Leica M8.2 Compact Digital Camera, 10.3MP, 2.5" LCD Display, Black Paint

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About Leica

The Leica M8.2 Compact Digital Camera is a fully updated version of the professional digital rangefinder camera LEICA M8. Important core values of the LEICA M8 like discretion, intuitiveness and robustness have been further enhanced. The LEICA M8.2 complements the LEICA M8; both models will exist parallel in the market. Many elements of the LEICA M8.2 can be integrated into the M8. With this service, Leica Camera underlines once again the system compatibility and the high value retention of the M line.

The LEICA M8.2 is the very first professional digital camera to use an ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal as coverglass for the camera monitor. It is so hard that it can only be worked with special diamond tools. The camera also sports a new easy-grip and specially robust "vulcanite" finish. Thanks to numerous detailed modifications, the noise and vibration of the shutter action have been audibly and noticeably reduced even further.

The fastest shutter speed of the metal blade focal-plane shutter is 1/4000 s and the flash sync speed is 1/180 s. To make the camera even more discreet in critical situations, the photographer may personally determine the suitable moment when the shutter is cocked. A lot of the new features of the LEICA M8.2 can also be integrated to the LEICA M8: The scratchproof sapphire glass, the quiter shutter or the bright line frames which are matched for longer distances.

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Leica Features

  • LEICA M8.2 - The Evolution of the Digital Rangefinder Camera
  • Robustness & discretion
  • Compact and quick charger unit
  • Even more intuitive operation
  • Exceptional performance in every detail
  • Black hot shoe
  • Leica dot in color matching to top cover
  • Low noise & vibration shutter with 1/4000s max. speed, 1/180s sync speed
  • New Shutter cocking modes ("discreet" or "standard")
  • Auto ISO function
  • Snap shot mode for good results by non-experts
  • Bright line frame set allowing more precise framing at longer distances
  • Short cut for exposure compensation
  • Main switch with firm click stop from "C" to self timer
  • Short instructions explaining easy operation
  • Sapphire glass for rear LCD
  • Vulcanite cladding

