Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX (VR) Vibration Reduction Lens F/DSLR Cameras - Refurbished by Nikon U.S.A.

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About Nikon 18-55mm

The AF-S DX-NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR, a lens featuring a built-in Silent Wave Motor and Vibration Reduction (VR). The AF-S DX-NIKKOR 18- 55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR is an affordable, and compact, 3x zoom lens with amazing versatility. This new lens will provide enhanced shooting flexibility as the latest addition to the Nikon DX-NIKKOR lens lineup.

The Nikon 18-55mm is commonly used for General purpose, Landscape/scenery, Landscape photography, Low light, Macro photography, Night photography, Portraits, Sports/action, Travel, Video, Weddings, Wildlife photos and more.The Nikon 18-55mm is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Casual photographer, Enthusiast, Photo enthusiast, Pro photographer, Semi-professional, Semi-pro photographer among others.The Nikon 18-55mm is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Nikon 18-55mm: Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight, Nice bokeh, Rugged and Strong construction

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Fast / accurate auto-focus (217),Lightweight (203),Easily interchangeable (154),Consistent output (150),Durable (67),Strong construction (52),Rugged (29),Nice bokeh (23),Easy to clean (4),Quiet (4),Inexpensive (3),Sharp (3)
Weak casing (38),Poor in low light (32),Slow focus (24),Plastic mount (6),Blurry focus (3)
Best Uses:
Landscape/scenery (147),Weddings (65),Low light (55),Wildlife photos (49),Sports/action (45),General purpose (44),Night photography (35),Macro photography (30),Portraits (24),Travel (24),Landscape photography (16),Video (7) All purpose photography (4),Special effects (3) View All
Reviewer Profile:
Photo enthusiast (117),Casual photographer (54),Semi-pro photographer (32),Enthusiast (20),Pro photographer (9),Semi-professional (9),Casual user (4),Photography student (4)

Nikon 18-55mm Features

  • 3x zoom lens covering the most frequently used focal range of 18 to 55mm (picture angle is equivalent to focal length from 27 to 82.5mm in Nikon FX or 35mm format)
  • Vibration Reduction enables sharper pictures while shooting at shutter speeds upto three stops slower than would otherwise be possible
  • Optical design, optimized for use with Nikon digital SLRs for superior performance
  • Hybrid aspherical lens element minimizes various types of lens aberration
  • High-performance Nikon Super Integrated Coating offers superior color reproduction, while substantially reducing ghosting and flare
  • Nikon's exclusive Silent Wave Motor ensures fast, quiet, autofocus operation
  • Rounded seven-blade diaphragm opening makes out-of-focus elements appear more natural
  • 0.28m/0.9 ft. closest focusing distance throughout the entire zoom range
  • Comfortable lens barrel features rugged construction; separate zoom and focusingrings provide the smooth operation preferred by professionals

Nikon 18-55mm Specifications

11 elements in 8 groups (with 1 aspherical lens element)
Camera Mount Type
Nikon F
Format Compatibility
Nikon DX
FX in DX Crop Mode
Note: DX lenses are not recommended for use with "full-frame" digital or 35mm film SLR cameras
Angle of view
76 degrees (@18mm) to 28 degrees, 50 minutes (@55mm)
F stop range
Maximum Aperture: f/3.5-5.6
Minimum Aperture: f/22-36
Closest Focusing Distance
0.28m (11.4 inches) throughout the entire zoom range
Maximum Magnification
Filter Size
Dimensions (Length x Diameter)
Approx. 73mm x 79.5mm long (2.9 in. x 3.1 in.)
Approx. 265g (9.3 oz.)
Mfr #
2176 B

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Most Liked Positive Review


Pro sharpness at a low cost.

There isn't much this little lens can't do. It works perfectly. For under $200 this could be the only lens you ever need. The optics in this lens let it perform like a pro lens. It is very sharp. It's not a super fast focusing lens, but it is dead on. Never have had a problem and I've taken around 5,000 shots with it and counting. At 18mm and f3.5 you don't really need the VR. But it is nice if you find yourself in low light with out a tripod. I found it will give you about three stops of lig

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There isn't much this little lens can't do. It works perfectly. For under $200 this could be the only lens you ever need. The optics in this lens let it perform like a pro lens. It is very sharp. It's not a super fast focusing lens, but it is dead on. Never have had a problem and I've taken around 5,000 shots with it and counting. At 18mm and f3.5 you don't really need the VR. But it is nice if you find yourself in low light with out a tripod. I found it will give you about three stops of light. If your looking for a great low cost lens then don't pass this one up. It can easily keep up with lenses that cost five times as much. But don't take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.


