Panasonic Eneloop Pro "AA" NiMH 2550mAh Rechargeable Battery, 500 Recharge Cycles(8 Pack)


About Panasonic AA

The Panasonic Pro battery Powered by eneloop which provides 2550mAh of performance for long lasting, high power capacity, extreme applications. Pro battery is a perfect choice for powering high current consuming devices such as photo strobe flash lights; providing more than twice the number of flashes per recharge in less than half the time as compared to conventional alkaline batteries! Wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, radio controlled toys and a range of household devices can all realize extended performance when powered by Pro batteries.

The Pro batteries excel in extreme conditions where high power performance in very low temperature environments (down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit) is needed. The Pro Nickel Metal Hydride batteries retain up to 75% of their capacity even after one year of storage. Unlike regular alkaline batteries which can only be used once and are wasteful to the environment, the Pro batteries can be recharged up to 500 times. They come pre-charged and can be used immediately out of the pack. Pro Powered by eneloop batteries deliver reliable, high power battery performance when and where you need it most!

Panasonic AA Features

  • Pre-charged and ready for immediate use
  • Can be recharged up to 500 times
  • Batteries maintain 75% of charge after 1 year of non-use
  • Provide high performance in sub-zero temperatures to -4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No memory effect; a full charge every time
  • Combines the best features of AA alkaline (ready for use) and rechargeable (reusable) batteries
  • Perfect for use in powering high current devices such as photo strobe flash lights

Panasonic AA Specifications

Battery Type
Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
Battery Size
AA consumer Type
Capacity Typical
Capacity Minimum
Nominal voltage
Charge current x Time
(Fast charge) 2500mA x approx. 1.1h
Medium-to-high power consumption device
Ambient Temperature Charge
(Fast charge) 0 Deg. - 40 Deg. C
Ambient Temperature Discharge
0 Deg. - 50 Deg. C
Ambient Temperature within 90 days
-20 Deg. - 40 Deg. C
Ambient Temperature within 1 year
-20 Deg. - 30 Deg. C
Internal Impedance
25m Ohm (at 1KHz) (after discharge to E.V. = 1.0V)
Size (Diameter x Height)
14.50 x 50.4 mm / 0.57 x 1.98 inches
30 g / 1.05 oz

Panasonic AA Reviews

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Best batteries. Great charger too.


from U.S.A.  -  Quality Oriented

Bought this product for use with my Xbox One controller/other high drain devices and they last a very long time. The charger works exceptionally well not just at this price point but at any price point. The charger charges each battery individually which optimizes the performance of each battery unlike the cheapy chargers you get with Energizer/Duracell which charge two baterries at a time so one battery will always get overcharged. The Panasonic charger also has a light indicator for each battery which let's you know if its charging or if its done. When it is done charging the charger will cut the charge off or at most leave a trickle charge as to not ruin the batteries by overloading them. I fully charged the batteries. Put them back in to charge and within a couple minutes the charger cut power and the battery cooled down which indicates the charger isn't loading them. Duracell and energizer chargers will keep loading the battery and they get hot which degrades the battery faster. Charges at 300mA which is good for the battery because it will charge each cell to the fullest and not overheat the batteries unlike those fast chargers. Also its not too low of a charge because if it's too low,say 200mA the charger can't detect when the battery is at capacity and it will keep charging it. Some might think that the charger is too slow but why complain when you can have a few sets charged and ready to go. One last thing. Don't bother buying those expensive Maha or Lacrosse chargers. Those were good for old technology NiCd batteries which had memory issues and needed to be conditioned every once in a while. These Eneloops NiMH batteries don't have memory despite what people say. Sanyo/Panasonic is a trusted company and they state these batteries don't suffer from memory. So again don't bother with expensive chargers. The Panasonic BQ-CC17 charger that it comes with is all you'll ever need.




from San Diego

Reliable, Long term use.

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