12 Photography Gifts Dad Will Love for Under $50

A Dynamic Dozen Deals for Dad


Father's Day is coming and you want to give dear old Dad something to feed his photographic habit. Here are 12 affordable and practical gifts for any Dad whose passion is photography.


Pappa's Got a Brand New Bag I
Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 
Adorama price: $39.95
Most camera backpacks cost way more than this; the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG has plenty of room for all of Dad's gear, including a DSLR or MILC with multiple lenses and flash, with some left over for lunch or other miscellany. There's a separate front pocket for flat items such as tablet computers, note pads, and filters.  


Pappa's Got a Brand New Bag II
Adorama Commander Camera & Notebook System Bag 
Based on a design originally suggested to Adorama by the late Herbert Keppler (influential long-time publisher of Popular and Modern Photography magazines), the Commander is a great travel bag that fits under an airline seat but can carry a full portable office including a 15-inch notebook computer. The center pocket is roomy enough for a DSLR or MILC plus a lens or flash. If Dad's a frequent flyer, this bag is an awesome companion.

Neck Therapy
Ape Case Pro Neoprene Neckstrap
Usually, hanging a heavy DSLR with a high-end lens around your neck will lead to neck strain after a long day. Neoprene straps such as this one are more flexible and giving, and are therefore more comfortable for long-term wearing. The Ape Case Pro Neoprene Neckstrap is great for travel photography, and dad will appreciate the extra padding and comfort it provides.

Handy Cam
Adorama Camera Grip Hand Strap 
Sometimes, hanging a camera around your neck simply isn't convenient, especially if you're doing street, other candid or event photography. This camera grip lets dad hold his big camera comfortably in his hand.

A Leg to Stand On
Velbon UP-400 Monopod 
If Dad has invested in a long lens for sports or wildlife photography, his next step is to gain stability. A good monopod such as the Velbon UP-400 is a great way to achieve this. It's lighter and more convenient than a tripod, and can be set up more easily while allowing dad to move around quickly. (Dad can use his regular tripod's ballhead but if he doesn't have one, you'll also need to buy him a ballhead such as this one TPGBHXBKGY.

Spread the Light
Expoimaging Rogue Large Diffusion Panel
The light that comes straight out of a shoe-mount flash is harsh. Expoimaging's Rogue Large Diffusion panel spreads the light over a 9x8-inch surface by bouncing it off a highly reflective surface and through a translucent panel. This larger light source results in more flattering light that wraps around the subject, so Dad can take better pictures of you!

Color Dad's World
Expoimaging Rogue Flash Gels Universal Lighting Filters  
Now Dad can not only balance his flash output with ambient light, but he can get creative and add a splash of color to any photo with any one of the 20 different colored gels that are designed to be placed over any shoe-mount flash. Simply place the gel over the flash light source (you can use a rubber band to hold it in place) and you're ready to go!

A Polarizing Concept
Tiffen Circular Polarizer Filter
Eliminate reflections, deepen blue skies and more with the one filter that continues to be useful in the digital age. Tiffen's circular polarizing filters  are reasonably priced. Circular polarizers are recommended over Linear ones because Linear polarizers interfere with a modern camera's ability to autofocus. Tiffen's filters are available for sizes from 32-72mm for up to 27.90. Check Dad's lens collection to see which size you need.

Get Closer
Adorama Pro Optic 58mm Close-Up Lens
This is an inexpensive way to introduce Dad to macro photography: The Pro Optic close-up lens magnifies objects and reduces any lens's focus distance. While not as optically up to snuff as a true macro lens, it is a great way for Dad to start exploring the tiny world around him.

The Circle of Light
Flashpoint VL-48 LED Macro Ring Light
If Dad already owns a Macro lens, help him take his macro photography to the next level with this low-cost LED macro ring light. Besides its lower price, the advantage of using a continuous LED light source instead of a ringlight flash is that what you see in the viewfinder, EVF or LCD monitor is what you'll get without the need to preview an image. It gives you greater control over camera position and reflections. The Flashpoint VL-48 comes with adapter rings so it should fit on all popular macro lenses.

Web Auction Assistant
Adorama De-Shadow Box 28 Cube Still Life Studio In A Bag
Studies show good product photography improves your chances of selling something at an online auction. If Dad's an eBay seller, this spacious light box provides even lighting and seamless backgrounds in any location. You can even use this outdoors with the sun providing light. It diffuses and bounces around light sources for nice, even lighting.

This Could Turn Dad Into MacGuyver
Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool
What dad wouldn't love this handy, versatile gadget? The Leatherman Sidekick has 15 tools built in, from pliers and wirecutters to knives, screwdrivers, as saw, ruler, bottle and can openers and more. It's great for photographic set building and, of course, any other handyman-type project.


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