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About Blackmagic Design Blackmagic

Elegant, sophisticated and jam packed with the latest digital cinema technology, Blackmagic Cinema Camera gives your work that timeless feature film look! Blackmagic Cinema Camera features an amazing 2.5K image sensor with a wide 13 stops of dynamic range for a true digital film camera. You get a built-in SSD recorder, popular open standard uncompressed RAW and compressed file formats, compatibility with quality EF and ZE mount lenses, LCD touchscreen monitoring plus metadata entry, all packed into an exciting hand held design!

Blackmagic Cinema Camera features a high resolution sensor with wide dynamic range so it's perfect for independent film, television commercials and episodic television production. DaVinci Resolve software for Mac and Windows is included so you can work at the highest quality and get the best results. Blackmagic Cinema Camera is both affordable and a complete solution because it includes a built-in recorder and monitoring, so it's perfect for displacing video-only cameras for work such as sporting events, weddings, music videos and more!

The Blackmagic Design Blackmagic is commonly used for Documentaries, HD shooting, Low light, Movies/short films, Travel, Weddings and more.The Blackmagic Design Blackmagic is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Pro videographer among others.The Blackmagic Design Blackmagic is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Blackmagic Design Blackmagic: Easy to use, Good in low light, Great picture quality and Large clear LCD

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Great picture quality (13),Easy to use (11),Large clear LCD (7),Good in low light (5),Image stabilization (3)
Poor sound (3)
Best Uses:
Movies/short films (12),HD shooting (9),Documentaries (8),Low light (5),Weddings (5),Travel (4)
Reviewer Profile:
Pro videographer (6),Semi-pro (4)

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Features

  • 13 Stop Dynamic Range: Regular video cameras clip video so you are locked into images that look cheap. Blackmagic Cinema Camera eliminates this problem as it captures a super wide dynamic range of 13 stops into 12-bit DNG files, so your images look truly cinematic.
  • Detail Preservation: This preserves detail in both shadows and highlights, and even handles indoor shots while keeping the details of any images captured through windows. This means you keep all sensor data so you can make creative decisions during DaVinciResolve color grading.
  • Premium Quality: Building one of the finest cameras in the world requires attention to every detail. Blackmagic Cinema Camera's premium quality design features a machined aluminum chassis, interchangeable optics, high resolution 2.5K sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range and 12-bit AW uncompressed and compressed file formats.
  • EF Compatible Lens Mount: With Blackmagic Cinema Camera you can use the most amazing optics from the world's leading lens crafters such as Canon, Zeiss and many more. Blackmagic Cinema Camera is compatible with EF and ZE mount lenses, so you can use the lenses you already own!
  • Versatile Lens Options: With Blackmagic Cinema Camera you are not locked into any specific lens and you can choose the lens you need based on the creative style of your shot! Blackmagic Cinema Camera allows full electronic control of your lens, so you cansimply point, set iris and focus on command.
  • Metadata Entry: Blackmagic Cinema Camera is the first camera to feature built-in metadata entry so your files include information compatible with popular editing software. This dramatically speeds up the whole post production process! Entering metadata is easy.
  • LCD Touchscreen: Simply tap the capacitive LCD touchscreen to display the slate where you can enter information such as shot number, search tags, scene number, timecode and more! You can even set shot number and other data to increment automatically!
  • Built-in SSD Recorder: Blackmagic Cinema Camera features a built-in SSD recorder that allows 2.5K uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit capture as well as Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHDcompressed video formats.
  • Open Standard: All file formats are open standard and used by NLE software so you get the only camera designed from the ground up to be part of a whole post production workflow! When you've finished shooting, simply connect the SSD to your computerand edit or color your shots straight from the disk!
  • Premium Quality Design: A stylish machined aluminum design, capped with a smooth rubber front and rear for easy grip, plus a rear facing touchscreen for easy metadata entry.
  • Standard Connections: With standard connections there's no need for custom cables! You get ¼? jack audio inputs, 3 Gb/s SDI output and a Thunderbolt port for computer capture!
  • Includes DaVinci Resolve: DaVinci Resolve 9.0 software lets you take advantage of Blackmagic Cinema Camera's wide dynamic range images that are perfect for color correction!
  • Includes UltraScope: UltraScope gives you technically accurate scopes on any computer connected by Thunderbolt. Get Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram and more!

