Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM Image Stabilizer AutoFocus Telephoto Lens with Case & Hood - USA

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About Canon 300mm F/2.8L

A worthy successor to the popular Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 IS, the all-new Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 IS II USM super telephoto lens is lightweight, weighing approximately 8% less than its predecessor, yet offers faster operation, improved image stabilization and superior optics.

Incorporating Fluorite elements for improved image quality and reduced chromatic aberration plus a number of advanced coatings to minimize ghosting, flaring, and with a newly developed Fluorine coating that keeps soiling, smears and fingerprints to a minimum, the EF 300mm f/2.8 IS II USM is ready to deliver spectacular images in an instant.

With a third Image Stabilization mode (Mode 3) that activates IS only when the shutter button is fully pressed, and giving the equivalent effect of a shutter speed four stops faster, the EF 300mm f/2.8 IS II USM allows for easy panning and is ideally positioned for professional action photography. The EF 300mm f/2.8 IS II USM also features a new security slot for wire-type security locks.

The Canon 300mm F/2.8L is commonly used for Landscape/scenery, Sports/action, Wildlife photos and more.The Canon 300mm F/2.8L is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Semi-pro photographer among others.The Canon 300mm F/2.8L is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Canon 300mm F/2.8L: Consistent output, Durable, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Nice bokeh, Rugged and Strong construction

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers most agreed on the following attributes:
Fast / accurate auto-focus (10),Nice bokeh (8),Strong construction (8),Consistent output (7),Rugged (7),Durable (6),Fast auto-focus (3),Image quality (3),Lightweight (3),Superior build quality (3),Super-sharp images (3)
Heavy (3)
Best Uses:
Wildlife photos (10),Sports/action (9),Landscape/scenery (4)
Reviewer Profile:
Semi-pro photographer (6),Photo enthusiast (3)

Canon 300mm F/2.8L Specifications

Focal Length & Maximum Aperture
300mm 1:2.8
Lens Construction
16 elements in 12 groups (Including drop-in rear filter, Fluorite: G2 and G4, UD Lens: None)
Diagonal Angle of View
8° 15'
Focus Adjustment
Inner focusing system, with focusing cam
Closest Focusing Distance
2.0m / 6.6ft.
Filter Size
52mm Drop-in
Max. Diameter x Length
5.0 x 9.8 in. / 128 x 248mm
Image Stabilization
Improved image stabilization, Third Image Stabilization mode (Mode 3)
82.9 oz./ 2350g
Fluorite elements, reduced chromatic aberration, advanced coatings to minimize ghosting, flaring, and newly developed Fluorine coating
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Canon 300mm F/2.8L Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


worth the price

I purchased the new 300mm 2.8 after much debate and waiting on the release of the new generation of supertelephotos from Canon. I was considering everything from this lens up to the 600mm f 4, but because of the delay for the longer lens and the great with teleconverter reviews of the 300, I took the plunge. I have to say that the performance with and without the converters is stunning. I previously owned an FD 300 2.8, which I loved but never used quite enough to master focusing on moving ob...

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I purchased the new 300mm 2.8 after much debate and waiting on the release of the new generation of supertelephotos from Canon. I was considering everything from this lens up to the 600mm f 4, but because of the delay for the longer lens and the great with teleconverter reviews of the 300, I took the plunge. I have to say that the performance with and without the converters is stunning. I previously owned an FD 300 2.8, which I loved but never used quite enough to master focusing on moving objects - and in the days of film it was just too painful to shoot so many OOF images. Even with my 5DMKII (not the best focusing body), I have been very pleased with wildlife and sports shots. Focus is almost instantaneous and the focus limit switches are a great help when working in brush - where the lens can get confused. One of the most pleasing aspects of this lens is the perfomance with the 2X converter for avian photography. If you use a blind and can get very close to your subjects, having the close focussing ability of the 300 with a 600mm reach gives great images. I usually stop down to f8 w the 2X, use a tele-flash for fill (typically the birds are somewhat overhead and backlit) and can literally see every feature in the in focus feathers (the flash usually adds a nice catch-light in the eyes as well). I'm sure the converter adds some softness in corners relative to the lens alone, but for most applications, the DOF and composition make this irrelevant. Without the converters the lens is an amazing peformer (and obviously, you should really want a 300 focal length if you buy this lens - if you mostly need a 600, wait for that) - I even have some great closeups during indoor volleyball and outdoor sports are a pleasure to shoot. As I frequently backpack or hike with lots of gear, the weight, size and flexibility with converters means I can put this in the bag without too many regrets. The IS is superb and I love the options for three modes - working off a monpod for sports and wildlife really benefits from IS when you don't have to stop action with the shutter and can go for less noisy ISO's. The hardcase travels well on planes and the overall construction is as expected for the price - outstanding. I'm still debating adding either the 500 or 600 when they finally appear, but I'll have to see great reviews and with tele performance with these to consider buying b/c the 300 is so good and covers many of my needs - and I can't quite see those as backpacking lens.

