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About Nikon 18-105mm

This Nikon 18-105mm Bundle comes with $35.95 worth of free accessories including a ProOptic Digital Essentials 67mm and Shipping is free!

The Nikon 18-105mm is commonly used for General purpose, Landscape/scenery, Low light, Macro photography, Night photography, Sports/action, Video, Weddings, Wildlife photos and more.The Nikon 18-105mm is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Casual photographer, Photo enthusiast, Semi-pro photographer among others.The Nikon 18-105mm is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Nikon 18-105mm: Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight, Nice bokeh, Rugged and Strong construction

Nikon 18-105mm Features

  • Wide-ratio 5.8x zoom
  • Nikon VR (Vibration Reduction) image stabilization
    Vibration Reduction is engineered specifically for each VR NIKKOR lens and enables handheld shooting at up to 3 shutter speeds slower than would otherwise be possible, assuring dramatically sharper images.
  • ED-(Extra-low Dispersion) glass element
    Minimizes chromatic aberration for superior image quality
  • Aspherical lens element
    Virtually eliminates coma and other types of lens aberration, further improving image integrity
  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC)
    Enhances light transmission and offers superior color consistency and reduced flare
  • Exclusive Nikon Silent Wave Motor (SWM)
    Enables fast, accurate, and quiet autofocus
  • Close focusing to 1.48 feet
  • Rounded 7-blade diaphragm
    Renders more natural appearance of out-of-focus image elements
  • Engineered for Nikon DX-format D-SLRs
    Optical formula optimized for use with Nikon DX-format digital SLRs rendering picture angles range approximating the perspective of a 27-157.5mm lens on a Nikon FX-format digital SLR or a 35mm film camera

Nikon 18-105mm Specifications

Focal Length Range
Format Compatibility
Nikon DX
FX in DX Crop Mode
Note: DX lenses are not recommended for use with "full-frame" digital or 35mm film SLR cameras
Zoom Ratio
Maximum Aperture
Minimum Aperture
AF-S (Silent Wave Motor)
Vibration Reduction
Distance Information
ED Glass Elements
Super Integrated Coating
Aspherical Element(s)
Yes, One element
Manual/Auto Focus Mode
Minimum Focus Distance
1.48 ft. (0.45m)
Maximum Angle of View
Minimum Angle of View
Lens (Elements)
Lens (Groups)
Maximum Reproduction Ratio
Mount Type
Nikon F-Bayonet
Accepts Filter Type
Filter Size
Lens Attachment Size
Lens Case
Lens Hood
3.0" x 3.5" (Diameter x Length)
76 x 89mm (Diameter x Length)
14.8oz. (420g)
Mfr #

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great all around lens

Ease of use: it is well balanced on a D5100 - it is far from that front heavy feeling that deteriorates mirrorless APS-C cameras. I love the focus ring... but it could be a bit more wide. It weighs just as much, that it is comfortable for a walk. Zoom rings and tubes are OK, no creeping, and turning smoothly. Plastic bayonet?? I can't state anything about it, because I use it since less than two weeks. I have read many users stating it is strong enough, but I will handle with care. Sharpness:...

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Ease of use: it is well balanced on a D5100 - it is far from that front heavy feeling that deteriorates mirrorless APS-C cameras. I love the focus ring... but it could be a bit more wide. It weighs just as much, that it is comfortable for a walk. Zoom rings and tubes are OK, no creeping, and turning smoothly. Plastic bayonet?? I can't state anything about it, because I use it since less than two weeks. I have read many users stating it is strong enough, but I will handle with care. Sharpness: excellent at the center, and no dramatic drop towards the edges. Great color rendering. Distortion: really exists, and somewhat pronounced. Sometimes ADC is a Must. Vignetting: pronounced with max. aperture at the wide and long end - stopping down by 2/3-1 stop helps much. But in some situations you have to live with it. Macro: it is not really intended for macro, but makes nice pictures of flowers. Out of focus blur: I love it at 105mm - but obviously, there are far more powerful bokeh-makers. VR: helps much. At wide end, even 1/2.5s handheld is possible with appropriate shooting technique. Focus speed: not a speed demon, but fast enough in most of the situations. Zoom reach: usually you won't need more at the tele end, but if you shoot wildlife (butterflies, birds, mammals etc.), a 70-300 VR tele will improve the situation much. Wide is nice, but nothing more than standard. Final words: bearable compromises, great performance for price.


