What is Adorama VIP

As an Adorama VIP member, your loyalty will be rewarded. This program was created to give you access to products and services that honor your smart decision making and cunning shopping skills by continuing to shop with the #1 Photo, Imaging & Electronics Retailer in the world…Adorama

✮  VIP Benefits Include  ✮

  • Extended warranties on your purchases*
  • Invitation to purchase products that are only available to VIPs
  • Special VIP pricing on must-have products online
  • Unique bundles of products curated for VIP members
  • Exclusive email offers, saving you time while finding your favorite products!
  • Free eBooks with photographic tips & tricks
  • Member-only contests
  • Savings throughout Adorama's online store

*Warranty benefit requires purchase of Adorama VIP Member Extended Protection Plan which is a one-time fee of only $7.95