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Nikon 18-300mm 2196: Picture 1 regular $996.95

About Nikon 18-300mm 2196

This Nikon 18-300mm 2196 Bundle comes with $14.95 worth of free accessories including a Vivitar 3-Piece 77mm UV/CPL/ND Filter Kit and Shipping is free!

Nikon's most powerful all-in-one zoom lens ever
If you want a single lens that can cover every imaginable shooting situation, from wide-angle groups to ultra-high-power zoom shots, look no further than the new AF-S DX NIKKOR 18 300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. Boasting the longest reach of any NIKKOR all-in-one zoom lens, it delivers the equivalent of 450mm enough reach to bring the most distant action up close. Nikon's second VR technology ensures every photo and HD video is razor-sharp, and Nikon's advancements in lens design deliver consistent, exceptional performance in any setting. It's also great for close-up shooting. Even more amazing, the AF-S NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR does all this in a surprisingly compact, lightweight lens.

The Nikon 18-300mm 2196 is commonly used for Family photos, Landscape/scenery, Low light, Sports/action, Travel, Weddings, Wildlife, Wildlife photos and more.The Nikon 18-300mm 2196 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Casual photographer, Photo enthusiast, Semi-pro photographer among others.The Nikon 18-300mm 2196 is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Nikon 18-300mm 2196: Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Easy to use, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Fast shutter speed, Good image quality, High ISO performance, Image stabilization, Nice bokeh, Quiet, Rugged and Strong construction

Nikon 18-300mm 2196 Features

  • Versatile, Ultra-High Power 16.7x Zoom Lens: Goes from wide-angle (27mm equivalent) all the way to super-telephoto (450mm equivalent) for maximum versatility and reach.
  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC): Enhances light transmission and offers superior color consistency and reduced flare.
  • Silent Wave Motor (SWM): A significant innovation in AF lens technology, Nikon's Silent Wave Motor uses ultrasonic (inaudible) vibrations - rather than a gear system - to focus the lens, providing incredibly smooth, silent and precise autofocus operation.
  • Internal Focus (IF): All internal optical movement is limited to the interior of the non-extending lens barrel. This allows for a more compact, lightweight construction as well as a closer focusing distance.
  • Zoom Lock Switch: Secures the lens barrel at its minimum focal length, preventing the lens from extending during transport.
  • Nikon VR II Image Stabilization: Tailored to each lens, enables handheld shooting at up to 4 shutter speeds slower than would otherwise be possible for dramatically sharper images and HD videos, even in low light.
  • M/A (Manual/Auto) focus mode switch: Select NIKKOR lenses have a focusing mode which allows switching from automatic to manual focusing with virtually no lag time by simply turning the focusing with virtually no lag time by simply turning the focusing ring on the lens.
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm: Renders a beautiful, natural background blur (Bokeh) at its wider aperture settings.

Nikon 18-300mm 2196 Specifications

Focal Length
18mm - 300mm (equivalent to a 27-450mm lens in 35mm format)
Format Compatibility: Nikon DX
Maximum aperture
f/3.5 - 5.6
Minimum aperture
f/22 - 32
Lens construction
19 elements in 14 groups (three Extra-low Dispersion Glass (ED) elements and three aspherical lens elements)
Picture angle
Angle of view (DX-format): 76°00' - 5°20'
Minimum focus range
1.48 ft /0.45 m
Attachment size
Dimensions (approx.)
3.3 x 4.7 in. / 83 x 120 mm
Weight (approx.)
28.6 oz./810 g)
Optional accessories
77mm screw-in filters
Mfr #

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Most Liked Positive Review


one size can't fit all--getting close.

Lens just arrived two days ago. Having fun trying it out, quite impressed so far. Probably too heavy to use as your walk around lens however what it losses in bulk it gains in versatility. I have a DX camera and the clarity at 300 mm is better than 55-300. Love this lens.


