Thursday, March 26 2009

Move over. Webbys: Kodak announces the Streamy Awards
By Mason Resnick

Editorial: What would happen if a cinema film or camera company were to start an awards ceremony to compete with the Oscars (and promote its products)? Well, Kodak has just announced the Streamy Awards, "celebrating outstanding achievements in Television." The first Streamy Awards ceremony will take place this weekend.

The Kodak press release claims that "This first-of-its-kind award show will honor those active participants in developing and producing original Web television content for broadband distribution." However, the Webby Awards have been around for 13 years, giving out awards to outstanding video as well as all kinds of web-related content. Their next event will be in New York City in early June.

So, are Kodak's Streamy Awards necessary? Especially now that Lonelygirl15 has run its course? Perhaps they are. I noticed that the sponsor and co-sponsor list includes every Internet TV outlet....except the 800 pound gorilla, YouTube (which sponsors the Webbies). This award is based on audience votes.

Perhaps, in these still early days of Internet TV, there's still room for competition for the best Awards show. All I know is this: I'm rooting for Sorority Forever for Best Dramatic Web Series, and You Suck at Photoshop for Best Comedy Web Series.

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