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About Tamron 28-300mm

The AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC covers everything from wide-angle to telephoto and macro. Tamron has incorporated a Vibration Compensator an anti-shake mechanism developed by Tamron into this highly versatile zoom lens.

The new AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC LD Aspherical (IF) MACRO zoom lens offers the convenience, comfort and versatility of a high power zoom lens and the capability to reduce hand-shake blur on DSLR cameras using either APS-C size or full-size format imagers.

When the AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC is used with a full-size format SLR camera, it covers a tremendous focal length range from 28mm in wide angle to 300mm ultra telephoto. When mounted on a DSLR with an APS-C sized imager, the lens covers a 43mm wide angle to 465mm ultra telephoto(*) (full size format equivalent, in a diagonal angle of view of 5°20').

The proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) mechanism developed by Tamron features a triaxial configuration using three pairs of driving coils and slide balls around the compensator group of the lens' optical system. Since the compensator lenses are supported with rolling friction of the balls, the response performance is enhanced and the construction is simple, which results in the compactness of the lens. The lens incorporates a highly accurate gyro sensor for detecting hand-shake, which, combined with a 32-bitRISC CPU, offers comfortable anti-vibration effects.

Outstanding Design Realizing High Zoom Power, VC Mechanism and Compactness
The AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.5 XR Di VC integrates optical technologies that Tamron has accumulated as the pioneer and leader of high power zoom lenses in order to realize the desired compactness even while incorporating the VC mechanism. The optical system uses a number of lens elements made from special optical glass materials including XR (high refraction index) glass elements, GM (glass-molded) elements, hybrid aspherical elements, LD (low dispersion) glass elements to compensate for on-axis and lateral chromatic aberrations and AD (anomalous dispersion) glass element. The lens offers high contrast, high resolution performance and flatness of the image field as a one-does-it-all zoom lens designed to match the characteristics of DSLR cameras.

Revolutionary MFD of 19.3" (0.49m) Throughout Zoom Range Provides 1:3 Macro Magnification Ratio
The AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC MACRO boasts an MFD (minimum focusing distance) of 19.3" (0.49m) over the entire zoom range, a top-class close focusing capability among high power zoom lenses for full-size format SLR cameras, which provides the remarkable maximum macro magnification ratio of 1:3 at the 300mm telephoto end.

The Tamron 28-300mm is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Photo enthusiast among others.The Tamron 28-300mm is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Tamron 28-300mm: Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight and Strong construction

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Lightweight (44),Fast / accurate auto-focus (36),Consistent output (34),Easily interchangeable (32),Durable (29),Strong construction (25),Rugged (16),Nice bokeh (10)
Lens creep (16),Slow focus (14),Poor in low light (8),Blurry focus (5),Heavy (4)
Best Uses:
Landscape/scenery (35),Wildlife photos (27),Sports/action (24),Weddings (16),General purpose (11),Portraits (9),Travel (8),Night photography (8),Low light (7),Video (6),Landscape photography (5),Macro photography (5) Wildlife (4) View All
Reviewer Profile:
Photo enthusiast (28),Semi-pro photographer (14),Enthusiast (8),Semi-professional (5),Photography student (3),Pro photographer (3)

Tamron 28-300mm Features

  • VC (Vibration Compensation) Mechanism Reduces Hand-shake
  • Ultra Telephoto Capability to 465mm*
    *when converted to 35mm format
  • Remarkably Compact (just 15.4oz; less than 4" long)actness
  • Revolutionary MFD of 19.3" (0.49m) Throughout Zoom Range Provides 1:3 Macro Magnification Ratio
  • 1:3 Macro Magnification Ratio
  • Zoom Lock Mechanism for Enhanced Portability
  • Internal Surface Coatings Minimize Ghosting and Flare
  • Ultra-High Zoom Power, yet Lightweight and Compact Design Thanks to New Mechanical Devices

Tamron 28-300mm Specifications

18 elements / 13 groups
Angle of view
75°23'- 8 °15'
F stop range
F/3.5-6.3 / F/22 - F/40 (28mm - 300mm)
Closest Focusing Distance
0.49m (19.3") (entire zoom range)
Maximum Magnification
1:3 at 300mm
Filter Size
Dimensions (Length x Diameter)
3.9 x 3.06 in. (99 x 78mm)
550g (19.4oz)
Mfr #

