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What Are Refurbished Items?

Who refurbishes the units?

They are all refurbished by the manufacturer (unless specified otherwise) to the original company's specifications.

Why does availability seem unpredictable?

Unlike new inventory, we can't order refurbs. We have to wait for the manufacturers to contact us when they have a batch to sell.

What are the advantages of refurbished goods?

All refurbished items will have been checked over by the manufacturer by hand, inspected very thoroughly, diagnosed, and calibrated by experienced technicians, and could therefore turn out to be more dependable than a new item - which will only have been checked by a process of systematic quality control protocol (ie by random sampling as it comes off the conveyor belt).

What about firmware updates?

Refurbished goods are shipped with the firmware updates and latest fixes which were completed at whatever stage it was at when we took delivery.

What type of warranty does Adorama offer on "Refurbished" goods?

All refurbished products sold by Adorama come with a 90-day warranty; the warranty covers anything the manufacturers warranty covers for a new unit, including shutter defects.

Do I need a warranty certificate for repairs on refurbished goods?

No, your Adorama invoice is all you need to get warranty service on refurbished products (or just your order number, for Canon refurbs).

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What Are Imported Items?

What is the Grey Market?

"Grey Market," also known as "direct import," are products imported directly into the U.S., and not through the manufacturer's authorized agent/distributor.

Are "Grey Market" products legally imported?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to directly import these products and sell them in the U.S.

What are the advantages of "Grey Market" goods?

There is no factory-authorized middleman involved in the import of these products, so the costs are lower. As a result, the customer pays less. In addition, many items that are in short supply or are not imported at all by the manufacturer's authorized distributors, are available in the "Grey Market."

Are there any disadvantages of "Grey Market" goods?

Because there is no factory-authorized middleman, there is no manufacturer's warranty. However, "Grey Market" products purchased from Adorama are warrantied by Adorama Camera and are returned to Adorama Camera for any warranty repair.

Are there product differences in "Grey Market" goods?

There is no difference in the actual products. In most cases, they are manufactured in the same place by the same people and with the same materials. Occasionally, manufacturers will give them a different name. For example, the Olympus USA Digital Stylus Cameras are called Olympus MJU Cameras in Europe.

What type of warranty does Adorama offer on "Grey Market" goods?

On "Grey Market" products purchased from Adorama, we offer the same warranty as the U.S. warrantied products carry, for a period of one year. The only difference is that the product would need to be shipped to Adorama for warranty service.

Do I need a warranty certificate for repairs on "Grey Market" goods?

No, your Adorama invoice is all you need to get warranty service on "Grey Market" products.

What happens after the warranty expires?

Just like products with an expired manufacturers' warranty, you can take the product to any convenient repair shop and pay for the repair.

Is there "Grey Market" film?

Yes, we carry Kodak film in three versions:

  • U.S. - made in the U.S. for domestic distribution
  • U.S. for export - made in the U.S. for worldwide distribution
  • Grey Market - imported from other countries

Fuji, Ilford and Agfa films are made outside the U.S. In this case, Grey Market means how it came to be imported. The products are the same, but distribution and control determine the difference between U.S. and Grey Market. The main issue with film has always been assurance that it was handled and stored properly during transport to protect its emulsion. For this reason many professionals prefer U.S. film. However, in our experience, we've very rarely encountered any emulsion problems with Grey Market film.

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What Are Open Box Items?

Since an item can be marked as "Open Box" for many different reasons (i.e., returned without original packaging, writing on the original packaging, or manuals, packaging and items opened and tested) they may not include all accessories, manuals or original packaging. We recommend that you inspect and test the product immediately upon receipt. Open Box items are covered under original manufacturer's warranty.

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How Do I Claim a Rebate?

Rebates are honored by the manufacturer who issues them. Adorama will provide you with the required information and forms to claim a rebate. For a list of rebates and to obtain claim forms, see our Rebate Center.

To get a list of all the expired rebates click here.

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How Can I Trade in Equipment?

Adorama pays top dollar for used photo and video equipment. We buy all models of cameras, including old half frames and new digital format, lenses, and accessories, as well as video and binoculars. We will evaluate your equipment and give an honest and fair offer.

To learn the value of your equipment, you can call toll free, 1-800-223-2500, send a fax to 212-675-8715, email, or click here for an instant quote.

You can choose to bring the equipment to our New York store at 42 West 18th Street, or mail it to:

Used & Trade Dept.,

7 Slater Drive,

Elizabeth, NJ 07206.

We can also arrange for a free pickup.

If you accept the offer, we will immediately give you a check. If you prefer, you can use it as credit against any Adorama purchase. If you don't accept our offer, we'll return the merchandise to you, fully insured at our expense.

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