Most Liked Negative Review


Lens is not as sharp as its 18-135 mm predecessor

The 18-105 mm Nikkor provided as the "kit" lens for the new D7000 is no where near as sharp as its predecessor, the 18-135 mm. Though the 18-135 mm lacks the anti-vibration technology, I would certainly take it over the quite soft 18-105 mm. Nikon ought to simply insert AV technology in the quite good 18-135 mm design, and they'd have a winner.

Reviewed by 178 customers


works for what i do


general photo shooting


Very fragile


After 40 years of professional photography and using Nikon cameras in or shop, I decided to switch brands from "the other guys" to Nikon and purchased a D90, which serves me fairly well in a variety of situations, including artifact photography for a museum. I use a Speedlight SB-700 with it. Unfortunately, while hiking I left the camera and lens coupled, in a well-padded high end camera bag, with the lens facing upwards while I was walking, so that I could just gab the camera and take a quick shot.. The up and down movement over the trail loosened components inside the lens, specifically the aperture ring and rendered the unit unserviceable. I had no option but throw away the lens. I had a 100 mm prime lens from another maker but it doesn't work with my D90. Works on other ones in the camera store, for some reason. Otherwise the D90 performs adequately with the 70-300 Nikon ED I subsequently purchased as a stopgap measure but I am limited for its use,. And I don't find both of these lenses very sharp. They are a beginner's lens and it shows.


Excellent prodct


Great in Value and quality. Sharp images, excellent colour reproduction, quick in focus and blurr-free photos. As a new user I am really happy with performance of lens as well as camera (D7100)


Don't let "KIT LENS" discourage you!


I received this lens with my D7000 in early 2012. Overall it was a great lens on this body but went quite soft past 70mm and I was concerned about the plastic mount. So, after reading numerous reviews, I decided to purchase the Nikon 16-85VR hoping to see a big improvement especially at the long end and I found the wider end to be a plus. Sharpness on the long end versus the 18-105VR and the build quality is better with the 16-85VR, but at twice the price of the 18-105VR, the improvements in my opinion were cost prohibitive! Enter the D7100...On this camera body, the 18-105VR really came to life even more so than the 16-85VR. Don't misunderstand me, both are good lenses, but for the money, the 18-105VR is difficult to beat unless you graduate to professional grade glass. The 16-85VR handles CA's a bit better, and it should at double the price, but this is easily corrected and both lenses suffer from moderate distortion and pin cushion which is also easily fixed. However, for general street photography, flowers and landscapes, the 18-105VR is very good overall; tack sharp and well worth the price. Mounted on the D7100, you would have to be a pixel peeper to tell the difference between the two lenses from wide to mid-range of their respective zoom ranges. The only reason I gave this lens only 4 stars is the plastic bayonet mount. DO NOT grab the camera by the lens with the 18-105VR as some plastic mounts have broken. And it remains a bit soft on the long end, but for the money, one can't go wrong with the 18-105VR especially on a newer body. I know there are many who will say I'm nuts. But for general photography, this glass is difficult to beat for the price!


I wanted to like it.


My issue with this lens is that it reflects the shortcuts in construction to make it a less expensive kit lens. No issues with the glass itself, the VR, focusing all good, and a handy zoom range. The lens mount is plastic, not metal like most other quality Nikon lenses. If you hurriedly pick up your gear up by the lens (hey we all do it once in awhile) instead of the body your lens may just break off like mine did. Nikon charges to fix this and says it is from being knocked/abused. The plastic 'seal' at the end of the outer ring under which the inner barrel slides can slip out of place allowing debris to enter. So if you treat the lens with kid gloves it can serve you well but if you get out and about and use your equipment under real world conditions I'd get a more substantial lens. The AFS DX18-200 which seems to have a higher build quality is what I bought to replace this lens.


