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24-hour Gaffer Tape Haiku Challenge Winner

24-hour Gaffer Tape Haiku Challenge Winner

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Andrew Kornylak's 17 syllables succintly summarized deep reflections on this photographic accessory.

By Jack Howard

August 20, 2009

Let it be noted that our first ever 24-hour Gaffer Tape Haiku challenge was not without its share of controversies. Protestations of ignorance of the true nature of the haiku form were lodged from Finland, via Twitter. Rest assured @DiamonDie, we here at TechTock know our dactylic hexameter from iambic pentameter very well indeed.


It wasn't ignorance of the traditional literary heritage of the haiku form as tributes to nature that led us to create this challenge. We see this challenge as more of a helpful step for the haiku form to evolve to new heights of beautiful prime-number syllable-ness and elegance in this era of microblogging and clipped communication. That and we really like gaffer tape.



These simple words by Andrew Kornylak very elegantly summarize the mystique of gaffer tape, and there's bonus points to be awarded for employing the word "ironic" to describe a situation that meets most definitions of that word. And perhaps Andrew can rig a waterproof system for some of his cameras out of his prize roll of gaffer tape.


Three entries deserve Honorable Mentions.


Broken nose and lens.
Under bull's body I went.
gaffers tape which one?
-Andy Bronson


There's a wonderful economy of words to paint the picture, and a fantastic koanical question. But the answer is obvious: Both.



After ev'ry shoot
I raise a toast to Gaffer.
His tape has saved me.
-Mike Braca

What makes this one so wonderful–asides from the classical poetic abbreviation–is the assignation of "Gaffer" as a proper noun and the presumed inventor of the magical photographer's bonding agent, either deliberately for comedic sake, or as an unintentionally humorous "gaffe." We enjoy pondering the mystery of the author's true intentions.


This is my haiku.
I hope to win Gaffer's Tape.
Because I need some.
-Mike Vander Veer


On some levels, this is an amazingly straightforward declarative verse. But on another level, it is truly a profound study on the bargains and sacrifices and hoop-jumping the human spirit will endure to fulfill pragmatic necessities. Well spoken!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for our next Gaffer tape challenge!


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