Nikon F6 Focusing Screen Type A: Matte Fresnel field with split-image rangefinder and microprism collar.

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Reviewed by 16 customers


Nikon F6 - some points of interest


from Mesa, AZ  -  Photo Enthusiast

The Nikon F6 is a highly engineered 35mm film camera designed for the current crop of enthusiasts wanting the very best in modern technology. I won't go into any of its specifications, which are easily found at its listing at camera store websites. (Suffice it to say this product has many unique and impressive engineering design features.) There are, however, some features of note with this camera, so a user really should fully read and understand the manual. {HINT: F6 Manual viewable at the Nikon site.} Some features are desirable in general to be aware of, and others could get you into trouble if you are not careful. One feature you can switch 'ON' is to imprint data of various formats onto the film leader, inside the photo itself, or in the narrow gap between film frames. I fail to see why anyone would want to use the imprint feature outside of possibly some forensics lab use. Film strips that get cut into shorter strips by processors will cut through imprints between frames. This information will certainly be covered up on a mounted slide too. But, the F6 itself has a built in downloadable memory that stores your shooting data anyway, making the imprint feature 'somewhat moot.' Additionally, imprint implementation will also slow the camera's operation should you wish to use it in a high speed 8 fps mode. A second feature is you can set the camera into an auto-rewind feature to leave several inches of the film leader outside the cartridge. This can present the danger that when you open the camera back and remove the cartridge, it is possible when handling the film that the leader tip could suddenly snap against or drag into the shutter and cause major damage. (That extended-leader feature would be used of you want to rewind and later use remaining shots on the roll.) All it would take on your part to ruin the shutter is to mess up just once mishandling the extended leader. You can, though, set the camera for full rewind (film winds entirely into the cartridge) OR turn 'OFF' auto-rewind and manually rewind the film to a point with the leader tip JUST outside the cartridge if you should so wish. (You would have to experiment to determine how many full and partial rewind knob rotations are required to get the desired film length after you feel the film's release from the take-up spool.) A third issue, as with all Nikon and Canon 35mm SLR's, DSLR's and shoe-mount Flashes' "ergonomics" of today, is the got-dang on-off switch of the F6 is very low profile and difficult to locate and operate. Maybe it is just my own personal issue, but this has aggravated me for many years now with models from Nikon and Canon. Grrrr! My finger can just never seem to find the switch on these items! A fourth minor issue is the viewfinder provides you with views covering 100% instead of the 'normal' 93-95 or so percent that seems to prevail as the norm in most cameras. This means that when you wish to make a shot you need to be cognizant of the fact that a portion of your final shot could be 'cut off' due to the size of what you are viewing. You will need to 'shrink' your shot before taking it by moving further back from your subject (or zooming out a bit with a zoom lens) to get more of the actual shot onto the 'viewable area' of final-mounted slide film. Since I rarely shoot other than slide film, I printed a small caution label that says "100% FINDER" and taped it with clear packing tape to the flip-down door on the camera back. This constantly reminds me to watch the subject size when I make photo's so as to not end up with cut off areas on my final slides. Nikon could have at least come up with a photo-size-related rectangular area scale in the viewfinder on this high-tech camera. Finally, be aware that if you intend to use the 8 fps feature, you will need to add either the MB-40 grip ($350) with AA's, OR the BL-3 ($35) battery accessory 'cover' (along with the extra cost for battery and charger) and EN-EL4a battery. {The BL-3 cover 'clips' directly onto the EN-EL4a battery, creating a "battery-and-cover" assembly that fits into the MB-40 in place of its normally-supplied AA-cell battery tray.} NOTE: The BL-3 has a locking tab for attaching to the battery. This locking tab is NOT identified nor explained in the BL-3 instructions NOR at the BL-3 listing at the Nikon site. Something Nikon overlooked! Be aware that the F6 will NOT do 8 fps with its normal complement of CR123 batteries (5.5 fps.) This posting is NOT made with the intent at all to slander this very finely made piece of 35mm engineering; in fact it is made to assist potential buyers with a furthering of their pre-purchase knowledge base. The F6 is truly an engineering marvel and one of the great 35mm cameras of all time. GET ONE and aid in furthering the continuation and personal satisfaction of film photography. Film, by the way, is NOT going away. Trust me. I know stuff and so do the real experts.

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Finally replace my F4


from Newport, RI, USA

I've been using a D2hs for awhile and my F4 had an issue that I could not justify fixing. Never liked the F5 but the F6 was great from the first time I had it in my hands. I guess I got use to the D2 interface and it allowed me to use the F6 without thinking. Love the AF speed and the metering over the older F4. I still like the look of real B&W Tri-X film and this camera works better than any other film camera I've own. I hope it out lasts me. I've now updated my digital to the D3s and the F6 for my B&W stuff is a nice combo. I'll never give up film completely. The only thing I would recommend is get the MB-40 it really need the power boost. When using a VR lens it's a must in my opinnion.

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Great overall film camera!


from Miami, FL, USA

I use this camera to capture all the moments on our family vacations. I'm been really impressed with everything it can do!