Most Liked Negative Review


Nice Lense

This was my first lense, i liked it.. never find any difficulty with this refurbished product... Hope it gives me same output everytime in future as well... wish me luck.. ;)

Reviewed by 334 customers


great works for me


from Undisclosed

Love this new lens, great lens for a beginner like me

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Good for close-ups


from Memphis

I bought the 18-55 for shooting close-ups of flowers and such. I know it's not a 1:1 macro, but the approximately 1:3 ratio works great for me. I shoot with a tripod and use a shutter release on the camera to ensure I don't have any movement on my part, and having a zoom lets me adjust my framing without having to physically move the camera and tripod. Since I use a tripod I turn the Vibration Reduction (VR) off. I use both the autofocus and manual focus, and don't find flipping the A-M switch that big of a chore. Granted it's not as slick as being able to simply override the autofocus as I can with my 80-400 that I use for wildlife, but at the price point it's hard to complain. One aspect of the lens I'm not too taken with is the focus ring itself. In order for the lens to retract to its compact closed or locked position, the focus ring is about the same diameter as the barrel, hence it's a little harder to use. It's right behind the hood thread, which is a larger diameter so my fingers automatically grip that. It does rotate freely and the zoom works freely also. Though I use the lens mostly for close-ups I have shot other things hand holding the camera. Both the autofocus and VR work well. My lens is so quiet I thought it was broken. I had to really listen to hear it do it's thing. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase.


Lens failed within 90 days of purchase


from Undisclosed

Auto-focus suddenly stopped working. I have had this lens less than 90 days. I know the AF-S DX 18-55mm lens is faulty because there are no problems using my Nikkor DX AFS 55-200 with my D3200. Now I have the hassle of filing a warranty claim and shipping the lens.


Decent beginner's lens.


from Lansdale, PA, USA

The lens was being used on a Nikon D80. I bought this to serve as an all around events gatherings, outdoor adventures, auction photos. The motor is a little noisy when focusing, and sometimes the VR jitters, but ultimately catches the focal point. I liked using a reverse mount macro lens ring with this lens. The lens was light-weight, fast, and the results were pretty clear. I sold it when I upgraded to the Nikon D800E, since I didn't want DX format photos anymore. My next purchase will be a Nikon VR II...probably the 70-200. I'm trying not to be a lens hoarder, so I'll only purchase one or two premium multi-task lenses from this point on.


Poor packaging


from WA  -  Photo Enthusiast

The lens was sent via flat envelope. Box with proper packing materials should have been used. The box was crumpled and torn and looks very old. The rear lens cap was non-Nikon product. The lens look like a return item and not new.


Wife loves it = I love it!


from Undisclosed

Ease of use and installing or removing was a click. Wanted DSLR that wife could learn on and I could enjoy using also. This has done every thing we wanted.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Useful lens


from Rochester, MN

I have been looking for a small DX wide-angle prime of decent quality for ages and had come close to buying the voigtlander 20mm several times. What kept dissuading me was its fiddly nature when mounting it, its cost and lack of AF. As an experiment I decided to try the new kit lens and keep it at its 18mm length for most uses. So far I have been very satisfied. Its resolving power may not be at the level of the 35mm and 50mm primes but as a lightweight general purpose and landscape lens producing prints up to 20'' by 30" it seems to be working well on my D7000.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Limited Use but Excellent Pictures


from Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

Slow lens but... I have this lens paired with a Nikon D3200. While the focal length is limiting at times I will not hold that against this lens rating since that problem is easily solved by purchasing other lenses. For an included lens this thing works great. Even if you flip it into auto mode and shoot away the pictures come out clean and crisp. The aperture of 3.5 does leave much to be desired in many situations. However, for what you can use this lens for, it does it very well. Let my sample images speak for themselves. I am new to photography with inexpensive budget equipment and I think the images look amazing. The VR works fairly well although I do not know the specifics or technicalities behind this feature. I do know that all the shots I shoot handheld come out sharp and clear. This lens does NOT blur the background the way that I would like for portraits so if you do a lot of that you will probably want to purchase the 35mm DX 1.8G lens. All in all however, for the price (or included in your kit) this lens allows you to capture most of your photographic ideas nicely. A great place to start. It usually takes a lot to impress me and I must say that I am impressed!

