GE announces 10 digital cameras Tuesday, March 3 2009

GE announces 10 digital cameras

PMA: General Imaging today announced an overhaul of its lineup of GE digital cameras which will boast mostly the same new features we've been seeing in the pre-show announcements for other cameras. Shared features include Auto Scene Detection (the camera automatically chooses the right scene mode depending on what is being photographed), and Pan-Capture Panorama, which improves on previous GE cameras' ability to automatically stitch together multiple images. The E1276W and X3 models will also include optical image stabilization and the E1250TW has a 3-inch touch-sensitive screen that controls the camera. Three models will come equipped with 5x zoom lenses that start at 28mm (35mm equivalent), and one camera is waterproof down to depths of 10 feet.

For details, read the General Imaging press release:

General Imaging debuts 2009 GE cameras

TORRANCE, Calif. (March 3, 2009) – General Imaging has released its 2009 lineup of GE digital cameras, introducing a full array of exciting new features, including auto scene detection, pan-capture panorama, and optical image stabilization. General Imaging, the worldwide exclusive licensee for GE digital cameras, unveiled ten new models this morning at the 2009 Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas.

Now entering their third model year, GE digital cameras offer higher resolution and more powerful zooms than ever before. Each camera in the 2009 collection features at least 9 megapixels of resolution – with seven models boasting 12 or more – helping preserve all life’s memories with greater clarity. Ready for your close-up? GE cameras certainly are, as seven of the new models feature zooms of 5X or higher, including an impressive 12X zoom in the X3 to make those big smiles appear even bigger.

Waterproof – and hard to miss

GE cameras have always been a great fit for the active lifestyle, but the fun new G3WP is built to withstand swim parties, weekends at the lake, or rain on your parade. The G3WP is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet. “This is our strongest lineup yet,” said General Imaging CEO Tom Haga. “We’ve got cameras for every lifestyle. GE digital cameras are slim, stylish and easy to use. We continue to offer an amazing feature set at an affordable price.”

Among the features on the 2009 GE digital camera line:

• Auto Scene Detection. This feature automatically determines the appropriate scene type and optimizes exposure for sharp, vibrant pictures.

• Pan-Capture Panorama. One of our most popular features just got even better. Our earlier panorama stitching feature allowed the user to seamlessly stitch together three photos into one extra-wide angle image. Pan-Capture Panorama is even easier, letting the user pan the camera across the scene while the engine automatically captures, determines overlap, and stitches the frames into a single panoramic picture.

• Optical Image Stabilization. While all GE cameras employ image stabilization to overcome camera shake, General Imaging has included superior optical image stabilization technology in the E1276W and the X3.

• Touch Panel LCD. The new E1250TW utilizes touch-screen technology to allow the user to control certain features by touching icons displayed on the three-inch LCD screen. HDTV Output. The E1250TW also allows users to view high-definition photos connecting directly to their HDTV.

Most of the popular features from earlier models are back for 2009, including blink, smile and face detection, auto-adjust brightness LCD, and in-camera red-eye removal. Three of the new models also feature 28mm equivalent wide-angle lenses.

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