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Our Price $505.00

With 1x Pro Light 1x Pro Light Barn Doors - Bulb - 1x Omni Light - Bulb - 1x Tota Light - Bulb - Tota Frame - Totabrella - 3x Aftermarket Stands - Aftermarket Soft Bag ** Missing omni barndoors, gels, flexi shafts, tota flag, lamp pak ** + Wish list

Used - Rating: E-

Lowel LC-88D Diffuser for LC-88

SKU: US 713572

  • Filters & Diffusers
Our Price $45.00

In Stock *** Small Slash On Fabric *** + Wish list

Used - Rating: E+

Lowel Blender 120-240V AC/DC Kit with Canon Camcorder Battery Sled

SKU: US 728776

  • Light Panel LED Light
  • Includes Kits
  • AC/DC
Our Price $419.00

With Lowel Blender LED Fixture Canon Camcorder Battery Sled - 120V/240V AC Adapter - Power Cord - Set of Clear Safety Plastic - 1x Diffuser - Handle And Spud - Carry Bag ** Missing 2x Diffusers ** + Wish list

Used - Rating: E-

Lowel DP Quartz Light - Multi-voltage

SKU: US 709532

  • Tungsten Quartz Halogen
Our Price $80.50

With Bulb Power Cord + Wish list

Our Price $94.00

In Stock + Wish list

Our Price $625.00

1x Omni w/power cord & switch, barndoors, protective screen, handle, 1x bulb, 2x Tota lights Each w/power cord & switch, barndoors, protective screen, 1x bulb, 1x Pro Light w/power cord, 1x bulb, barndoors, stand adapter, 1x Pro Light w/1x bulb, 4x Uni stands, 3x T1-20 Tota/Omni Gel Frame for 10x12", 2x T1-50 Flexi-Shaft Pack of 2 - 16", 1x lowel totaclamp, 1x totamount, 2x 27" silver umbrella, 1x Tota flector 8x12", 2x Tota-Flag, 1x Tota/Omni Lampack, Hard case**1x screw-in lock" screw broken + Wish list

Our Price $82.00

** Missing Bulb Power Cable - Protective Screen ** + Wish list

Our Price $40.00

In Stock Missing Mount. ** Lamp doesn't touch the two side contacts/sockets of fixture ** + Wish list

Used - Rating: E

Lowel Caselite 4 5400K One Light Kit (120VAC)

SKU: US 714556

  • Fluorescent Kit
  • 5400K
Our Price $875.00

With Fixture Light Stand - Moutning Plate - Tilt Bracket - 4x Florescent Bulbs + Wish list

Our Price $625.00

In Stock With ViP Pro-Light, 2 x FVL Lamps, Complete Four Leaf Barndoor Set, i-Light, V-Light 500 Watt Tungsten Flood Light, GDA Lamp, LC-44EX Rifa-Lite EX44 Softbox Light, 2 x Uni-Stand, Uni TO Light Stand, Tota/Omni Gel Frame for 10x12" Gels, White 27" Tota-Brella, Pro/i-light Gel Frame, IP-l Day Blue Gels, IP-l Assorted Gels, Diffused Glass with Holder for Pro & i-Light, Lampak for VP Light, TO-83 Case, Manfrotto Counter Balance Weight-10LBs, ** Tota-Brella frame is broken ** + Wish list

Our Price $179.00

In Stock With Ext Cord. No Diffuser + Wish list

Used - Rating: E

Lowel GO Intro-Kit with ViP Case

SKU: US 718183

  • Tungsten Quartz Halogen Kit
Our Price $459.00

In Stock With 1x V-light (V1-10), 2x 500w 120v lamp (GDA), 2x Pro-lights (P1-10), 3x 200w 120v lamps (FVL), 3x Uni-stands (UN-33), 2x Pro-light 4-way Barndoors (iP-20), 1x Tota-frame (T1-20), 1x iP Gel-frame (iP-40), 1 Assorted Gels (T1-78), 1 Assorted iP Gels (iP-78), 2x Tota-brellas (T1-25), 2x Clear Glass (iP-49) 1 ViP Lampak (ViP-61), ViP-86 ViP Shoulder Case with shoulder strap ** Missing 1x iP Diffused Glass & Holder (iP-50H), 1 Tota-clamp (T1-30), GO-85 Case ** + Wish list

Our Price $114.00

In Stock 2 x 500W bulbs, reflecting shell, hard case. + Wish list

Our Price $154.00

In Stock Missing Bag, Diffuser & Ext. Cord With Switch + Wish list

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