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5 Must-Have Items for the Beginning Photographer
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5 Must-Have Items for the Beginning Photographer

Photography accessory must-haves for beginners.


Photography for beginners doesn’t require a lot of gear, but there are five photography accessories that every new photographer needs.

Photography for beginners books or photography classes may not tell you this, but when you are learning to be a photographer there are five essential items that you need in your camera case. These items will not only make your shots look more professional, but will also take the frustration out of the process because they are so easy to use. Plus, they are a great price for the quality.

32GB Class 10 Extreme SDHC Cards, Weather Proof Aluminum Card Case and Four Bay USB Reader Hub

32GB Class 10 Extreme SDHC Card

Weather Proof Aluminum Card Case

Four Bay USB Reader Hub

  • Transfers images from up to four memory cards at once
  • Card formats: SDHCTM/SDXCTM UHS-I, UDMA 7 CompactFlash and XQDTM
  • USB 3.0 transfer speeds

Before you buy any other photography item, you should purchase a 32GB high-speed memory card for your camera and a weatherproof case for your memory card.

As a new photographer, you will find yourself taking a lot of photos, particularly if you are taking photography classes. It won’t be uncommon for you to take hundreds of photos per hour of shooting. It will take a quality memory card to store all of your photos, especially if you are shooting in RAW mode. Always keep a couple 32GB memory cards on you and a weatherproof case to store them in, since you never know when conditions may get moist.

Also, if your computer doesn’t have a port for memory disks, you’ll defiantly need to purchase a multi-card reader like the Four Bay USB Reader Hub. It makes things much easier.

Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce Flash

Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce Flash

  • Gives diffused bare bulb effect
  • Lenses from 15mm to 200mm in the 35mm format
  • Small size

Though some will tell you that a good bounce flash isn’t essential for beginners, it really is, especially when you do a lot of shoots indoors. You can easily swivel the flash so that it shoots light towards a flat object, like the ceiling, which will then bounce the light onto your subject. Bouncing the flash instead of shooting it directly at your subject, gives you a much softer light and softer shadows.

Bower LCD Timer and Remote Shutter Release

Bower LCD Timer and Remote Shutter Release

  • 10-pin connection
  • Includes connector cable
  • Can do one to 399 continuous shots
  • Takes 2 AAA type batteries

A timer and shutter release are ideal when shooting in low light to reduce camera shake. They also come in handy when you are taking self-portraits. Since taking self-portraits is a great way to practice your photography skills, these two accessories are a must. A shutter release cable that is several feet long or can be lengthened, and a backlit screen are ideal, making this brand a good choice.

Glow Portable 5 in 1 42" Reflector Kit Pro

Glow Portable 5 in 1 42" Reflector Kit Pro

  • 42 inches each
  • Made from spring steel and fabric
  • Comes in silver, gold, white, black and translucent

Like a bounce flash, a reflector kit is an essential part to adding the right amount of light to your photos. The photographer can reflect natural or manmade light onto their subject with the help of a friend. These reflectors can easily fold up and be stored, which works great for new photographers who may not have their own studio space.

Optic Pro 52mm Circular Polarizer (CPL) Digital Filter

Optic Pro 52mm Circular Polarizer (CPL) Digital Filter

  • 52mm
  • Deepens colors
  • Removes reflections and glare

If you have no other filter as a new photographer, a polarizing filter is a must. It makes colors in photos more vivid, cuts out glare when photographing glass, water or other shiny objects, and cuts out smog haze when taking city shots. For example, when you are taking shots outside, the filter will make the sky look clearer and a deeper hue of blue. It will have this effect on water as well.

It is important to buy quality items that will last throughout your career and these choices will do just that. Everything you need to set-up your gear bag can be found at Adorama,as well as instructional videos on photography for beginners at Adorama TV, to help get you started.

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What is your go-to accessory for photography?

Photo credit: Flickr via Linda Tanner


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