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Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California.

Jules started her wedding photography business ten years ago, in 2001, primarily shooting weddings.  She was joined in 2006 by her sister Joy, who oversees marketing and sales.  Recently they've added a portrait line to accommodate all of their brides' growing families.

Jules and Joy might look alike, but they are very different.  While Jules is up late into the night geeking out on PhotoShop, Joy is up early at the studio meeting with clients.  Jules prefers to see people behind her lens, while Joy prefers to see people out to lunch!

Jules' work has been featured in magazines such as People, The Knot, & Destination I Do, and used in professional samples from companies such as Pictage, Livebooks, and Leather Craftsmen. She is active in the photography community as a mentor and speaker, most recently at Kevin Kubota's SummitUp, Pictage's Partnercon and now as a platform speaker at WPPI, but her favorite thing to do is to capture every day life.

You can usually find Jules snuggling with her dog, Olive, or photographing Joy's two little girls. Working together, they have a lot of fun and go through a lot of chocolate.  Jules Cafe is a site Jules' established for photographers, and came about as a way for her to more easily share with photographers around the world.

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