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Scott W. Baker

Scott W. Baker

Scott W. Baker is a 30-year veteran pro photographer.

Scott W. Baker says:

How did I arrive at this juncture of Life as a Photographer? It started in 1975 when my Dad gave me a Konica Minolta rangefinder film camera. I was transfixed by it and the process of a camera and film.I learned by doing and worked in the local VFW Post in a gang darkroom how to print on fiber based prints, the filed out neg carriers and the wonderful feel and smell of chemicals in the tray. Kodachrome slides and School of Visual Arts followed and my passion, I guess the passion for it has sustained me ever since. I shoot all the time and love the experience totally.

The 30 plus years since 1975 were filled with journeys and explorations,8x10 View Cameras and Hasselblads and Zeiss and Digital immersion and a complete willingness to surrender to the process of seeing.

Its been a wonderful journey so far!

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The Key Elements Of Shooting Great Portraits

By NYC Wedding Photographer, Scott W Baker

ArticleQuick Photography Tips Techniques and How-Tos - by Scott W. Baker, February 28, 2014

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The Art of shooting Great portraits, and yes it is a bit of an art is the ability to use your eye to see the great moment that captures the essence of the person your photographing.

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TAGS: Fujifilm,  Leica,  sony,  Nikon D3,  Fuji,  Zeiss,  ftp,  Gary Fong,  Nikon D4,  Fujifilm X-Pro1,  Fujifilm X-E2,  fuj 

New Tools At Work: Fantastic Food Photography with the Fujifilm XE-1

Fast camera meets fine food

ArticleComposition and Exposure Techniques and How-Tos - by Scott W. Baker, October 1, 2013

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Can a foodie find photographic ambrosia with a street-savvy MILC? Scott Baker says "yes"!

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TAGS: Fujifilm,  food,  low-light photography,  Fujifilm X-Pro1,  food photography,  Fujifilm X-E1 

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