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Memory Card Advice for Travel Photography: How Much Do You Need?

Here's Why You Should Load up

ArticleBuying Guides Gear Guides & Reviews - by Mason Resnick, July 5, 2013

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In an age of low-cost cards, high-resolution sensors, and HD video, too much, it turns out, is never enough.

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TAGS: megapixels,  SD card,  memory card,  memory,  lexar,  sandisk,  compact flash,  SDHC 

FAQ: What kind of memory card do I need for my point-and-shoot camera?

Money-saving advice for snapshooters and family memory keepers

ArticleAccessories and Gadgets Gear Guides & Reviews - by Mason Resnick, November 22, 2011

The number and variety of memory cards available today can be bewildering, especially to someone who just wants to take family snapshots with a point-and-shoot camera. Here's some buying advice.

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TAGS: buying guide,  digital camera,  point and shoot,  SD card,  beginner,  memory card,  memory card reader,  memory,  sd,  memory stick,  snapshots,  buying tips,  basic,  SDXC Memory Card,  SDHC 

Wi-Fi standard announced for SD memory cards

Blog The ALC Blog - by Adorama News Writer, January 10, 2012

Tags:   SD card,  sd,  wi-fi,  SDXC Memory Card,  SDHC 

XQD memory card announced by Compact Flash Association

Blog The ALC Blog - by Adorama News Writer, December 22, 2011

Tags:   memory card,  sd,  compact flash,  SDXC Memory Card,  SDHC 

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