DxO Labs DxO Optics Pro Version 7 Standard Edition Photo Enhancing Software for Macintosh & Windows Free Upgrade To Version 8


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About DxO Labs Optics Pro

The DxO Labs Optics Pro 7 Standard is photo editing software based on your specific camera and lens combination. DxO has tested all compatible lens and camera combinations, considering each piece of equipment's weaknesses and automatically compensating for these shortcomings when editing. The result is highly optimized photo editing that's faster than the norm. Whether you're a pro, a student or a beginner, this software ramps up your workflow and allows you to spend more time shooting and less time in post-production.

In addition to the intimate knowledge DxO has gleaned from all the compatible cameras and lenses, Optics Pro 7 features presets that make your workflow even smoother. The interface is also extremely user-friendly and able to be customized for your specific needs. Other important functions like dust removal, color management, exposure and contrast and RAW conversion give you the ability to tweak and modify to suit each specific situation.

DxO Labs Optics Pro Features

  • Lens Sharpening: Using a new technique to analytically read image content, DxO Optics Pro 7 offers improved preservation of the bokeh while avoiding the creation of artifacts in homogeneous or out-of-focus zones
  • Sharpness Mask: Lenses tend to soften (or blur) image elements located at the edges. A new cursor lets you harmonize the sharpness of your image from the center of the periphery. This feature is available even if your equipment is not yet supported
  • Colors and Textures: No more flat stretches of uniform color! DxO Optics Pro 7 includes a tool that brings out the details and textures in saturated areas
  • Optimized Ergonomics (A Streamlined Workflow): Easier to use, DxO Optics Pro 7 offers even more intuitive handling. Working in project mode is now optional! From now on, you can work directly from your files and directories
  • Increased Performance (Up to 4 Times Faster): The use of OpenCL technology with Windows and optimized algorithms, DxO Optics Pro 7 can process batches of photos up to 4 times faster than previous versions, while offering improved image quality after processing
  • Tailor-Hand DxO Optics Modules (Tailor-Made for All): The DxO Labs team has optimized its calibration methods in order to accelerate the production process and has set a goal of supporting 10,000 modules
  • A DxO Labs Exclusive: Does your lens lack sharpness? Instantly recover the fine details in your photos, regardless of the quality of your lens
  • Volume Anamorphosis: Think of volume (i.e. 3D) anamorphic distortion as the photographic equivalent of the problem that mapmakers have when trying to represent the 3D planet on a two dimensional sheet of paper
  • Keystoning/Horizon: Unlike the corrections described above, keystoning and horizon corrections are not based on DxO Optics Modules and must be manually set by the user
  • RAW Conversion (Go Beyond the Limits of Your Camera): Shooting in RAW format gives you that absolute control over how your photos are rendered. DxO Optics Pro's RAW converter is based on detailed characterization of your camera by DxO Labs
  • Select a Tool Tailored to Your Equipment: If you are shooting in RAW, it's because you want to avoid standard processing and to take full advantage of your camera's potential. So you need a RAW converter that is both powerful and intelligent
  • Discover Unparalleled Productivity: DxO Lab's prior calibration of a camera identical to the one that you use allows DxO Optics Pro to automatically correct one photo or hundreds of photos in a way specifically designed to guarantee very high image quality
  • Keep the Details, Not the Artifacts: Images generated by digital camera sensors must undergo RAW conversion, a process analogous to silver-halide film development
  • Push the Limits of Low-Light Photography: DxO Optics Pro's noise reduction module lets you restore the details and saturation of an image up to 100,000 ISO. Gain up to two stops
  • Change Your Camera at Will: DxO Labs has tested a wide range of digital cameras, giving you the choice of applying their different color renderings to your photos, regardless of the camera that you actually use
  • White Balance at Your Convenience: Thanks to DxO Optics Pro and the flexibility of shooting in RAW format, you can set the white point of an image and exercise complete control of white balance in three different ways
  • A Custom Tool that Guarantees Quality and Automaticity: The characteristics of noise can vary greatly from one camera to another. DxO Labs has applied its reputation-enhancing principles of custom settings to its noise reduction tool
  • Improve Your Entire Photo Library: Both old and new images, whether RAW or JPEG files, can benefit from DxO Optics Pro's noise reduction capabilities
  • Optimizing Exposure and Contrast (Bring Out the Details in Your Photos): DxO Optics Pro restores the ideal balance between the dark and light areas in your images. Exposure and contrast are optimized both locally and globally with unique precision
  • Rapid Batch Image Processing: All of DxO Optics Pro's corrections are based on what are called DxO Presets. A DxO Preset is a selection of correction parameters that is applied to all images to be processed
  • Denoising (Defy the Shadows): With DxO Optics Pro, no need to rely on flash photography to bring out the full emotion of your night shots and to obtain detailed textures and incomparable colors
  • Color Management (Take Control of Your Colors): White balance, vibrancy, tonal curve, multi-point balance, color saturation protection: take advantage of all these tools to bring out all the brilliant colors of your photos, or to apply a color interpretation of your own
  • A DxO Labs Exclusive: Change the color rendering and choose one based on an entirely different camera for endless creative possibilities
  • Dust Removal (Eliminate the Imperfections in Your Images): Dust on your sensor can ruin a series of photos. With DxO Optics Pro, you can do once then store the dust correction and apply it to an entire batch of photos. The dust disappears from all of your photos with just one click
  • DxO Optics Pro - For Your Equipment: DxO Optics Pro adapts very specifically to your equipment and automatically makes corrections to your images, whether in JPEG or RAW, thanks to a preliminary calibration of equipment identical to yours in the DxO laboratory
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