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)




from Santa Barbara, CA, USA

My initial impressions of this lens were very favourable. It seemed to be well made (for a plastic lens), and the sharpness of the images I got with it were very pleasing. The zoom ring worked well, with no trace of sloppiness at all. The range of the lens, from, effectively, 27mm wide angle, to 82.5 mm telephoto, was very useful (allowing for the cropping factor), enabling it to be used in a variety of conditions, and it was not too bulky, even when zoomed out to the 55 mm setting. Time, however, was not kind to this lens. Annoying issues became noticeable as the months passed. For example, I could never find a lens hood that didn't intrude at the edges of the image when the lens was used at the 18 mm setting. It meant I had to crop images a bit more than I wanted to. The other issue was the distortion in vertical lines at the wide angle setting. This would render things like trees, and the edges of tall buildings, with curved sides, and the images would not look good. Using the distortion correction option on the camera menu made little difference. The most unpleasant surprise came more or less one month after the year's warranty expired: the lens developed a “wobble,� in that the front element would move noticeably up and down when the zoom ring was used (and the zoom ring itself had become very stiff and jerky to use). This “wobble� could be seen as a distinct up and down movement through the viewfinder, as if somebody had nudged the camera. So, forget about using the zoom when taking video images, as this up and down movement would be too obvious. At first, the wobble didn't affect the operation of the lens, but after a couple of weeks the focus became worse, and in some conditions, such as low light, the lens hardly focussed at all. Some research on the Internet revealed this “wobble� was a common problem with this kit lens, being that it is made down to a price. My research also told me that getting the issue rectified would not be easy. Some owners reported a six to eight week delay whilst the lens was with Nikon USA (and Nikon have now made it impossible to get your equipment repaired locally), and attempts to get any information were usually met with explanations like: “The item is held awaiting parts.� The deal breaker, as shown by Internet forum comments, was that the price of out-of-warranty repair was such that it was far cheaper to look online for a replacement lens. I have to ask, what is the point of making this lens of such cheap quality that it is only going to last you about a year? I should point out that I am neither a professional photographer, nor a “prosumer� snapper (whatever that means!). No, I am not anything other than a weekend photographer, so I hardly think I subject my lenses to overly rough treatment or excessive use. I honestly expected this lens to perform flawlessly for a lot longer than just over twelve months. Then again, I have read forum posts by photographers who have subjected their 18mm-55mm lens to far more use than I have, and it has failed in less than a year. In one case, a user reported about how the whole front element of the lens fell out whilst he was using it. Would I recommend this lens? No! Most definitely not! I would recommend that people purchase the camera body only, and then pay the extra for a different lens to the 18mm-55mm. My recommendation would be to go for the 18mm-105mm lens. The extra cost would be worth it. Also, the extended range of this lens would come in very handy. It would be far more useful to you in a whole range of photographic applications than the 18mm-55mm. Yes, the 18mm-105mm is just another plastic lens, but, hopefully, the build quality is that much better, so you would get more use out of it before it, too, exhibited the dreaded “wobble.�


Great Lens


from Undisclosed

The lens came with the camera and I've really enjoyed the wide angle view the lens provides along with the easy use of the VR feature.


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Questions about this item:

sar-bear s  Does this lens have an automatic/manual switch?
HOPE A  Not on the lens, but the camera body allows for you to choose between automatic and manual focus and the lens will adjust.
sar-bear s  Does this lens have an automatic/manual switch?
HOPE A  Not on the lens, but the camera body allows for you to choose between automatic and manual focus and the lens will adjust.
Shopper  Is this lens compatible with a D80?
DAVID H  Yes it is compatible with all Nikon digital SLR cameras with DX sized sensors. So that includes the D80, I myself use the lens with a D70 and a D90.
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