Leica Specifications

Camera type
Compact digital viewfinder system camera for professional use with Leica M lenses
Microprocessor-controlled metal blade focal plane shutter
Image sensor
Low-noise CCD sensor specially optimized for the requirements of the M lens system
10.3 million
Sensor dimensions
18 mm x 27 mm
Extension factor
1.33 x.
Aspect ratio
Coverglass thickness
0.5 mm
Moire filter
Sensor speed range
Manual setting from ISO 160/23° to ISO 2500/35°.
Additional automatic setting with free choice of ISO range
Viewfinder principle
Large bright-line frame viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation
Matched to -0.5 dpt
Correction lenses
From -3 to +3 dpt available
Image framing
By display of two brightline frames at a time: for 24 and 35 mm or for 28 and 90 mm or for 50 and 75 mm
0.68 x
Effective measuring base
47.1 mm (mechanical measuring base 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.68 x)
Lens mount
Leica M bayonet with additional optical sensing for identification of all 6-bit coded lenses
Lens system
Current 6-bit coded Leica M lenses of 16 - 90 mm focal length
6-bit functions
Lens-dependent reduction of edge shadowing originating in the system
Aperture priority mode (Auto)
Automatic determination of the correct shutter speed with manual aperture preselection and corresponding viewfinder display
Manual exposure control
Free selection of shutter speed and aperture - can be visually checked using the exposure control in the camera seen by LED light balance in the viewfinder
Snapshot mode
S setting of shutter speed dial: Automatic control of exposure time, ISO speed and white balance
Picture modes
S Single picture: Pressing the shutter release once per picture
C: Continuous succession of pictures with 2 pictures per second and 10 pictures in the sequence
Auto-release: Selectable with 2 sec. and 12 sec. delay time
Camera front: Lens mount; frame selector
Top: Main switch and shutter release; shutter speed dial, LCD status display
Back: 2.5" color monitor with scratch-resistant sapphire coverglass
Base: Lockable base plate protects the rechargeable battery and the SD memory card against dust and moisture
Color monitor
2.5" large bright LC display with a resolution of about 230,000 pixels for viewing pictures and for menu settings (scratch-resistant sapphire coverglass)
Picture view sizes
Miniatures, 4 miniatures, full picture display and enlargement in four stages up to 100% view
Picture parameter menu-main menu
By pressing the set button, the following parameters relevant to the picture can be selected and changed in the picture parameter
User profile, sensor speed, manual exposure correction, white balance, image data format, picture resolution
Menu languages
German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
Picture resolutions
DNG: 3916 x 2634 pixels (10.31 MP); JPG: 3936 x 2630 pixels (10.35 MP), 2952 x 1972 pixels (5.8 MP), 1968 x 1315 pixels (2.6 MP), 1312 x 876 pixels (1.15 MP)
Data formats
DNG (camera manufacturer-independent digital negative format), 2 different JPEG compression rates
DNG file-information
6-bit color resolution, 10.2 MByte file size per picture
Memory medium
SD and SDHC cards up to 32 Gbyte
White balance
Automatic, 6 preset values, manual white balance, color temperature input from 2000K to 13,100K
Color spaces
Viewfinder display
LED symbol for flash status, four-digit seven-segment LED display with dots above and below for display of the automatically calculated shutter speed in aperture priority mode, indication of the use of saved metering values, warning of exposure corrections, warning of when the metering range is overshot or undershot in aperture priority mode and countdown display of shutter times longer than 2 sec., memory capacity warning when the SD card is full
Exposure metering
Heavily center-weighted TTL exposure metering with pre-set working aperture
Metering principle
Light reflected from a white strip in the centre of the metal blade focal plane shutter
Metering range
EV0 to EV20 at 20°C room temperature, aperture 1.0 and ISO 160/23°
Metering cell
Silicon photodiode with collection lens positioned at the center of the lower edge of the camera base
Flash exposure metering
Principle: Using an extremely short calibration pre-flash fired immediately before the exposure, the exact power requirement for the main flash is determined
M-TTL guide number control with calibration pre-flash via accessory shoe SCA 3502 (version M4) or with Leica flash SF24D
Flash synchronization time
1/180 sec.
Manual Flash synchronization times
from B (bulb) down to 1/180 sec.
Aperture priority mode
Auto Slow Sync: Automatic extension of the longest flash time, using the rule of thumb 1/focal length in seconds
Synchronization flash firing time
Firing optionally at the 1st or 2nd shutter point
Flash exposure correction
±3 1/3 EV in 1/3 EV-Stufen stages adjustable at the SCA-3501/3502 adapter
Settable at the LEICA SF 24D ± 3EV in 1/3 EV stages, or from 0 to -3 EV in 1EV stages when using computer control
Microprocessor-controlled metal blade focal plane shutter with vertical action (optimized to reduce noise and vibration)
Shutter times
In aperture priority mode (A) steplessly adjustable from 32 s down to 1/400 s
Shutter activation optimized for minimum noise
Three-stage activation governed by how far the release is depressed
Power supply
Lithium ion rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 V and a capacity of 1900 mAh
5-pin standard mini-USB socket on the left side of the body, for quick USB 2.0 data transfer to a computer
Camera body Material
Enclosed all-metal body of highly stable magnesium alloyBlack synthetic leather coating
Top cap and base plate are milled from solid brass (black paint finished)
Tripod thread
DIN 4503 - A1/4 (1/4") in the centre of the bottom cover
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx.139 x 80 x 37 mm
Weight without battery
Approx. 545 g
Leica 2 year warranty

Reviews about this item

Reviewed by 3 customers

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Great Camera but for the money...??


from Valencia, CA  -  Semi-pro Photographer

It was my dream to have this camera when it first came out. But I've heard many cons about M8 where frame line is off and it is loud. One of the main reason that I use Leica M cameras is that it is quiet. That is why I didn't think of purchasing the M8 but when they introduced M8.2 with quieter shutter and better frameline, I had to try it. Shutter is louder than I thought but it is quieter than M8 so it is better and the frameline is very accurate. I mostly use 28mm lens and I can say that it matches perfect.Image quality is same as M8. Most Digital cameras these days have great quality so I think it does not really matter. What matters to me is great quality + portability so I can carry it easily and this camera does the job.Overall, I love the camera but the price tag of [$]...(body only) I don't know if it is really worth it because some of the digital SLRs produce better pictures and more functionality.

(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


A superb instrument


from Tarpon Springs, FL  -  Semi-pro Photographer

A fantastic camera for all uses less fast paced sports photography. Image quality, chromacity and color rendition the best I have seen. A precsion instrument in every sense of the word.

(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Substantial improvement


from Bethesda, MD  -  Semi-Pro Photographer

I carry this along with me most times. It is the digital equivalent of the old sm Leica's for me. the only problem I have encountered is noisy images in very low light - but that is the electronic equivalent of grain. The shutter is substantially quieter than the M8. However, it is expensive.

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