Steve Sint has spent a great deal of his life walking down the aisle backwards. He has photographed over 3,500 weddings for his own studio and others in the New York metropolitan area. He has owned and operated a commercial studio for over 25 years and has taken over 1,000 executive portraits.

His client list includes the American Broadcasting Company, Hearst Publications, Yves St. Laurent, AT&T, NCR, National Semiconductor, Miller Freeman Publishing and Hachette-Filapacchi Magazines.

His photographs have appeared on the covers of over 60 national magazines.

Currently, he is a columnist and contributing editor to Popular Photography magazine, where his writing covers all aspects of professional equipment and technique. As a columnist and contributor his words and photographs have also appeared in Studio Photography, Lens Magazine, View Camera Magazine, Railroad Model Craftsman, and Modern Photography.

At this point in his career he shoots over 100 weddings a year for a select New York clientele, writes and photographs for a few magazines and websites, and still finds time to lecture on portraiture and posing, conduct workshops on wedding photography, and work on his model railroad.