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James Bailey

Until James Bailey retired in 2007, he was widely regarded as a leading expert in the field of photography and electronics. Jim Bailey worked 43 years in industrial control design and was awarded nine US patents. He was a contributing editor to MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY and still contributes to POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY AND IMAGING. Jim also operated a part-time repair business specializing in darkroom electronics and flash equipment.

He got started in photography and darkroom work in 1950 through the use of a friend’s father’s darkroom and Speed Graphic camera. He earned an associates degree at Milwaukee Area Technical College and later taught evening classes there.

Professionally, Jim has done catalog, calendar, technical illustration and photoinstrumentation photography. Besides photography he enjoys experimenting in various sciences. He has written about photography, electronics and other sciences and technologies for more than a dozen amateur and professional periodicals including PHOTOMETHODS and INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

His book, "How to Select and Use Electronic Flash" was published by HP Books of Tucson. He also contributed to the Book, “The Photographic Flash – A Concise Illustrated History”, published in Switzerland.

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Bare-tube flash revival

Let's take a new look at an updated, classic lighting tool

ArticleLighting Techniques Techniques and How-Tos - by James Bailey, May 1, 2006

A bare-tube flash is just like any other flash--except that it has no reflector behind the flash tube. It sends light relatively evenly in all directions (except directly down).

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TAGS: flash,  bare-bulb,  Quantum,  T-5d,  strobe,  lighting 

The care and feeding of batteries

Here's how to get the most out of your camera's batteries

ArticleAccessories and Gadgets Gear Guides & Reviews - by James Bailey, December 28, 2004

Batteries keep your camera going, so doesn't it make sense to keep your batteries happy? Here are some quick tips that will keep your batteries running longer:

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TAGS: adorama,  panasonic oxyride,  energizer,  lithium,  batteries 

Buying Guide: Rechargeable Batteries

How to choose the right batteries and get the most power

ArticleDigital Darkroom, Post-Processing & Printing Techniques and How-Tos - by James Bailey, December 27, 2004

TAGS: adorama 

Pinpoint closeup lighting

Here's a nifty way to get professional-looking images of small-scale-subjects

ArticleLighting Techniques Techniques and How-Tos - by James Bailey, May 17, 2004

Sometimes, modeling (a lighting effect caused by placing the light to the side of your subject) isn't the best way to light your shot. Here's how to get flat lighting--the opposite of modeling.

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TAGS: photography,  how-to,  macro,  lighting,  still-life 

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