Surpness not upto mark


surpness not upto expected loss detail of the picture specially for long distance scene.


Mass produced, low quality, plastic everything


This lens is a kit lens for a reason, very cheaply made, (front ring came off within the first couple months) - if it came with your camera then by all means use it for average pics but do not spend your hard earned money on this lens if it didn't come with your camera. Very few images have come back tact sharp using this lens, but when I shoot w my 50 1:4 I get an incredible image and great bokeh. You'll be much better off buying the 18 0r 28-300 or better yet just invest in the 17-55 2.8 or 24-70 2.8


great lens


I think this a great sized lens if this was the only one you would get. auto focus and manual work nicely, so does the v/r reduction. very good glass. I have not found anything bad about it, would recommend it to anyone

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Lens for Grandson


I bought this used lens for my grandson. I gave him my old Nikon D80 camera and am teaching him how to use Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and ISO in various scenes to get great resulting images. The Nikon 18-105mm VR lens gives him a wide range of focal lengths and is sharp throughout the range. The image stabilization also helps reduce image blur. I've taken him out for some early morning sunrise shots in the mountains. He has enthusiastically blurted out, "Grandpa I've never seen anything as beautiful as this!" All because of a used camera, a great used lens, and a little teaching from grandpa.




This new came with my D7000 in November, 2012. Worked ok until last week, when the lens unexpectedly fell out of the camera during a morning sunrise shoot. The lens mount is plastic, and the top prong simply broke off. The lens is very, very front heavy to begin with, and zooming out apparently places even more stress on the brittle plastic mount. The cheap, brittle plastic mount broke simply because it is too weak to hold this front-heavy beast. It is a kit lens so what can one expect, but that's no excuse for Nikon's flawed design and flimsy construction. At the current price, this lens is NOT worth the money. I cannot recommend this lens to a friend.


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Questions about this item:

Shopper  Is it compatible with D3100?
THOMAS C  Yes, it should. Any digital Nikon lens should fit any Nikon digital camera. The lens mount on Nikon's hasn't changed in the last 20 years so the mount will always be the same. However, of course, you have to be careful of compatibility, auto focus, zoom, etc. In this case since the lens is digital and the camera is digital there should not be a problem. Since I don't have a D3100 and can only say it "should", I went to some reviews on B&P Photo's web page of reviews on the lens. There were 249 reviews. I did a search for D3100 and the found the following review. FROM B&P Photo web page "I would buy this product again By Luckylu from NY About Me Photography Student Verified Buyer I used this lens with my D3100 in weddings, sweet sixteen parties. It s has great auto FÖCUS . I have a 18-55 and a 70-200 and I constantly had to change lens but I can do a Lot of stuff without changing lens with this one. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend Was this review helpful? Yes / No You may also flag this review" I hope this helps and good luck with the lens
debra o  will this cause vignetting in my D700? NOT 7000 ) 700....or is it ok?
KYLE M  I shoot with a D300s and I get no vignetting when using this lens, I'm not sure if it would be different with the D700 though
Shopper  is it compatable with nikon D9?
THOMAS C  I do not know for sure, but I have used Nikon's almost exclusively over the last 25 years and I have never found a Nikon lens to be incompatible with a Nikon camera. I have lenses from 20 years ago when I was shooting film that still fit on my Nikon D70. Nikon hasn't changed their mounts in years so I can't believe there would be an incompatibility problem. The one good thing about Nikon (and Pentax for that matter) is that they rarely change their lens mounts. Although I have never used Canon, I understand that their mounts vary from camera to camera and can vary from year to year. Nikon's hasn't changed in the 25 years, at least, and they don't vary from model to model. I suspect that it is longer than 25 years but I know that hey haven't changed for at least 25 years.
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