This page contains links to ICC/ICM color printing profiles, a test image, and instructions designed to work with specific ADORAMA papers and specific Epson and Canon printers. Each archive (xyz.sit or contains profiles for Double-Sided Matte, Double-Sided Semi-Gloss, Coated Velour, and PhotoGloss and will only work properly on the printer they're intended for. Some archives contain additional profiles for our newer Royal Satin and Smooth Silk papers.
Please Note:
The windows archives in Zip files contain newer or expanded profiles. These are perfectly useable on Mac machines but may have to be "tickled" to work under OS-X. Go to and look under color-sync profiles and the links to using Windows (*.icm) profiles on your Mac (*.icc)
My Printer is a
Epson Stylus 785 EPX
Epson Stylus 800
Epson Stylus 820
Epson Stylus 860
Epson Stylus 870
Epson Stylus 890
Epson Stylus 900
Epson Stylus 1160
Epson Stylus 1200
Epson Stylus 1270
Epson Stylus 1280
Epson Stylus 1290
Epson Stylus 2000
Epson Stylus 2200
Epson Stylus R1800
Epson Stylus R2400
Epson Stylus 3000
Epson Stylus 5500
Epson Stylus C80
Canon  S9000
Canon  i9900
ProJet Elite
Epson Stylus 2200
Epson Stylus 9600
Canon  i9900

File Type Conversion Chart:
Fiber Based
FD2 Double Sided Matte
FH2 Card Stock
FHM Coated Velour
FS2 Double Sided Semi-Gloss
Resin Coated
DG PhotoGloss
RDL Royal Satin
* please note that some archives may contain profiles for additional papers