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great VC, Clear Manual Focus

I bought this lens as a do everything lens for Nikon D700 and D3 cameras. None of my Nikon lenses cover this wide range of capabilities with an FX format camera. The Tamron macro and 28-300mm lens is a very light and compact lens with a wider zoom range than anything made by Nikon. It's amazing Tamron fit this much performance into a compact light package. While it can't compete build and quality wise with the Nikon lenses, it does an excellent job for what it was designed for and is an excel...

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I bought this lens as a do everything lens for Nikon D700 and D3 cameras. None of my Nikon lenses cover this wide range of capabilities with an FX format camera. The Tamron macro and 28-300mm lens is a very light and compact lens with a wider zoom range than anything made by Nikon. It's amazing Tamron fit this much performance into a compact light package. While it can't compete build and quality wise with the Nikon lenses, it does an excellent job for what it was designed for and is an excellent value. The zoom lock on the lens is great for travel. I use manual focus all the time with this lens and it's really sharp. The autofocus is slow compared to Nikons and sometimes hunts for the right focus but that is not an issue for me as I manually focus most of the time. The VC is excellent and actually works more effectively than the more expensive Nikon lenses I own. At 300mm it's rock solid. It's held up well during my travels with it. You do want to be careful with it due to it's light construction. I try to avoid banging it around. As a do everything lens on FX format Nikon cameras, I've been pleased with it's performance and the macro and 28mm to 300mm zoom range. On DX format cameras you get a 42mm to 450mm zoom range with excellent VC performance at 450mm. Most lenses are difficult to hold steady without a tripod at 300mm or 450mm but the Tamron 28-300mm lens does it with ease. This translates to better pictures. I wish Nikon made a lens with this range of capabilities for FX format cameras. When I'm traveling and don't want to haul a bag full of lenses for an FX format camera, this Tamron lens does a lot of jobs well. Any lens that covers macro and a wide zoom range has trade offs and cannot compete with specialty niche lenses. You expect that. I've been pleasantly surprised with how well this lens covers most situations. I've used this lens on a Nikon D40, D90, D300, D700 and D3 with good results. Some reviewers have had durability issues with this lens but I have had no problems.


Most Liked Negative Review


Returned after 2 days

returned this lens after 2 days,it was very hard to attach to camera,it was very slow to focus,might as well have had a cheap camera with slow shutter lag.

Reviewed by 67 customers


A really great lens.


from Foster City  -  Semi-pro Photographer

I have it mounted on my Sony A99 full frame camera and very seldom take it off to use another lens. The 28-300mm range means I can shot most anything most any time.


I have enjoyed using this zoom lens


from Centreville VA  -  Photo Enthusiast

I have used this lens for sports, family events and general walking around. I love the zoom range on a full frame body and the expanded zoom range with a cropped sensor lens. Initial quality testing looks good but I need to use the lens more to get a better feel for it's performance.


Good vacation lens


from Michigan  -  Photo Enthusiast

I like this lens. I got tired of the weight of taking multiple lenses on trips and having 2 bodies or having to do lens changes with 1. This is no L lens, but I got lots of great pictures with it on my Canon 6D. I did have to fix chromatic aberrations form high contrast situations, but fortunately, that is pretty easily done in Lightroom.


Really Nice Lens


from Lenexa, Ks

I have the 28-300 Canon L. I am a amateur so build quality is not of huge importance even though the tamrons is good. Image quality is very close to the same as far as I can tell. Weight and size are a huge advantage. This is a fun lens to use. I can now carry it everywhere without embarrassing my family with the huge white lens. I will probably be selling the Canon. I use it on a Canon 6D.

