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Happy Birthday, Helen Oster!

Happy Birthday, Helen Oster!

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A surprise (to her) tribute to Adorama's amazing Customer Service Ambassador

April 18, 2012

Every day, Helen Oster is busy online helping to make Adorama a better place for our customers. And today, we'd like to give something back to her.

Helen Oster is one of the most visible members of the Adorama online team. As the Adorama Customer Service Ambassador, Helen spends her days—and often, her nights—scanning online discussion forums, news groups, social networks, photo sharing sites and beyond, answering customer questions and addressing their concerns. She's there to help when problems arise to facilitate their resolution as quickly as possible.

And you don't have to wait for Helen to find you: If you ever have an Adorama customer service question, Helen is always an email away at and is eager to help.

Because of Helen and her commitment, Adorama is able to offer the services of a superstore with the customer service of a small family business. Today we want to make sure Helen—and our customers—know that we value her as a key member of the Adorama family.

After all, today is her birthday, and this is her surprise virtual birthday party.



(Note to Helen: Surprise!)

Here are a bunch of birthday wishes to Helen from the Adorama online team, the people who know firsthand about all the things she does, as well as from several happy customers:

"As the lines continue to mesh between of social media, online marketing, and customer service, Helen Oster is a superstar, and an excellent role model for online reputation management. With a friendly and helpful attitude, listening skills, unparalleled patience, and comprehensive understanding of the solutions,  her 24/6 efforts always put the customer above everything else. She serves is an inspiration for the entire company." —Brian Green, VP of Marketing


"Having the honor to work with Helen the past few years, I have learned how to represent our clients and their needs within the company so we can constantly improve in the areas they feel we need to improve while being a advocate for the company, Helen was my mentor in so many ways and I owe her a lot for being who she is" – Joel Meisels

"Very often we hear that "customer satisfaction" is a company's number one objective, but when it comes to Helen it's not just words, it's her only objective. Her dedication to her work and to her/our customers are second to none. Her name is now a household word on the Internet world of the camera industry. My sincerest congratulations to Helen for a job "well done" and my sincerest happy birthday wishes for your continued  success." - Jerry Greenbaum, Manager, Adorama

My two cents: A key part of of Adorama's mission is to go beyond just selling boxes and to establishing a trusting, long-term relationship with each of our customers. I strive to accomplish this by producing helpful photo tips and product reviews in the Adorama Learning Center, and Helen does this every day by being the go-to person whenever a customer needs a helping hand. It says a lot about Adorama that we have a full-time person whose title is "Customer Service Ambassador," and Helen lives up to this important title every day. Thanks, Helen!

Customer Comments

It's not just the Adorama team that notices and appreciates Helen's efforts; here is a small sampling of comments posted online in response to Helen's customer service efforts:

"Helen, I feel that you really go above and beyond for Adorama and it's customers. I hope that Adorama recognizes what you do."

"Helen, You are a true gem in the business world!"

"I believe I emailed you once before and you were extremely helpful. I keep seeing you responding in camera forums and in comments and I gotta say I'm really impressed with your dedication to cameras and your job at Adorama."

"Just wanted to say: I think its really great that Helen interfaces directly with the community....this is what differentiates the good companies from the chaff."

"Holy instant, omniscient customer service, Batman!"

"Dear Helen, the work that You do makes me more confident in Adorama again."

"Helen has been on here many times and answered many questions since [my] initial post. Her responses are very informative and I feel like we've got a direct link at "one of the big guys" when we need questions answered.

"Well done Helen, no customer dissatisfaction left unanswered."

"Hi Helen,
"Thanks for being the Adorama ambassador to APUG! Your presence on the Forum is greatly appreciated... [and that you] listen to photographer's concerns, is the fact that sets Adorama apart from the others."

"I am very impressed with the way Helen  Oster runs things and takes care of concerns that she becomes aware of. She is clearly the person to go to in case of any problems... This kind of customer service shows why Adorama has so many satisfied customers."

"The customer service I received from you is probably the best I've ever encountered. I believe everyone, would be able to depend on you much more due to your quick responses, reliable & helpful information, and most essentially, the questions are all answered thoroughly."

"There is a lot to be said for what Helen Oster does here on flickr. Just say the word Adorama in a post, and if you're writing about a customer service problem she'll drop in. This happened to me earlier this year on a small purchase, she made it right, gave me a shipping discount on my next order, and I've gone on to buy lots more stuff from them."

"Definitely keeps Adorama in the top of the consideration set for me!"

"Helen is a shining example of the awesomeness of both Adorama. Got me all misty eyed."

These commments were culled from literally hundreds of comments we've collected from around the Web. Tell us your experience in the comments section, below!


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