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Artistic Effects—AdoramaTV

You Keep Shooting

ArticleAdorama TV Techniques and How-Tos - by Bryan Peterson, August 22, 2011

AdoramaTV Presents You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson. Join Bryan in Holland, just south of Amsterdam, where he discusses artistic effects amongst a setting of colorful flowers.

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TAGS: special effects photography,  multiple exposure,  special effects,  shutter speed,  motion,  shake,  long exposure 

Six Ways to Hand-Hold Your Camera

Shake-reduction photo techniques

ArticleBeginner Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, March 29, 2011

When the light gets low and you don't have a tripod, you need to get a better grip on your camera. Here are a few tips to help you and your camera go steady.

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TAGS: shake,  handheld,  anti-shake,  Focus on low light photography 

All About Anti-Shake Technology

Another low-light photography advantage

ArticleComposition and Exposure Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, March 9, 2011

Anti-shake technology has improved since it was introduced over ten years ago and has helped to reduce shaky photos. What, exactly, is it?

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TAGS: vibration reduction,  sharp,  shake,  image stabilization,  handheld,  anti-shake,  Focus on low light photography 

For Sharp Shots, Use Flash

A blast of flash can keep your snapshots sharp in the dark.

ArticleQuick Photography Tips Techniques and How-Tos - by Jason Schneider, October 22, 2007

When you use your camera's built-in flash, or a dedicated shoe-mount accessory flash unit, the length of the exposure is determined by the duration of the flash itself rather than the camera's shutter.

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TAGS: photography,  digital,  flash,  sharp,  shake,  shoe-mount 

How anti-shake can sharpen your shots

Take advantage of this amazing technology and you'll be going steady in no time

ArticleOutdoor and Travel Techniques and How-Tos - by Jack Howard, January 16, 2006

Don't get me wrong: Anti-shake technology, either built into a lens or a camera body's image sensor, is amazing. It has become invaluable in low-light situations when it is not possible or practical to set up a tripod or use a flash. But it can't un-shake everything.

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TAGS: adorama,  sharp,  shake,  image stabilization 

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