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A good quality super-zoom for full-frame


from Manchester NH

I use this lens with a Canon 6D. It is very well built, not like a L but really nice, while small and light. The lens looks just the right fit when mounted on the Canon 6D! Weakest focal length is 28mm: hazy at F3.5 then F5.6 much better, but you need F8 for sharp borders (F11 for corners). Then coverage improves with focal length, and around 70mm good image on all the field from F8, then the lens stays very sharp at 200mm near F8 as well. At 300mm you get a really huge amount of radial chromatic aberration which can be annoying on high contrast subjects, though once corrected in Lightroom or ACR final results are surprisingly good if not very good; images at F300mm F6.3 are somewhat usable but F8 is really where you want to be. Close focus is a really nice feature though focal length are much shorter then, unlike infinity where the field of view is what you expect. My sample seems to be very well centered on all the range, the extension happens without any play. Zoom ring is on the firm side and precise, focus ring is smooth to rotate... perfect. Stabilization works well but you have to get used to the image jumping down a tiny bit when you activate the lens. Also I had to enter AFMA corrections to get good focus results. I plotted in Excel all the AFMA corrections for all focal length and I could align data between 28 value and then 100-300 region, the 35 to 70 range had to be left a bit more front focus. In practice, I find the lens a pleasure to use despite both rings are inverted for a Canon user. Having a 10X+ zoom on a full-frame is really an exhilarating experience. I would recommend the lens to someone who will control focus (set AFMA and use LV for critical images), also control aperture to get best sharpness. Using RAW files is a must because some corrections will be needed. Distortion is a bit high at 28mm then after is less a problem, some corner vignette but Canon lenses can be worse. Colors are fine. Obtained images in real life can be surprisingly good. The lens works well for casual shot, focus speed is OK for my modest needs. For travel, I'll use it in combination with a 16-35mm L F4 IS and the 8-15mm fisheye. My 70-300 L will probably stay home because while it is a much better lens optically (obviously) post-processing magic will do with the Tamron. In conclusion I give 4 stars but realistically it is difficult to fault Tamron on that one. Yes the lens won't replace a Canon 24-70 L lens for image quality (no way) but this Tamron is a very challenging optical design to built which may explain the high cost! Used properly results can be very good.


Highest rated super zoom by DxOMark


from Texas  -  Photo Enthusiast

At least for the Canon 6D, this is the highest rated superzoom, higher even than the $2800 Canon superzoom. It's not super super sharp like the Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 II, which is the sharpest zoom I've ever seen, and one of the best lens I've ever used, period. But that lens required you to take along another zoom to get the full range, and if you are sight-seeing, you're wasting time, and eventually gonna drop a lens... :(( So, this is the best super zoom currently rated for the Canon 6D full frame. For crop sensor walking around, I'd rate the Sigma 18-250 as slightly better IQ, less vignette and warmer color.


Nice all around travel lens


from Albuquerque, NM  -  Photo Enthusiast

I use this one on hikes in the rugged hills north of home. One lens covers from relatively wide angle to telephoto. I use this on a full frame Canon and have not been disappointed yet. Would like image stabilization but get by with cranking up the ISO.


Nice all around fx lens


from Seymour, CT  -  Photo Enthusiast

I love that I don't have to change lenses all the time when I am out hiking. This is a great substitute for the 24-85 and 70-300mm lenses that came with my camera.


Not a full frame (FX) lens


from Seymour, CT  -  Photo Enthusiast

I got this for my nikon d600 thinking it would be a full frame lens and was very dissappointed that it was not. Also found the pictures to be very soft.


Great lens for shooting wildlife


from Libertyville, Illinois  -  Photo Enthusiast

I bought this lens for a trip to Africa. Great lens for shooting wildlife. Great range from 28 mm.to 300mm. No need to change lens in dusty conditions. Great lens for the money.


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Marco A  does this one work in my nikon d3200?
ANDREW J  It will work--but it is an FX (full-frame) lens, so the equivalent focal lengths are about 50% higher (42-450 mm). It is larger, heavier, more expensive, and noisier than the 28-300 mm DX lenses from secondary companies (i.e., not Nikon). So it all depends on what you are looking for.
Marco A  thanks
Shopper  Will Tia lens will work with the canon 5D mark III full frame format?, thanks
Andrew R  Unfortunately no, the lens in this product listing is for Nikon AF-D mount cameras.
t d  will this lens fit on a Nikon F6?
CARLTON H  I am not sure. You would need to call Tamron Customer Service.
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