Reviewed by 17 customers


Why didn't someone tell me about this men's before!!??


from West Bend, WI  -  Semi-pro Photographer

I primarily am using this lens with a 5D III and a 7D II for soccer games. The focus is fast and accurate and the build is superb. It's heavy but not too heavy to hand hold. The photos are tack sharp and the colors are gorgeous. The price is steep but the results are worth every penny.


Stupid lens cover


from Texas  -  Photo Enthusiast

The photographs this lens takes, at least coupled with my 6D are crazy good. Just amazing. And, it works extremely well with the 2X teleconvertor III. Really, really great. With the 2X TC I can literally see the screws in the roof security cameras of a 10 story building nearly a half mile away. Amazing. The only things I don't like much are the stupid lens cover and the luggage. You just have to get one of these... if you want to protect the lens from dust or rain when the lens hood is on, because the cloth lens cover only fits on one end of the hood (the end that fits on the lens) so if you have the hood attached to the camera, there is no lens cap. Like, "Hello"? Do you really think I should have to unscrew the lens hood everytime I want to cover the lens? Whatever. But, the problem is, this plastic hood doesn't fit well under the cloth one, especially in the luggage, so, it's kind of one of the other. As far as the luggage, I wish it had a little extra room, like, for the 1.4 and 2.0 extenders, the lens cap I am mentioning, and maybe a little area for a cleaning rag or something. The cloth strap in the luggage with the Velcro to keep the lens from falling out if the luggage is not latched seems pretty inadequate, also. But, I am giving the negatives, since the positives are all spelled out in the other posts. Personally, with the new EF 100-400mm Mk2 coming out next month, if that lens gets great reviews, I bet it will sap a lot of business from the 300mm 2.8, and you will: 1. Prefer that one plus $4000 in you pocket, 2. Be able to pick up a 300mm used as people bale out because the can't afford it or just want the zoom, or, 3. The price on this will drop as it is getting competition from its 100-400 f/4 sibling.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)




from Henderson NV

I am a Sports Photographer specializing in Horse Racing. I need a lens that delivers crisp, sharp images and this lens does the job! I use a 5D Mark iii with this lens. I am petite size female, and amazingly I can use this lens hand-held without a tripod. Its light enough that I can handle the weight. I am using this for probably 5-6 hours on the track without a problem. After 2 days of shooting, yes my shoulders and arms start to feel the weight of the lens, but I'm okay with this as I don't like using a tripod. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a sharp lens to capture an action shot. I have also used the 70-200 f/2.8 IS ii and you can see the difference in quality of image. The 70-200 lens delivers great photos, but the 300 f/2.8L IS ii is just sharper. This is my dream lens for Horse Racing!! I highly recommend it.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


love this lens


from boulder  -  Semi-pro Photographer

Use this with 5D3 for raptors and about everything else too. Couldn't even dream the optics to be better and the new image stabilization. I use this all the time with a 2X TCIII for birds in flight etc, and shots are still incredibly sharp and the autofocus is fast. Don't let anyone tell you this isn't true. And, most of my flight shots are handheld using stabilization 3. Really quite amazing. I also use the lens for flowers and for people--the shallow DOF at 300 and 600 is gorgeous. Probably even better than the 70-200 2.8 iS II, which is pretty close to perfect. I walk with this lens combo quite a bit and although heavy, not really an issue. Expensive, yes, but if you want to shoot birds in flight and others things, it's kind of a miracle.

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)




from Chapel Hill  -  Pro Photographer

Super crisp images. Perfect for wildlife, but quite heavy for for long handheld shoots.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Canon's Flagship Optic


