LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Software Version 6.0 with IT-8 Calibration for Nikon LS-50-ED Coolscan, Coolscan V ED Film Scanner

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About LaserSoft Imaging SILVERFAST

SilverFast Ai6, the award-winning scan- and imaging software, adds significant highlights to an already powerful set of features to the previous version 5.5. Whether you are a professional or a novice user, the QuickTime movie demonstration of each new highlight, makes it much easier to quickly understand and use the new SilverFast 6.

Already there is a growing world-wide community of SilverFast users that share their ideas and help each other in our free SilverFast Forum. The forum allows everyone to take advantage of the full potential of SilverFast.

LaserSoft Imaging SILVERFAST Features

  • Just press a button and the plugin will automatically judge how much contrast adjustment is requiredto get to your brilliant image. Just a slight contrast adjustment from SilverFast will really bring the image to the right level of quality; without any tough control adjustment.
  • SilverFast introduces software-based dust and scratch removal. SilverFast SRD isusing unique normal and expert users controls that allow you to adjust the user interface to different requirements. A real-time window selection helps to quickly find the optimum settings for the SRD controls.
  • SilverFast's dust and scratch removal has been integrated into the actual scan software workflow and can be used during the scan process. Aside from SilverFastAi, the SRD process is also available in SilverFast HDR and can be applied to raw data.
  • Dust and scratches are recognized by SilverFast SRD highlighting the artifacts in red. With interactive controls the user can now decrease or increase how manyartifacts will be picked up by the function.
  • The real-time selection control helps to quickly find the best possible setting.Any image details that might be affected by SRD can comfortably be excluded withan exclude-mask.
  • Very difficult scratches that cannot be removed by a general setting, can be treated in another layer and successfully be removed. Up to four layers are available for SRD.
  • SilverFast SRD® is a highly adjustable and configurable equivalent of DIGITAL ICE Technology by Kodak's Austin Development Center, formerly Applied Science Fiction.
  • The new Selective Colour Correction has up to four layers where each layer can have its own independent colour correction with masking. 4 objects of the same colour can now all become different colours. This will enable you to achieve complex colour corrections very easily.
  • Selective Colour Correction is a vital function of colour reproduction. The new Selective Colour Correction adds significant sophistication to the function without making the process more complex. Just click onto the colour you want to correct and SilverFast will automatically recognize the colour.
  • You then use the controls to correct accordingly. Add layers and masks if you want to correct objects that have the same colour but must be corrected differently.
  • With a special function (Mask Edge Size under Option) you can even control the degree of a fading effect to the edges of the mask.
  • SilverFast ACR is part of the Selective Colour Correction dialog. A checkbox will enable this function to bring back faded out colours or normalize over-saturated colours. A slider will give additional individual control to increase or decrease colour saturation.
  • Adaptive Colour Restoration nicely brings back the faded out colours or weak colours with an automatic function. The function's strength can be controlled with a slider. Also too much saturation can be normalized or decreased.
  • ACR can also be used in conjunction with Selective Colour Correction. Any setting that has been chosen can now be influenced with the ACR function (e.g.if you have chosen your corrections but want more or less saturation), just use the ACR slider. The relation, between the colour as defined by your Selective Colour Corrections setting,will be kept
  • SilverFast ACR® is a highly adjustable and configurable equivalent of DIGITAL ROC Technology by Kodak's Austin Development Center, formerly Applied Science Fiction.
  • Selective Colour to Grey is a unique feature to enable the controlled conversionfrom colours to grey. With direct control of the primary and secondary colours into shades of grey gives publishers the ability to clearly distinguish adjacentshades of grey.
  • In magazines and newspapers very often a grey image does not turn out to have very detailed shades.Because of this the clear differentiation that existed in the original colour image, has been lost in the conversion process. SilverFast'sSC2G, Selective Colour to Grey, can maintain the grey shade differentiation by controlling the conversion process
  • For all six colours: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, the user can control into what shade of grey the colour will be converted. Since the whole process is interactively monitoring the final grey image, the user quickly achieves the desired result.
  • The reduction of grain and noise can be controlled in a before and after preview with respect to the final image. This substantially reduces artifacts from noise or film grain.
  • Grain is becoming visible at higher resolutions with high speed film in the scanning process. The SilverFast GANE filter allows you to influence the strength of this function in three easy steps. In addition you can use a slider for fine tuning. Noise elimination will be more relevant for older scanners and digital cameras
  • SilverFast GANE® is a highly adjustable and configurable equivalent of DIGITAL GEM Technology by Kodak's Austin Development Center, formerly Applied Science Fiction.
  • Colour casts resulting from mixed light conditions can now comfortably be eliminated. Up to 4 neutral points can be set, and by means of a special dialog neutral density values can be edited.