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Specifications

Sensor Resolution
2592 x 2192
Raw Resolution
12-bit RAW files recorded at 2432 x 1366
Shooting Resolutions
2.5K RAW at 2432 x 1366.
ProRes and DNxHD at 1920 x 1080
Frame Rates
23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p
Sensor Size
16.64 mm x 14.04 mm
Sensor Size - Active
15.6 mm x 8.8 mm
Dynamic Range
13 stops
Focus button turns on peaking
Iris Control
Iris button automatically adjusts the lens iris settings so no pixel is clipped
Lens Mount
EF and ZE mount compatible with electronic iris control
Screen Dimensions
5" and 800 x 480 resolution
Screen Type
Integrated LCD capacitive touchscreen
Metadata Support
Automatic camera data and user data such as shot number, filenames and keywords
Onscreen touch menus and physical buttons for recording and transport control
Integrated mono microphone
Integrated mono speaker
Mounting Options
3 x 1/4" thread mounting points on top of camera.
1 x 1/4" thread tripod mount with locator pin.
Integrated Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery.
12V-30V DC port for external battery power or use included 12V AC adapter.
Battery Life
Approximately 90 minutes
Battery Charge Time
Approximately 2 hours when not in use.
DaVinci Resolve grading software including Resolve USB dongle for Mac OS X and Windows.
Media Express software for video capture from the camera's Thunderbolt port.
Blackmagic UltraScope software for waveform monitoring from the camera's Thunderbolt port.
Storage Type
Removable 2.5 SSD
Storage Format
Mac OS Extended format. SSDs can be formatted on any Mac or use Mediafour MacDrive (not included) on a Windows PC.
Compressed Recording Formats
Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD. All compressed recording in 1920x1080 10-bit YUV with choice of Film or Video Dynamic Range.
Uncompressed Recording Formats
RAW 2.5K CinemaDNG
Storage Rates
5 MB/frame in RAW 2.5K fits about 30 minutes of 24p video on a 256 GB solid state disk. Compressed HD formats fit more than 5 times the amount of RAW video.
SDI Compliance
SDI Audio Sampling
48 kHz and 24 bit.
6.5 x 4.5 x 5" / 166 x 114 x 126mm - excluding detachable sunshade and turret dust cap
3.75 lb / 1.7 kg

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Stunning image quality

This is no DSLR, but is likely to appeal to those like me who like making videos with DSLRs. Like a DSLR, this camera provides the sensor and the user gets to choose the lens to put in front of it. And like a DSLR, the image from the camera is more cinematic and less video-like than that of traditional (even high-end ENG style) video cameras. Unlike a DSLR, this camera is optimized for video/film. It is fine in somewhat low light, with its native ISO 800. But, it can't produce a good image in...

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This is no DSLR, but is likely to appeal to those like me who like making videos with DSLRs. Like a DSLR, this camera provides the sensor and the user gets to choose the lens to put in front of it. And like a DSLR, the image from the camera is more cinematic and less video-like than that of traditional (even high-end ENG style) video cameras. Unlike a DSLR, this camera is optimized for video/film. It is fine in somewhat low light, with its native ISO 800. But, it can't produce a good image in no light, compared to the decent image of the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark II and III at, say ISO 3200. But, give it enough light at ISO 800 (which isn't difficult) and the image is far superior to any DSLR and many video cameras. The dynamic range is as promised. The ability to capture both highlight and shadow detail in the same image, without having to sacrifice one for the other, is great. The colors are just right in this camera. The first images I looked at on the screen from this camera were just spot on. Subtle tonal differences were apparent. Colors were true to life. But the best thing is having the 12-bit raw files available to adjust the colors to suit the look you want. The image holds up to aggressive adjustments in a way that compressed images just cannot. The compression artifacts just won't allow the image to be pushed and refined in the way that the raw images from the BMCC can be. The detail is there in a very natural way. No sharpening is needed, but the image can survive sharpening to give it even more pop. I've discussed the image, because that is the key to this camera for me. It is simply the best image I've seen from any cameras that I've had in this (and 2x) price range (including Canon 5D Mark II and III, Nikon D800, and Sony PMW-EX1). The costs come in workflow and handling. See published reviews on dealing with both raw and compressed (ProRes and DNxHD) workflows. From a handling point of view, the form factor is a bit clunky. It is heavy and doesn't lend itself to being easily hand held. It can be hand held, but it just isn't like hand-holding a DSLR. It begs for some support, such as a sholder rig or cage. Shooting with this is a different mindset than with a DSLR. Rather than adjusting ISO to get the exposure correct, the ISO should remain at 800 (even though you can choose 1600 and 400, and then expose as bright as possible with both f-stop and ND filters. The image will look too bright at first, but the exposure can be lowered in post-production. This maintains the best dynamic range, preserving the highlights and producing very clean shadows. Finally, a surprising bonus to me. The focus-assist functions work very nicely. The focus peaking is the most accurate that I've used (especially compared to the Sony PMW-EX1). Sharp focus was surprisingly easy to achieve by relying on the focus peaking. A double-tap to the screen zooms in on the image, while maintaining the focus peaking for extra assurance in focusing (even while recording!). It is image, image, image for me. I can work with/around any other issues that I consider quite minor. But, no matter what features or useability current DSLR and S35 video competition has, the image cannot match what I'm seeing with this camera.