from Cleveland, Ohio  -  Semi-pro Photographer

This lens is simply phenomenal. This is my first step into the "big whites" and I am sure will be in my collection for many years to come. Optically, it is practically flawless. The sharpness is out of this world and unlike any other lens I have had the pleasure to use and own (such lenses as the 24-70 II, 70-200 II, 35L, 85L, 135L, 300 f/4L, 400 5.6L…. And many more). The 300mm f/2.8L II is in a league all its own. Some of those lenses come close, but are not quite to the same level. The IQ with the 1.4x III is just as good with no loss in quality that I can see. I still need to buy and try it with the 2x III… The attention to detail in the build quality is stunning. First, the lens just feels great in the hand. Focus ring moves smoothly with no play. Switches have a nice snap to them and positioned well enough that you won't be bumping them into the wrong position (something I do often with my 70-200 II and have to use gaffers tape to cover them!). The tripod ring with the 90-degree indents are a really nice touch. The buttons have a high quality feel to them. The lens was also well lubricated (as you can hear the lubricant when you move the focus ring and the power-focus ring slightly). This lens is for sure a step above the high end L's in the sub-$3,000 range in terms of build quality. The colors and contrast are fantastic straight out of camera. The isolation given from the 300mm and f/2.8 is really quite awesome, even at great distances. The 3-D "pop" is also present with this lens, thanks to the isolation ability and extremely high resolution and contrast. The minimum focus distance is really nice, I am glad Canon was able to improve it over the Mark I. I did not run into many instances where I had to backup to get the lens to focus. I am simply fascinated by the mode-3 IS… I was confused on how this worked, as I never really read a clear description of it. To clarify for others, when you start to meter (say half-pressing the shutter or back button focusing) you hear the IS kick on as you would expect. However, the viewfinder does not stabilize. It appears like the IS is completely off. But when you go to take the image it instantaneously kicks on and stabilizes the image perfectly with no visual delay. I could not get over this! A really cool feature. Overall, the IS works extremely well and is actually really quiet (even more so than the 70-200 II). You hear a confident "chirp" when it turns on/off, but nothing during operation (unless you lay your ear on the lens). Big improvement over the Mark I when I rented it. The IS also behaves extremely well on a tripod to help combat faint vibrations when using telephotos on a tripod. No reason to turn off IS on this lens, as it actually benefits with tripod use! I think unless you are doing exposures over 1-second, the manual recommends to leave it on. The AF performance of this lens appears to be extremely good. Shot-to-shot sharpness is very consistent and I have yet to get an image that was randomly out-of-focus for reasons other than my own. The weight is surprising with this lens… I rented the original IS and it was a hefty lens (as is this one), however the Mark II appears to be better balanced and not as front-heavy making it feel lighter than it is. I have no problem what-so-ever handholding this lens for long periods of time. For reference, this lens along with my 5D3+Grip comes in at 8lbs and 15oz. I don't plan to use the tripod much at all with this lens, there really is no reason to if you are able to support the weight… A good camera strap (I recommend Op/Tech) are extremely comfortable for supporting heavy loads. The case included with the lens (along with keys) are nice additions. I will use mine often when transporting and storing the lens. The new lens cap is a HUGE improvement over the old version, far less clumsy and easy as can be to use. Canon did great updating this. The only downfall of this lens would be the price… While it is the cheapest of the Mark II super-telephotos, it is still a very expensive lens. However, as expensive as it is (even as a hobbyist only) I don't feel cheated. The performance and build quality of the lens help curb the sting a bit. I highly recommend this lens to those who can afford to splurge on it. You won't be disappointed.


Evolution of Perfection


from Dubai  -  Semi-pro Photographer

You can count on this pro grade canon glass to get your money shots 99.9% of the time. I have 300mm is/vr lenses from both camps, and I would say that this canon IS II version takes the cake, as it is both lighter and IS mode 3 is an evolution of the IS system. The new front cap is great, as I no longer feel the need to buy a don zeck cap.


Worth it's peanuts


from Guam, USA  -  Pro Photographer

So I took a big step in getting this lens as I've been shooting a lot of sports lately.... I am impressed by everything about this lens. It's strong and feels like it, it has good features and isn't as heavy as I thought it would be. My biggest surprise was the weight, I fully expected to by mounting this to a monopod all the time, I'm a medium build guy and I have no problems hand holding this lens and shooting with it. 4 stop IS and the new addition to the IS mode is nice, as is some of the other features like focus preset, power focus and some others I won't talk about. The AF is fast, esp for how much glass is involved.... and the Image Quality is spot on as well. This lens cost a lot, but it pays to have good glass and this one is a great balance in features and quality.


Amazingly clear lens


from Palo Alto, CA

I bought this as an upgrade for my current f4.5 EF 300. I wanted betterr magnification than the old 300 (or my 200-400 zoom). Ideally I would like a 600mm f2.8 that was as light as this lens. I'm a bird photographer and am always reaching for more distance without having to lug huge lenses around. This lens with a 2x extender is the perfect compromise for me. The only downside is that now my lens is better than my camera body and I want to upgrade that too.

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The New Pinnacle of Image Quality


from Fargo, ND

Since this is my fourth Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens, I'm very aware of its evolution over the last 30 years. Each model has come with improvements both optically, and mechanically, but secrectly I've always longed for the size/weight of my original, the new FD 300mm f/2.8L. The first two EF's manufactured were both great lenses, but their weight/size were just a tad bulky for consistant hand holding, even having added IS on the second version. Hand holdability is a big reason why I like using a 300mm so much! However, this latest version is lighter while still keeping its durability! It weighs about the same as my original, and coupled with the latest IS system, and the low light performance of the 5D3, it performs like nothing else has before! Also, I didn't like the sloppy collar design on the original IS, but loved it on the first two versions, now that has been corrected too! Finally, I've often wondered since 1985 why Canon didn't use this double flourite design before?? Cost, production issues?? It's surely working here - clearly the best optics ever in a tele lens! Read the many technical reviews out there... or better yet, attach one to a 5D3 and just look at the files! I know this lens is rather expensive, but it just doesn't matter if photography is your business! I've sold so many shoots just by how this lens represents me. It's the best! Well done, Canon!

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