface of the camera is very intuitive. I got the 35mm f/2.4 prime added to my order (body + kit lens), and with the bundle discount, that was a smart choice. I seem to get sharper images with better bokeh, though the kit lens is by no means bad. For the price, this is an amazing camera. Far superior to Canon and Nikon at this price range. I'm not a Pentax fanboy because I just made the switch and did a lot of research before doing so. I do wish the K50 has stereo mic jack, though I'm not going to really have much of a need for it. If you are considering this camera but unsure, do not hesitate. This is the best bang for your buck, period.


Great, Great Camera!!!


from Spokane, WA  -  Semi-pro Photographer

I replaced my K-30 with this camera. I really enjoyed the K-30 but this one was even better. Fantastic quality images, easy to use, a real joy. I've been using Pentax for quite a while and I have no complaints about the K-50. NOTE: I recently purchased a K-5 II s when the price dropped to have a second camera so I could use the K-50 as a quality backup. While the K-5 II s has more features, the image quality next to the K-50 is nearly indistinguishable. The K-50 is an awesome camera!!!


Nice Camera at great price


from Ohio  -  Photo Enthusiast

Replacement for Pentax *ist DS. very well made. Love that is weatherproof. Viewfinder is very bright. Uses AA batteries or rechargeable Pentax battery. Loaded with features found on more expensive competitor cameras

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great Camera For Learning DSLR


from Old Fields, WV  -  Photo Enthusiast

This camera is a big step above Canon and Nikon in the same price range. Although it is listed by many as a beginner camera, it acts more like a very good prosumer camera. It is solid, well built and easy to learn if you read the manual and actually go through the instructions with camera in hand. The 18-135 lens is versatile and will produce very good IQ but you have to learn how to work within its' ranges and capabilities. Another plus is the weather and dust sealing for both the camera and the lens.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great camera; great service


from Kansas City  -  Photo Enthusiast

I have purchased from Adorama before, so my expectations of quality of product and good service were high. I was not disappointed. It arrived on-time, as projected, well packaged, in excellent condition. I have had the camera a short time, so not a lot of use yet to uncover anything I don't like; but so far it appears to be just as advertised/reviewed. IQ is great and I particularly like the fast FPS (burst) and great viewfinder. I went with the 18-135mm zoom vs the two lens kit to avoid lens-changing all the time. Glad I did. Overall very happy with my purchase so far. JW


Another Great Pentax Body


from Oakland, CA  -  Photo Enthusiast

It feels so great to have a SLR in my hands again, but it also feels great to have a Pentax back in my hands, too. AF is fast and accurate, ISO noise is low, the optical viewfinder is fantastic, and ergonomics is great. I've used Pentax cameras for a number of years before I left for a 2-year affair with mirrorless systems, but I came back since there was no replacing a solid grip and an optical viewfinder. I mostly use it for photo outings out in cities and macro in parks and nature, and it has performed well with great image quality. One minor quibble, since this camera lacks a top LCD, this space doesn't seem well used. I love the handling of the camera, but seems like they could more with this space besides moving the mode dial. The K-50 is a great camera, especially Pentax has the lenses I like and use.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Easy to use


from Vancouver Washington  -  Casual Photographer

I use it as a everyday camera. Easy to point and shoot and clear pictures. I really like the way it fits my hands. I have always trusted Pentax


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Shopper  need to purchase flash memory card and battery pack with this pack?
ANNA B  We bought a large memory card for this. I think it comes with one though. I have had no problem with the battery lasting for me but if you want to shoot continuously for hours then you will need and extra battery
Shopper  need to purchase flash memory card and battery pack with this pack?
ANNA B  We bought a large memory card for this. I think it comes with one though. I have had no problem with the battery lasting for me but if you want to shoot continuously for hours then you will need and extra battery
Shopper  need to purchase flash memory card and battery pack with this pack?
ANNA B  We bought a large memory card for this. I think it comes with one though. I have had no problem with the battery lasting for me but if you want to shoot continuously for hours then you will need and extra battery
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