  • This powerful tool can be used by just clicking onto the affected area. For finetuning double-clicking onto the tool brings up an Expert-dialog with edit fieldsshowing the before and after RGB or CMY values. These values can then be changed as desired. This way very subtle cast corrections can be achieved.
  • SilverFast can now be operated by its own Stand-Alone application in addition tothe existing Photoshop and Twain Plug-in. The advantage of the SF Launcher is the small memory requirement (only 2-4 MB) and the significantly faster loading of the application.
  • SilverFast's Stand-Alone application SF Launcher brings total independence to SilverFast. Working under Mac and PC, the user does not need any other application to work in conjunction with any SilverFast version: SilverFast Ai, SilverFast HDR, SilverFast DC or SilverFast PhotoCD.
  • SilverFast is the first imaging software to supply Quicktime Tutorial Movies with sound as online training. In addition each dialog of SilverFast has its owndedicated Quicktime movie built in. The user can instantly understand and know how to operate the function exemplified by the movie. Sophisticated software hasnever been easier to use.
  • Users of Windows OS can download and install QuickTime from Apple Computer's website:
  • In case you have downloaded an update or a new SilverFast version from the web you might not have the latest manuals or you did not have a movie installer at all. The link above will get you to the required download page.
  • HiRePP ­ unique productivity with SilverFast Ai and HDR enable fastest image loading and processing for large image files.
  • SilverFast has optional IT8 calibration which allows the user to generate ICC color profiles on any scanner supported by SilverFast. Using this feature, you can calibrate your scanner using a standard color target which LaserSoft Imagingsupplies to you.
  • SilverFast will not only generate a profile, it will also generate its own internal calibration based on the target. This allows enhanced color accuracy onany scanner!
  • NegaFix® - New in Version 5.5 Adjust and process any negative for optimum results with ability to create your own negative profiles (120+ profiles already contained).
  • Multiple Densitometer The ability to display up to 4 densitometers is now possible with SilverFast 5. This allows 4 unique measurements of the image to be displayed simultaneously.
  • Job Management This is a wonderful time saving utility that allows the user to have a Job Overview of all of the images being worked on. This way, a batch scan-process can be achieved, saving the user a lot of time and erroneous repetitive labor that should be done by a computer.
  • This function can even be used with SilverFast HDR, which allows the user to enhance and/or change image parameters (dpi, color model, etc.) on files that are already in the hard drive. Thanks to HDR, a scanner isn't required, therefore you can use images that were previously scanned or from the web, etc. Job Manager is now included
  • Real Time Processing With version 5 of SilverFast, all image manipulations such as gradation, global and selective color corrections are applied by a slider control. This control updates the image in real time as the user drags the mouse. This is of particular advantage in color processing, tonal values and gradation correction.
  • Image-Type Pre-Selection (for Automatic Ai) Ai stands for Artificial Intelligence. All versions of SilverFast have this capability. At a click of a button, SilverFast's automatic image enhance button can optimize your image.
  • With image type pre-selection, the intelligence of SilverFast's automatic image can be perfectly accommodated to different motives of the image (i.e. a sunset).SilverFast now features a new contrast enhancement option.
  • SilverFast 5 allows the preview image to match the final image in Photoshop. There is no color drift thanks to the color management system of SilverFast. Youcan simply set SilverFast to keep its working space identical to Photoshop's. You can even embed the working color profile into Photoshop.
  • Now with intelligent recognition of the colors and extended effective range, just click onto the color you want to correct and SilverFast will distinguish itfrom others to allow only the specified color to be changed. Masking is also possible, allowing designated areas of the image to be affected by the correction via a lasso tool.
  • Sharpness functions have been optimized so that high-end sharpness quality (Super-Sharpness) is gained. For the first time, the Unsharp-Masking-Preview allows the sharpness of the final scan to be monitored. This guarantees the userto get a maximum of professional sharpness without trial and error.
  • Using ICC-Profiles for the scanner, monitor and printer, and the capability to embed color profiles into your final scans, SilverFast enables professional color accuracy using the latest OS technologies. Rendering intent is another option, giving you control on how your profiles are applied to the image. This can be further enhanced using IT-8
  • A pioneer development from LaserSoft Imaging enables the scanner preview in SilverFast to correspond 1:1 with the CMYK-preview in PhotoShop 4.0/5.0/5.5 - that's sensational - making production of perfect color-printing as easy as ever! With this break-through, LaserSoft Imaging enables color reproduction through Plug&Play CMYK for everyone!
  • SilverFast 5 now supports a total of 4 file output formats: TIFF, EPSF, DCS, andJPEG. You have the choice of either scanning or batch scanning directly into these file formats, bypassing Photoshop completely.
  • By scanning into the CIE-LAB-format, SilverFast already aims at the future device independent color - with PostScript Level 3 CIE-LAB, data will be automatically separated inside the RIP.

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