Reviewed by 15 customers


Not the one I wanted


from Providence RI  -  Semi-pro Videographer

Great camera, my only problem with it was not having enough knowledge about the product and the sales man who was helpful but did not know that the 4K was a full frame camera so now I am stuck with the 2.5k which is nice but the work I do requires more of what the full frame as to offer

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Great camera BUT


from Providence RI

This is one amazing camera that I would like to return, duo to some confusion and lack of knowledge on my part and the sales associate I ended up with the 2.5K that does not not fit my work flow due to the I believe 2.3 magnification , I was told by the sales associate that it was the same on the 4K and clearly that's not the case, it was not malicious on his part as a matter of fact he was great. The super 35 fits my work flow and for the extra money my life would be so much easier

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fantastic camera


from Los Angeles, CA

I use Canon DSLR to shoot lots of video and this is big step-up for me. footage quality is outstanding. random thing i've noticed with this camera comparing with my canon t2i. it's very heavy. when you carry around this camera with other lens you realize how heavy this camera is. but also give you better steady handheld footage. back lcd screen is very big and very easy to focus with activating focus button and give you little sizzle image for focused area. also you can double tap the screen to maginify for better focus. if you use in outdoor daylight, it's very hard to see just like canon camera. battery is built in to body and you can't swap the battery like canon. there's external battery optoin and i'd probsbly shop around. i'm glad this camera chose SSD drive for recording media option. footage quility is great, but also very huge. shooting raw dng sequence, it'll fill up 240g ssd drive within an hour. apple prores quicktime is also very good quality and give you lots of range when you shoot with film mode. hope there's better management for recorded footage. you gets lots of rolling shutter. this camera perform better on tripod or very slow camera move. still new to this camera and learning new things every time use it. liking it very much so far.


Pro Image Quality on a Budget


from Dallas, TX  -  Pro Videographer

With the BMCC Metabones Speedbooster, this really is a mini Alexa. It really has top notch image quality that beats out even the likes of the Canon C300, which is a way overpriced $15k camera.


Buy it


from USA

Love this cam. I use for documentary and it is MUCH better than my 5d for workflow and ease of use. Sure I don't get unreal light, but a 80 buck led solves this.


Great Camera W/ Specific Applications


from New York, NY  -  Semi-pro Videographer

This camera is perfect for event videographers and indies but outside of that niche I can't say its by any means a perfect camera. Black Magic really tried to do something unconventional here and it shows both in the pros and cons. I would heavily research before getting this camera but if you can find it in your budget and can overcome a few limitations, it might be worth your time.


I would buy this product again


from Dallas, TX  -  Pro Videographer

I love the image quality on this guy. Its the main reason I pulled the trigger on this camera. Of course it has its draw backs poor internal audio screen very reflective and of course I d suggest using it with some sort of rig at least a handle. The internal battery is more of a back up to the additional battery you choose to add on. All in all the image is the winner for me I love this camera


Great camera!


from Juneau, AK  -  Video Enthusiast

I use this for my indie films. It has been a ton of fun to shoot test video with. I love the image quality and the film-like results. I have tried it with a variety of lenses, some canon lenses don't seem to work with it. the iris is not controllable. I will need an external batter solution for it when I do longer shoots. I acciently left it on standby in my camera bag for an hour. It got very warm and used up most of the battery. Make sure it is off before putting it away. I am very happy with this camera overall.


I love the camera


from Las Vegas, Nv  -  Semi-pro Videographer

Excellent camera. Brought it to school, and I was the envy to all my classmates.

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from Dallas, TX  -  Pro Videographer

As long as you understand and expect its limitations (rolling shutter, crop factor, etc.) this camera is awesome. It takes a little more money to get started, but for its price, it's a revelation.


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Questions about this item:

Shopper  What types of external batteries can this camera accept?
PETER O  For longer, profesional use try the Viewfactor V-mount battery adaptor. Solid and a good price.
Shopper  Does the LCD Touchscreen also serve as a viewfinder, or do you have to purchase one separately?
LEARVIS T  Yes it does serve as the view finder. It doesn't do well with lots of sun light because the screen is very reflective. Also if you built up a should mount rig a additional view finder would be idea as the inputs are on the left hand side of screen so unless you left handed cables will be in your face. I hope this helps.
Oui L  does this model include a solid state or internal memory or does it need to be purchased separately?
PETER O  Yes to both recording. You can use the SDI out with embedded audio to record to a Tape machine, usind a DeckLink card in a computer or a HyperDeck Shuttle. Also you can use Media Express software for video capture from the camera’s Thunderbolt port. However, if you record to an SSD you cannot use the Thunderbolt connector to download your video. An external SSD docking station is needed.
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