Goldilocks and the Three DSLRs

Once Upon a time there were three bears: a little, small, wee bear, a middle-sized bear, and a great, huge bear. All three bears were very good-natured, trusting, harmless folks, and all of them were very interested in photography.

Illustrated by Arthur Rackham; Public Domain image courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Project Gutenberg Archives.

The big bear used a Canon EOS-1D X, a big honkin' full-frame DSLR which he bought for a mere $6,799 from Adorama that weighed a ton. This made him feel important and happy, but more than that, he was able to do fashion shoots with his favorite model, Goldilocks, a young girl with a passion for porridge (but not too much; after all, she wanted to keep her fashionably svelte figure). The big bear's pictures were outstanding, and you could see every strawberry blonde hair in Goldilocks's head, perfectly sharp.



The middle-sized bear was also happy with her camera, a mid-range APS DSLR called the Canon EOS 60D. This camera was much smaller and lighter than the big bear's big honkin' full-frame DSLR, and was much more affordable at  $799. It was not too small and not too big. It was just right. She, loved to photograph Goldilocks as she frolicked around the forest. Thanks to advances in APS sensor technology, she got great-looking photos, even in the deep shade of the forest.

But the little, small, wee bear was not happy. There wasn't a DSLR that was little, small, and wee enough to fit her little, small, wee paws, and she had to make do with a mirrorless compact digital camera, with its wimpy wire-focus lenses, slow-reacting shutter release, and electronic viewfinder. "I HATE EVFs!" she cried. "I hate shutter lag!" she whimpered. "OMG! I need a DSLR that is easy to carry so I can do travel photography," she whined. She broke her chair and tried feeding Goldilocks a supersized porridge, just out of spite.

Then, spring came. The little, small, wee bear was busy throwing a temper tantrum because she hates interchangeable lens camera sensors that are smaller than her thumbnail when a wonderful thing happened: Canon introduced something the little, small, wee bear had never seen before: A little, small, wee DSLR with an APS sensor, the Canon Rebel SL1!

Right away, after reading a First Look review of the SL1, the little, small, wee bear happily ordered her SL1 from Adorama for $649.99, and was amazed that the image quality was exactly the same as the middle-sized bear's not-too-big-not-too-small-just-right DSLR's. Immediately, the small, little, wee bear apologized to Goldilocks for putting butter and extra-heavy cream in her porridge, and the entire Bear family decided to take a portrait lighting workshop at Workshops@Adorama so they could take even better pictures of Goldilocks with the Big Honkin' full-frame DSLR, the middle-sized APS sensor DSLR, and the little small, wee APS sensor DSLR. Now there's a camera for bears of all sizes and needs, and everyone's happy.

And, since all of their DSLRs could shoot full 1080p HD video, the Bears collaborated on a digital cinema featurette, starring that foxy Goldilocks, called "Someone Has Been Sleeping In My Bed."

It went viral on YouTube.

And they lived happily ever after...until the next upgrade.


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