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Photograph a Silhouette In the Studio That You Can Be Proud Of
About The Author

Gavin Hoey has been a freelance photographer, writer and trainer of all things photographic for over 10 years. His work can be seen in various photography magazines and he writes a monthly “How To” column for Digital Photo, the UK’s best selling photography magazine.

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Photograph a Silhouette In the Studio That You Can Be Proud Of

Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV


Adorama Photography TV Presents Take & Make Great Photos with Gavin Hoey. Join Gavin as he demonstrates how to shoot a silhouette portrait using an off-camera flash. Watch as he uses his techniques to take a dull flash photo and turn it into a great silhouette profile shot with a twist.

Photography is only half the story for Gavin. In this video, made exclusively for AdoramaTV, Gavin Hoey shows how to use a single light source and a simple prop to create a graphically interesting silohuette.Then after capturing the shot, join Gavin in Photoshop CS6 (available at the Adorama Adobe store) where he'll transform his RAW image into the final portrait using Adobe Camera RAW.



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