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Get it while you can


from Fort Collins, Colorado

Shooting a film camera today still has meaning. It’s not only worth doing but a good thing to do. Smart. What makes 35mm film special is the quality vs. portability matrix - and of course the fact that it's analog, not digital. The Nikon F6 is the superb culmination of so many years of Nikon innovation in one, jaw-dropping, drop-dead perfect 35mm film camera; a final exclamation mark by the authors of photographic exclamation. I bought my F6 new in August of 2008 just before leaving for a photo trip to Zion National Park. Really more just to have one, in case it was their last. But after reading up on it, running a few rolls of film through it and seeing the results I realized this was no camera to sit on a shelf gathering dust as a collector's item. Rather, an instrument of precision and perfection to be exercised, pushed to the limits; a weapon against the ordinary; a domineering force of photographic nature born to destroy the bell-curve of "good enough" with every release of the refined, Kevlar focal plane shutter. The Nikon F6 is the visual can-opener to life, exposing to those willing to venture its deep technical capabilities exploration of things in a way never before possible with 35mm film. Fast-shooting and nimble, the Nikon F6 was built with a strong pre-disposition to seize the moment. It's an incredibly sophisticated film camera - beyond what most people realize, employing the latest digital technologies: incredible Matrix metering, superb auto focus and electronic sophistication including advanced CLS flash capabilities, a rear LCD and programmable Custom Settings Menu built right into the camera - all in a highly refined, tight, durable, rugged yet elegant package employing Nikon’s unmatched expertise in creating something you just want to hold. The process of photography bares more examination, more attention, than it receives today. Back in the day, photography was pondered; studied; explored. What digital photography is producing is an overwhelming volume of meaningless, throw-away images shot millions of times a day, resulting in the notion of a photograph being "special" as incomprehensible. But photographs are special. They do warrant attention, study, examination and excellence in approach. The Nikon F6, like intervention from trusted friends, is the tool to ween the digital proliferator and with a fine, gloved hand, usher the discerning photographer back to appreciating the value of unique images. Hop off that relentless, speeding train of “technological progress� always apparently late for something - and take a close look at the Nikon F6. Film isn't dead, folks. It just needed a new champion to help take it to the next level. That champion is the NIkon F6.

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Awesome Camera


from Brooklyn, NY

This camera is great in every way. Exposure, focus, feel, all good.

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from Undisclosed

This is a fantastic camera. I'm glad that as a non-professional, deadlines and profit margins are unimportant to my photography and that I have the luxury of spending my time and money shooting film. I've shot 35mm film for over 20 years and the F6 was the first 'new' camera I had ever bought. I'm glad I did and I hope Nikon keep turning them out so that others can continue to enjoy the sublime experience of photography with an F6.

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I love digital capabilities but...


from NYC US

I hope the superb F6 is not the last film camera. I travel a lot, and there have been environmental factors (for example extreme cold and humidity) when analog media have been invaluable. There are also images that cannot be replaced so the archival value of film is still unsurpassed and can be viewed like paintings, without any ever-changing devices. There is also the 'feel' which cinematographers will tell you about. I used the unsurpassed but larger F5. The F6 is smaller. My only wish is that the classic F-F5 interchangeable finder had been retained on the F6 as you can't flip out a viewing screen to view from overhead or ants view on a film camera. The D/C'd super compact FM3a which has complete battery-less mechanical ops is my other film camera. Unfortunately the f/ rings have been removed from G lenses limiting it's and all other F's use. In spite of this lapse in Nikon non-obsolescence, these cameras just aren't available with other brands, making Nikon unique.

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the best 35mm film camera


from USA

Nikon F6 is the world's best 35 mm film camera. I don't know if there will be any F7 or not but as of this date there's no film camera in the market that can provide such an accurate metering under extremely contrasty lighting, compatibility with the older lenses, iTTL compatibility with the nikon CLS..the list can go on and on. The point is you get all this in a very ergonomic, weather proofed package that can still justify shooting film in this day and age.

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from Undisclosed

Nikon F6 is the best camera I've ever used, probably the best one ever made in human history! I've used many flagship class cameras including both film and digital, but no one can bear comparison with Nikon F6! Focus speed, Metering, ergonomics, even shutter sound, everything is just incredibly perfect! If there could be only one camera in your life, choose Nikon F6, and you wont regret for it!

(17 of 36 customers found this review helpful)


Film Camera +++


from Fairbanks, Alaska

This camera is my favorite - and film offers much better resolution than digital. I also have several D3 cameras which I also use.


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Questions about this item:

Shopper  Is it compatible with D7100??
WILLIAM L  After going to Nikon's USA website and looking around, I am 99.9% certain that this F6 Focusing Screen will only work in the F6 Body. I am also 99.9% certain that the D7100 does not accept any other focusing screens.
Shopper  is this screen compatible with the D300?
WILLIAM L  I do not think that it is compatible. Neither the D300 brochure or the owners manual make any mention of optional focusing screens of any type being available. While it physically might fit the D300, (though I am not sure), the F6 type A screen doesn't have the 51 focusing points that the standard D300 screen has. I would not try combination.
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