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Picture-Taking Techniques

Outdoors, Travel, and Action
Outdoor Portraits: Fun in the Sun / Mason Resnick Outdoor Portraits: Made in the Shade / Mason Resnick Talkin' Baseball Photography / Mason Resnick Winter Sports Action Photography Tips / Mason Resnick Air travel tips for photographers / Mason Resnick Do you still need a polarizing filter? Yes! / Mason Resnick How to shoot a rock concert / Jamie Howard Fireworks photography tips / Mason Resnick 15 tips for great travel pix / Rick Sammon A day at the (drag) races / Joe Farace Anti-shake for sharp shots / Jack Howard Create the illusion of depth in landscape photography / Jeff Wignall Digital is great for landscape photography / Rick Sammon Drops of inspiration: How to shoot water droplets / Elinor Stecker-Orel Fuzzy Logic: Background Blur and Bokeh / Bob Atkins Got film? Got Digital? Does it really matter? / Rick Sammon Nighttime is the right time for fun photos / Rick Sammon Open wide: The ideal aperture for sports shooters / Jack Howard Outdoor and travel photography basics A-Z, Part 1: A to H / Rick Sammon Outdoor and travel photography basics A-Z, Part 2: I to R / Rick Sammon Outdoor and travel photography basics A-Z, Part 3: S to Z / Rick Sammon Photograph with feeling / Rick Sammon Practice makes perfect in close-up photography / Rick Sammon Shoot heavenly sunsets / Jeff Wignall Shooting the city at night / Rick Sammon Sidewalk Serendipidy: What's so great about street photography? / Mason Resnick Superwide made super-easy: Digital panoramas / Mason Resnick Tell the whole story with your pictures--even if it's a lot of hot air / Rick Sammon The key to comedy and action photography? Timing! / Mason Resnick Wildlife Service: Beyond Long Lenses / Bob Atkins Wildlife photography...even at the zoo! / Rick Sammon Winter photography tips / Bob Atkins

The Digital Darkroom
NEW! Product Review: Adobe Photoshop CS3 / Diane Miller How to create a toy camera look, digitally / Joe Farace Adobe Photoshop CS3: Changing Colors Selectively / Diane Miller Where's The Rest Of My Photo?/ Joe Farace Photoshop Meets Godzilla! / Joe Farace True Color: Optimize Your Monitor / Diane Miller Advanced Digital Printing: Take Control! Fixing a broken wing...and learning to extend the canvas / Diane Miller Fixing a Washed-Out Sky / Diane Miller How to create a toy camera look, digitally / Joe Farace Invisible Touch: Cloning in dark and light areas / Diane Miller Flying high with histograms / Diane Miller Digital spot remover / Diane Miller Prevent "posterization" (banding) when darkening landscape skies / Diane Miller Refining Selections in Photoshop / Diane Miller Avoid a typical image-editing gotcha by understanding your histogram / Diane Miller A split neutral density filter on steroids / Diane Miller Adding film grain to digital images / Joe Farace Artistic photomontage effects / Diane Miller Black and white revival / Joe Farace Changing color images into monochrome / Joe Farace Color balancing digital images in camera / Joe Farace Color balancing digital images with Photoshop / Joe Farace Create a digital archive: Converting slides to pixels / Jerry O'Neill Creating motion / Joe Farace Digital imaging and your health / Joe Farace Enhancing images with Photoshop-compatible plug-ins / Joe Farace Enhancing reality in Adobe Photoshop CS / Joe Farace Film scanning checklist / Mason Resnick Filters for digital photographers, part 1: Are optical filters still relevant? / James Bailey Filters for digital photographers, part 2: What's really going on in your computer? / James Bailey Getting started in image editing / Joe Farace How to create and use Photoshop Actions / Joe Farace It was a Dark and Stormy Night...In Photoshop / Joe Farace Make a slide sandwich--with a dash of digital / Diane Miller Make prints from digital files: go to the lab, or do it yourself? / Joe Farace Photo Rescue: Saving your shots with Photoshop / Rick Sammon Size your image right / Rick Sammon SpyderMan: Common Sense Color Management / Joe Farace Transform your landscapes with Photoshop Elements / Rick Sammon Virtual fill flash / Diane Miller Why you need a graphics tablet / Joe Farace Working with layers in Photoshop / Joe Farace Workflow intro: To manage (and find!) your digital photos, you need a good system / Joe Farace
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Guided Tours
#1: Canon EOS Rebel XT/ Mason Resnick #2: Canon EOS Rebel 30D / Mason Resnick #3: Canon EOS Rebel 20D (Discontinued) / Mason Resnick #4: Olympus Evolt E-330/ Mason Resnick #5: Olympus Evolt E-300 (Discontinued) / Mason Resnick #6: Sony DSLR-A100 Alpha #7: Pentax K100D/ Mason Resnick #8: Canon EOS Rebel XTi/ Mason Resnick #9: Nikon D80 / Mason Resnick
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Career Jumpstart
Get your work seen / Monica R. Cipnic Getting started in wedding photojournalism / Karen Haberberg Prime your portfolio / Monica R. Cipnic Which stock photography model works for you? / Monica R. Cipnic Who owns your stock photos? / Monica R. Cipnic Win on the web II: Web site design / Monica R. Cipnic Win on the web / Monica R. Cipnic
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