Most Liked Negative Review


Too heavy and bulky

I liked the lens, it was fast and had good focus acquisition. Unfortunately it was too heavy and bulky for my taste. I travel extensively, and it was too much to schlepp around with. Tamron has Nikon beat in this area, and I hope Nikon will re-tool the lens and come out with a smaller, lighter version.

Reviewed by 59 customers


Rugged lens


I needed a lens that would just about anything. This lens is about as close as it comes to being the 'one' lens that will cover most of the situations that I encounter. Granted, both ends of the zoom range show some distortion, but overall the performance is excellent. The lens is also very rugged. I dropped it on a concrete floor and smashed the filter. The lens still functioned even though the filter was crushed. The filter could not be removed so I sent it to Adorama to be repaired. They did a great job of removing the broken filter and checking out the lens. It works as well as new. I highly recommend the Adorama drop and spill coverage plan if you do any technical shooting. The focus is quick and accurate. Photos of race cars coming at me at 100+ mph were no problem. It is also capable of capturing even the most minute details on close up shots. A nice lens overall.


Awesome "All Around" Lens


This is a great lens for general photography. I bought this for traveling but find it to be my "go to" lens for just about everything but specialty work like macro photography, etc. Images are sharp and it is especially good for traveling when space is such a premium. This lens is often the only one I take and meets 90% of my needs. The drawbacks are weight and speed. It's not a light lens but compensates by not having to carry other focal lengths with me, and speed of focusing is generally not an issue except for uses like professional wildlife photography. Were it not the speed factor I would rate this lens 5 stars.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Just don't call it "kit"


Took me a long time to get used to the idea of a lens being useful at f3.5-4.5 after spending the 70's as a pro with prime lenses. Never a zoom! When I got my FX body it 'came' with the 24-85 and I was not excited. But I must admit this lens has greatly exceeded my expectations. It is sharp throughout the range and the VR gets me the faster shutter speed I need to off-set the missing f-stops. As a "walk around" lens it is perfect, light and quick to focus -- plus it is not huge. Granted it does not make up for fast glass, I still use my 50 f1.8 and my 105 f 2 when I need the super shallow depth-of-field or am in a low light environment. But as an optical tool for an old fool, I was shocked -- I am not going back to the 70s!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Highly versitle with superb focus range, reasonable size, and weight.


This is an incredibly useful and versatile lens for travel and general outdoor use. I could say that it is versatile enough that you might even consider having a dedicated camera body just for this lens. Normally I would not have bought this lens because of my dislikes about variable maximum aperture and absence of manual aperture ring (it being a "G" lens). Mine came as a kit lens deal with my D600. I figured, ok, I will try it once and sell it. However, after one trip with it on my D800 I was amazed at how well it performed and how versatile the lens proved to be. It has become a "go-to" lens for general travel and outdoor photography. Image quality is terrific. AF focus speed and accuracy are fine. Lens size and weight are big issues with me because I tend to carry a lot of gear (2 bodies, 6 or 7 lenses). I will tolerate carrying one large/ bulky lens in my kit (such as a favorite old manual 300mm or 400mm lens on a dedicated camera body) but I usually draw the line at that. I dislike carrying 2 bulky lenses at a time. That generally eliminates almost all AF zoom lenses. This one, however, hits the sweet spot in the areas of size, weight, and zoom range almost perfectly: not too large/heavy, easy to carry, extremely useful zoom range, easily fits in the camera bag. Dislikes (the reasons I did not rate this lens 5 stars): Variable maximum aperture. I always use manual or aperture priority. It bothers me to have the maximum aperture vary from 3.5 to 4.5 when I use lenses at or near their maximum aperture. I fully understand why variable max. aperture lenses exist, having designed some lenses myself. It is a "G" lens--no manual aperture ring. I guess that after 50+ years of using all-manual lenses, old habits die hard. But I am just not comfortable with the thumb-wheel aperture adjustment on the body instead of an aperture ring on the lens which lets me know by feel where the aperture is set. No backwards compatibility to my F, F2 or F3 film bodies (yes, I still use film regularly and love it). No depth of field (DOF) scale (as is true of all AF zoom lenses). I routinely use my MF lenses according to DOF or hyperfocal distance and do not depend on focus screen or electronic rangefinder. Makes life a lot easier. AF is not useful for my style of photography. Manual focus ring action is very nice but the ring is too narrow. Perhaps I am being unfair complaining about a "G" lens being a "G" lens, or a variable max. aperture lens being what it is. If that is so, and I admit it may well be, then I would have to say that if its features appeal to you, and my dislikes are of no concern, then the lens deserves a solid 5 star rating. Congratulations to Nikon.


