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1. Creating Motion with Still Images
2. Don’t buy Facts and Cameras from Strangers.....
3. Color Balancing Digital Images In the Camera
4. Color Balancing Digital Images After Capture
5. The Wider View... How I Photograph Cars.
6. Scanning Technology Rescues Old Images.
7. Anatomy of a Photograph - How did you make that photograph?
8. It's It’s All Black & White to Me!.. Changing Color Digital Images into Monochrome.
9. Grain is the Name of the Game! .. Adding Film Grain to Digital Images.
10. Zoom, Creating a Sense of Motion - In Camera
11. Photographing Men’s Fashion: The Digital Runway, part 1
12. Digital Fashion, Part II
13. Photographing Cars at Auto Shows, part 1
14. Photographing Cars at Museums, Shows, and Races
15. Like Black & White Film but Shoot Digital? No Problem
16. Making Prints From Digital Files..
Go to the Lab or Do It Your self?
17. On Two Wheels, Two Feet and Three legs
Shooting Digital Under Difficult Lighting Conditions
18. Automating Digital Enhancement
How to Create and Use Photoshop Actions
19. Digital Imaging Programs for Po’ Folks
20. Digital Fun with Dick & Jane
  Getting Started in Digital Imaging
21. More Digital Fun with Dick & Jane Waddaya Mean Workflow?
22. Digital Imaging And Your Health
Using a computer doesn’t have to be a pain
23. Sometimes it’s OK to Play with Fire
Enhancing Images with Plug-ins
24. Enhancing Reality
Digital Travel Photography: It can be practically anything you want it to be
25. SpyderMan
Common Sense Color Management
26. Tips for Winning Photo Contests
27. Why You Need a Graphics Tablet
Tired of mousing around? Take this tablet, and see me in the morning
28. Portraits Without a Studio
All You Need Is The Right Lighting Gear
29. Multi-Layer Photography
Combine Two Photographs and Three Layers to Make ONE compelling photo!
30. Automating Copyright:
Adding Copyright Notices To Your Digital Files
31. A day at the (drag) races
Drag racing photography requires a bit of knowledge--and a lot of zoom
1. Learn How to "See the Light"
2. How to choose a Digital Camera
3. The Zoom Lens Advantage
4. Shooting the City at Night
5. Photograph with Feeling
6. Renaming zoom lenses
7. Got Film? Got Digital? Does it really matter?
8. Take Control of Natural Light with Reflectors and Diffusers
9. Digital is grrrrrrrrrrrreat for serious photography
10. Seven Strategies for Shooting Silhouettes
11. Tell the Whole Story with your pictures - even if it’s a lot of hot air!
12. Your attitude affects your people pictures, so don’t be so serious unless you want your subjects to look that way!
13. Practice Makes Perfect in Close-up Photography
14. Shooting for Sharp Shots.. How to Take'em, How to Create'em
15. Adventures in Wildlife Photography
And some tips you can use at the zoo, too!
16. Top Tips for Great Travel Pix
Jumpstart your summer outdoor and travel photo fun
17. Must Know Digital Darkroom Info
The Lowdown on Image Size and Save As
18. Outdoor and Travel Photography Basics A to Z
19. Outdoor and Travel Photography Basics A to Z Part Two: I to R
20. Outdoor and Travel Photography Basics A to Z Part Three: S to Z
21. Enter Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0
22. Nighttime is the Right Time for Fun Photos
23. Intensify Landscapes... Transform your outdoor images
1. Super Hoods and Sweet Spots
2. Framing: Six tips for shooting group portraits
3. Color temperature and how to deal with it
4. Ovals in Rectangles
5. Practice! The best way to improve your pictures
6. Get down! Try a low-angle perspective
7. The Joys of Bursting Bubbles
8. Put it in a Tent
9. Shoot a Smile With Your Umbrella
10. Using Umbrellas
11. Using Bank Lights
12. Getting your Equipment to the Assignment is Only Half the Fun... Making Sure it can Work Once it’s There is the Other Half!
13. You’ve Got the Power, So Socket To Me!
14. Rope Tricks
Give this resourcefusl photographer enough rope and he’ll give you the hang on easy solutions to a few knotty photo problems.
15. The Wedding Photographer’s Notebook
16. The Wedding Photographer’s Notebook
Variety is the Spice of Life and Wedding Albums!
17. Save That Invitation
18. The Wedding Photographers Notebook Duets
19. The Wedding Photographers Notebook: Background Flash Units
20. Be My (Radio-Controlled) Slave
21. Be My (light-actuated) Slave
22. Swing, Swing, Swing!
It’s not only a classic big band style…. but a way to make better flash photos.
23. Anatomy of a Still Life
24. The Portrait Photographer’s Notebook
25. The Portrait Photographer’s Notebook Part 2
Eye, Eye Captain! When it comes to portraits, the eyes have it.
26. The Portrait Photographer’s Notebook
The Hair light.
1. What’s shaped like a bagel, fits on your lens and gives flat-as-a-pancake lighting? A ring flash!
2. Sharp and Flat Lighting
The keys to getting professional-looking images of small-scale-subjects
3. Want to get professional looking lighting with tough subjects?
4. Filters For Digital Photographers (Part 1)
5. Better Flash Results for Digital Photographers
6. A Photographer’s Guide to Batteries
Part 1: Non-Rechargeable Batteries
7. Filters For Digital Photographers, Part 2
8. A Photographer’s Guide to Batteries Part 2
Rechargeable Batteries
9. How you messed up that flash shot, and how to fix it!
10. Have Fun With Real Strobe Lighting.
11. How Time Affects Your Photos.
The key to creative use of motion is your shutter-speed dial.
12. Simulate natural illumination? Put your flash in the picture.
1. Don’t Hold That Camera Steady—Move it!
2. Multiple Exposures: Non-overlapping Images
3. Multiple Exposures Part 2: Two Overlapping Images
4. A roadmap to the magical, mysterious land of multiple exposures, defined as three or more images on the same frame.
5. The Tricolor Effect
No, not vive la France, but vive les filteurs et le Photoshop!
6. Slide Sandwiching
How to prepare tasty new images by stacking your transparencies.
7. Zoom Zoom Zoom
Yes, you can get splendiferous special effects by simply zooming your lens during exposure!
8. How to texturize your photographs:
No it’s not smoke and mirrors, but a little glass couldn’t hurt!
9. Drawing with Light.
1. The Camera Collector
A trio of user-collectibles
2. The Camera Collector #2
What’s the cheapest way to get into medium format?
Try a used twin-lens reflex?
3. Don’t you dare call them "Disposables"