Shootsac fashion camera bags has 12 new fabrics Monday, February 25 2008

Shootsac fashion camera bags has 12 new fabrics

Camera bags are starting to not look like camera bags, thanks to companies like Shootsac, a California-based manufacturer whose line of camera bags are said to be capable of hauling your gear in style. Shootsac just unveiled a dozen True Color Cover fabrics for its lens bag line. The fabrics feature colorful designs that defy the common wisdom of keeping your gear bag neutral or black. The bags are designed to hug the body and maintain a slim profile. Shootsac recently entered a partnershp with Adorama Camera, which is offering the bags now for approximately $180.

For details, read the Shootsac press release.

Shootsac Introduces 12 New True Color Color Fabrics: Form Meets Function, Finally!

Los Angeles, CA - Shootsac (, a leading manufacturer of fashion accessories for photographers, proudly announces the debut of 12 new True Color Cover fabrics for its acclaimed "wearable" lens bag. The fabrics feature classic and contemporary colors, patterns and textures, including: BRAZEN, BLACKOUT, BAMBOO, BLUSH, COWBOY, CLEVER, CONSERVATIVE, HIGH GLOSS, PADDOCK SHAWL, SQUARE, SPINNER and WILD. Each fashion-forward cover reflects the influence of celebrated wedding photographer and lifestyle artist Jessica Claire, Cofounder of Shootsac.

"Shootsac makes it possible to carry my lenses and extra shooting accessories comfortably on my body while I work," says Jessica Claire. "This means, I never miss a shot, or have to compromise my creative vision because the right lens is not on me. This has really helped clarify my shooting style."

The Basic Shootsac is designed to be slim, functional and visiually understated. But with the addition of a True Color Fabric Cover, photographers can customize the look of their bag with a multitude of distinct patterns and colorful designs. The quick-change fabric covers make changing the look of the bag as easy as changing a lens.

"The True Color Covers are all totally interchangeable. You can shoot with the basic black bag or swap in all of the fantastic fabrics. One great bag can really have 30 different looks. Match your mood, match your outfit, or go nuts and don't match at all," suggests Claire.

All Shootsac True Color Covers, including the new line, are limited edition offerings (less than 100 pieces). They are available on the Shootsac website (, at trade events and through select retailers - including the recently penned partnership with Adorama.

"Committing to fabrics in limited quantities makes it possible for us to stay fresh. Shootsac is excited to take the photo industry from fashion faux pas to fashion forward with a good looking and an intrinsically functional product," says Keats Elliott, Cofounder of Shootsac.

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