PMA: Sunpak 120J TTL flash returns Tuesday, February 28 2006

PMA: Sunpak 120J TTL flash returns

Due to popular demand by professionals and enthusiasts seeking a powerful, flexible portable flash, Sunpak reintrodeuced the 120J TTL and AutoPro 120J flash units this week at PMA.

Sunpack says both units deliver a guide number of 150 feet at ISO 100, and when used with the TR-Pak IIA NiCd battery pack (included) is claimed to deliver 150 full manual flashes per charge at a 1.5 sec recycle time.

Other features of the 120J TTL (street price $299.95):

  • TTL metering via any of 10 dedicated modules for film cameras
  • Standard AE with film and digital cameras via standard module
  • Auto f/stops: f/2.8, f/5.6, f/11
  • Auto distance range 2.7-27 feet
  • Manual Vari-Power settings from full to 1/16 power
  • Bounce/swivel head
  • Large parabolic reflector provides osft, even illumination
  • Can operate on 4 Alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH AA batteries as well as TR-Paklla battery pack, TR-2000 battery pack, or AD-27 AC adapter.
  • 3x5.7x3.6 inches, 1.2 pounds
Other features of the AutoPro 120J (street price $259):
  • Same feature set as above, but non-dedicated unit
  • Designed to mount on bracket or light stand, has 1/4x20 tripod socket
  • Accepts household-to-PC cord

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