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The Pentax Q Stress Test: Day 3

The Pentax Q Stress Test: Day 3

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Fashion Week Diary

By Sandy Ramirez

September 11, 2011

Sandy sets up the Q to shoot a couple of presentations working with a big potato-masher flash. So far, so good.

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About my only complaint so far is that the images don't auto rotate in the computer. The color balance when set to tungsten is a little cool as well, but not really too bad. I stopped off and picked up the prototype transmitter from Tobias at Adorama. I fitted it to my Metz, then the Q.



Setting the flash to auto, I began shooting it in the Lobby and shot two presentations. Again the Q drew a lot of attention and a lot of admiration. Many of my fellow photographers read the 1st day's installment and like what they saw. They've expressed interest in buying a Q when they become readily available. I think Pentax has a hit on their hands! I shot entirely using flash today, getting a shot of Jessica Stam in the lobby. The Q seems capable of doing the job.





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