Nikkor 24-85mm


I purchased the lens about a month ago and it has been my go to lens for that quick shot. Great focusing and superb clarity.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Very satisfied with the range of the len


Put it on my D7100 and have not taken it off. Had it in a dance hall great head shots of deancers even with on camera flash. Plan to use it to track some Eagles nesting in our area when the weather warms up.

(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Surprise Lens!


I picked up this lens after agonizing over another 24-70 f2.8 or the 24-120 f4. The lens goes on my D800e and I had my doubts as to how sharp the thing would be. Now that I have been using it for a while my doubts have faded away and I am really pretty happy with the lens. I do mostly nature of one type of another now and as a retired Commercial Photographer am pretty picky with how lenses (especially zoom lenses) perform. Being a old guy I am by definition "Old School". Used nothing but primes and medium and large format for years. But after having a 24-70 and and several others lately I am putting my faith in the zooms a bit more. Digital, aside from putting me out of work, opens up a whole field of possibilities. And with the advances of Photo Shop and Light Room as well as the Niff or Raw format, you have the freedom and the ability to use the zooms to great advantage. This zoom with its almost ideal range is a great go to lens when you don't want to carry a bunch of equipment around. The VR is useful and even this old codger is leaving the tripod in the SUV and taking the monopod instead. I shoot the D800e as if it were a 4x5 I may not make a print bigger than 16x20 but I like knowing that the ability is there for much bigger. This lens at around 5.6 -f8 is very capable of knocking out such prints. My hat's off to Nikon for making such wonderful equipment and making my retirement such a joy. The portability this lens affords makes getting there all that much easer. Because you have to go where the pictures are then the pictures will come to you.


Great walk around lens


I bought this lens, refurbished, to use with my new D610 as a general walk around lens. I have had it less than a month, but am very impressed with the sharpness and focusing speed. 24-85mm is the perfect range for street photography, candid portraits, and basic landscapes. I would recommend this lens for any photographer looking for a budget friendly walk around lens.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Good lens


Cropping makes things blurry otherwise nice to have to carry only one lens

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Clarity is amazing


Even hand held at 300 I got the sharpest image with the in lens stabilization system. No blurring on the edges. Fit with the D7100 is works great


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Questions about this item:

David W  I still shoot with my old Nikon D3000. I am looking to buy a lens I can use with a D7100 when I upgrade. I know this is a DX lens and the D3000 is a DX camera, it should work correct?
BILL G  I use the 18-300 on the D7100 and it works very well.
David W  Do you think it will improve my images on my D3000 until I can upgrade? I am sure te glass will be a big improvement over the kit lenses.
gregory A  Do you take trade ins of Nikon lenses?
DAMODAR K  Yes they do. I traded my Nikon 18-200 for the 18-300, and this is pretty much the only lens I use, other than my Tokina 11-16 occasionally. Hope this answers your question..
gregory A  yes thank you. will keep 18-200 for my D70,( my daughter uses the D70) and trade 55-300 and possibly 28-200 both nikon for 18-300
Ahmad H  Do we yet have an answer to the question about the mount style? Plastic or metal?
Georgina B  Will this lens work on my Nikon D3100?
ARTHUR L  Yes, but it may feel a bit big and heavy.
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