JOE FARACE’s interest in photography and digital imaging combine the engineering education he acquired at Johns Hopkins University with training in fine art photography at the Maryland Institute of Art.

Joe has been writing about and practicing digital imaging since 1990, when some people didn't even know what to call this new technology.

He is the author of more than twenty books on photography, digital imaging and computing and is a contributing photographer/writer to Shutterbug magazine, which publishes his monthly Digital Innovations and Web Profiles column. His work, including the Buzzwords column designed to demystify techno-speak, appears in

Joe is also Contributing Editor to ComputerUser magazine and published more than 1300 magazine articles in magazines in the United States and around the world.

Joe’s philosophy about capturing, enhancing, and printing digital images is that it has to be fun. Part of that fun involves finding, choosing, and working with software and hardware that take the drudgery out of creative imaging. You can visit with Joe at or