Glowing Reviews for Adorama Flashpoint and Adorama Glow

Reviews on Adorama Flashpoint and Adorama Glow

Don't take our word for it, check out what the critics are saying about the Flashpoint Glow Hexa Pop and the Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle! 


If you are seeking expert insights on capturing, editing and delivering videos, you are probably familiar with  They recently got the chance to work with the Flashpoint DV DSLR Matte Box Pro Complete Bundle here's what they had to say:

"It’s very well made. One of the features of a Mattebox and French flag system is that it has filter rings. The Adorama Matte Box uses standard 4 x 4 filter rings. You can put in a variety of lens filters on then. Generally, people like putting in ND filters when they’re using DSLRs, and one of the big reasons is that DSLRs lack neutral density filters."

"One of the really nice things about the Adorama Flashpoint components is that you can combine them to make systems, and all the parts are designed really to be interchangeable. A good example of that is the Shoulder Rig."


Take a look at their in-depth video or read the entire review at



If you are trying to bring flattering, soft and rich color lighting to your harsh direct on-camera Flash, the Glow HexaPop is the answer for you.

Dan McComb, known for his filmaking as well as established and long career as a photojournalist, tried the Glow HexaPop out. Read what he had to say:


"When I was working as a professional photojournalist back in the mid 90s, I hated using on-camera flash. It produced harsh, flat light that I used only when I had no other choice to get the picture. But when it comes to photographing women, I’ve had to learn a new rule: flat light is flattering light.


The simplest way to get flat light is to get the light close to the lens. But then you need to soften the light. And there are plenty of fantastic studio tools for doing this, such as a beauty dish. But what if you’re working on the go? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an extremely portable, roundish light modifier that mimicked a beauty dish, that you could literally pop together in seconds?


Well, now there is. The Hexapop, part of the Glow series of light modifiers made by Adorama, makes the old photojournalist in me happy. It hits the sweet spot between light quality and portable convenience."

Read the entire Review on Dan's website


Put to the test by Photographer/ Video Producer David Ryder, here's what he had to say:

"The Glow series of light modifiers includes all sorts of shapes and sizes, and this HexaPop version of their softbox is 24″. It’s a good, manageable size for shooting portraits on-the-go or doing quick head shots in tight spaces, etc. You could even wander an event like a wedding and shoot candids with this softbox in one hand and your camera in the other. I wish I had this with me on my three minute portrait shoot with CEO Jeff Bezos earlier this month! The six wires in the back of the softbox snap into place really quickly, and I could’ve set this up in no time.

Simply put, this is a nice, light softbox that will get the job done. Of course, if you want softer light, you’ll need to get something larger. They do make a range of light modifiers for still photography, built for both large studio strobes and smaller flashes. Stay tuned for a review of the Adorama Glow 71″ Grand Softbox, but the Adorama Glow HexaPop 24″ is a nice place to start for creating simple, soft light from your flash. I think it’s worth the $135 it’s going for right now on"

Read the entire review on David's website Photographer in Seattle




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