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Sandy Ramirez

Sandy Ramirez

A freelance photographer and writer for Adorama

Sandy Ramirez is an experienced Commercial and Fashion photographer. His clients have included Lord & Taylors, Strawbridges, Loris Diran, Nary Manivong, Malan Breton, Dangerous Mathematicians, Momo Falana, IMG, and Bouley Restaurant. He is currently Adorama's product photographer.

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Pentax K3 Digital SLR Camera Review

Marching to the beat of the other drummer (who’s pretty good).

ArticleProduct Reviews Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, February 21, 2014

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In this modern world of Nikon and Canon domination of many sectors of the photographic market, many forget that other manufacturers exist and make wonderful products. 

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TAGS: pentax,  eye-fi,  products,  Product Review,  GPS,  Pentax K-3,  Dual SD,  Continuous shooting mode,  Astrotracer function,  FluCards 

APS Sensor Compact Digital Camera Shoot-Out

Which Posh Big-Sensor Pocket Camera is Best?

ArticleCompact Digital Cameras Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, June 14, 2013

What do the Ricoh GR, Nikon Coolpix A, and Sigma DP-1 Merrill have in common? Pocket-sized, 28mm (equivalent) lens, and an APS sensor. Which is best...or is it a three-way tie? Let's find out!

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TAGS: compact digital camera,  system compact,  APS,  Sigma DP1 Merrill,  Nikon Coolpix A,  Ricoh GR 

Can You Shoot JPEGs That Rock Better Than RAW?

In Defense of JPEG: A response to Resnick's RAW rant

ArticleDigital Darkroom, Post-Processing & Printing Techniques and How-Tos - by Sandy Ramirez, May 20, 2013

If you take great care in metering and exposure, you will rarely, if ever, need to shoot RAW and you can avoid a lot of post-production time.

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TAGS: digital,  digital camera,  RAW,  Digital photography,  jpeg,  digital image,  digital photo,  Digital Asset Management 

Sigma DP-1 Merrill, 46MB Sensor Compact Digital Camera: Product Review

Posh Compact Takes You Back To The Future

ArticleCompact Digital Cameras Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, November 27, 2012

The Sigma DP-1 Merrill, the latest version of Sigma's groundbreaking compact digital camera delivers category-leading image quality. Is that enough?

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TAGS: sigma,  compact digital camera,  system compact,  Foveon,  APS,  Sigma DP1,  Sigma DP1 Merrill 

5 Durable Camera Bags That Will Protect Your Gear

5 Durable Camera Bags that will protect your gear from damage. View our list of camera bags that are capable of protecting your camera gear from all harm.

ArticleBuying Guides Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, August 8, 2012

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There are plenty of new camera bags out there, but these bags have stood the test of time, and are still in production. Here’s a short, biased (and Domke-heavy) round-up of bags that this pro shooter trusts and uses again and again.

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TAGS: buying guide,  travel,  travel photography,  Joe Farace,  camera bag,  backpack,  bags,  lowepro,  Domke,  shoulder bag 

Fujifilm X100 With New Firmware: A Street Photography Powerhouse?

It's like a whole new camera

ArticleCompact Digital Cameras Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, June 5, 2012

Remember how we said the X100 was great on quality, but autofocus was slow? Fujifilm claims its new firmware update version 1.21 resolves performance issues. We took a Fujifilm X100 to the streets to find out in a variety of situations. Check out our surprising conclusions!

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TAGS: Fujifilm,  street photography,  system compact,  firmware,  Fujifilm X100,  Focus on Street Photography 

How to Shoot Priceless Professional Portrait Photography for a (Relative) Pittance

A MILC, an odd choice for a lens, a low-cost light or two, and you're ready to go!

ArticlePortrait & People Photography Techniques and How-Tos - by Sandy Ramirez, May 24, 2012

Portrait photography is the bread and butter job professional photographers do day in and day out. Everyone does them, be they Joe Blow in a small studio in Montana to Annie Liebowitz shooting for Vanity Fair. Can it be done on the cheap and look amazing? You bet!

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TAGS: portrait,  Lens advice,  lens,  focus on portraiture,  cine,  Pentax Q,  cinematography,  portrait photography,  adapter 

Pro Optic 85mm f/1.4 ASPH Portrait Lens Product Review

Does this budget-priced portrait lens make the grade?

ArticleLenses and Filters Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, May 15, 2012

Pro Optic has updated its 85mm f/1.4 budget prime. What does the new version, with it’s new aspherical lens formulation, provide in performance enhancements? So what else to do with an 85mm lens but take a portrait or two!

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TAGS: portrait,  telephoto,  pro-optic,  lens 

Pentax 645D Review

The medium-format "look" for a lot less

ArticleDigital SLRs Gear Guides & Reviews - by Sandy Ramirez, March 12, 2012

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Why spend $10,000 for the Pentax 645D medium-format camera when you can get a higher-resolution 35mm-format DSLR for thousands less? Hint: It's not about resolution!

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TAGS: digital camera,  pentax,  professional,  studio,  medium format,  Pentax 645D 

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