Olympus E-5 12.3 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Body Kit, with 4 4GB SDHC Memory Cards (total of 16GB), Camera System Bag, Mack 3 Year Extended Warranty, USB 2.0 SD Card Reader - FREE: Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks V1.5 Software, for Mac & Windows a

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Olympus E-5: Picture 1 regular

About Olympus E-5

No blur.
No dust. No bulk.

No limits. Built on our revolutionary E-System technology, the new Olympus E-5 adds powerful new features that let you do more than ever before. Designed to maximize the award-winning performance of Zuiko Digital lenses, the E-5 achieves the highest image quality of any Olympus camera with astonishing detail, blazing speed, and true-to-life color. New options like user control in Art Filters and 720p HD Video give you more freedom to explore creative effects. And with its weatherproof design, the rugged E-5 can go anywhere.

A New Dimension in Image Quality
Pairing the new TruePic V+ image processing engine with a 12.3 megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor, the E-5 optimizes the power of Zuiko Digital lenses. New "Fine Detail Processing" technology captures exceptional detail from shadow to highlight. The E-5's groundbreaking, in-body Image Stabilization enables blur-free handheld shooting. And its redesigned, 11-point High Precision Twin Cross AF system is one of the world's fastest and most accurate.

Reliable Performance Under Any Condition
The first Olympus professional camera to offer 720p HD video, the E-5 records at 30fps with high quality audio. While shooting high-definition video, photographers can capture stereo sound quality by plugging in any microphone with a standard 3.5mm plug into the camera's stereo microphone terminal. And 10 new in-camera Art Filters let you add dramatic effects to both still photos and HD video. All Art Filters can be used in Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program and Manual exposure modes. And new to the E-5, the Multiple Exposure function lets you overlay up to 4 images in a single frame.

All the Power, Without all the Bulk
When paired with Zuiko Digital lenses, the E-5 system is the most compact on the market. And its intuitive, ergonomic design, feels so natural, it's almost invisible to the photographic process. Whether composing still images or video, the E-5's 3.0-inch 920,000 dot dual axis swivel LCD with Live View covers all the viewing angles with a 100 percent accurate view. And its large optical viewfinder also provides a 100 percent accurate view, so you'll never miss a shot. The E-5 is also equipped with wireless flash control.

New Creative Tools Bring Your Vision to Life
The first Olympus professional camera to offer 720p HD video, the E-5 records at 30fps with high quality audio. While shooting high-definition video, photographers can capture stereo sound quality by plugging in any microphone with a standard 3.5mm plug into the camera's stereo microphone terminal. And 10 new in-camera Art Filters let you add dramatic effects to both still photos and HD video. All Art Filters can be used in Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program and Manual exposure modes. And new to the E-5, the Multiple Exposure function lets you overlay up to 4 images in a single frame.

Olympus E-5 Features

    The camera's In-body Image Stabilization system compensates for up to five shutter speed steps*. Mechanical Image Stabilization automatically compensates for camera shake in low-light situations or when using a telephoto lens.
    The E-5's proven Dust Reduction System, with the Supersonic Wave Filter (SWF) self-cleaning ultrasonic sensor unit, eliminates dust particles on the sensor bysilently vibrating an amazing 30,000 times per second, ensuring spot-free images. Recently awarded the "Special Invention Award" from The Asahi Shinbun Company
    The powerful 12.3-megapixel Live-MOS sensor coupled with the newly developed TruePic V+ image processor means you'll capture more detail than ever before in your pictures thanks to the "Fine Detail Process" technology.
    A Rugged "thixomold" magnesium-alloy construction coupled with advanced splash and dust protection, make the E-5 the perfect choice for photographers who demand the most from their equipment, in any situation.
    Durable shutter mechanism tested to 150,000 cycles. The pro-level shutter ensures reliability, even at five frames per second, thanks to a durable shuttermechanism tested to 150,000 cycles, making the E-5 the camera of choice for photographers who demand durability from their equipment.
    The 100% accurate high eye point optical viewfinder, delivers the precise viewing accuracy demanded by the most discriminating photographer. When shootingwith the E-5, what you see is what you get.
  • 3" 920,000 DOT SWIVEL LCD
    Dust and Splashproof like the body; the 270 degree swivel LCD gives you the flexibility to capture your image from low on the ground to above your head, or at any angle. The 100 percent accurate LCD delivers the precise compositional accuracy in Live-View demanded by the most discriminating photographer
    Accepting Compact Flash Type I, UDMA, and SD- SDHC/SDXC, the E-5 provides a choice of data storage options for enhanced flexibility, and it is possible to transfer image files from one card to the other right inside the camera.
    The E-5's 11-point High Precision Fully Twin Cross AF system is one of the world's fastest and most accurate. The Twin Cross AF design assures you accuratefast AF even at the edges of the viewfinder allowing you to get the most out of your Zuiko Digital lenses.
    A series of 10 new built-in Art Filters let you create dramatic effects when shooting stills or video. The innovative Art Filters include Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Gentle Sepia, Cross Process, Dramatic Tone can all be used in all the shooting modes of the camera
    Multiple Exposure makes heightened creativity an easily-obtained objective. Fourframes can be combined, and portions of one can be combined with those of another in any of the shooting modes. Images can be combined in playback mode ordirectly on the LCD through the use of the new TruePic V+ Image Processor
    Express yourself by altering how you frame the world -- choose from nine aspect ratios, from the standard 4:3 to the cinematic 16:9. By selecting an aspect ratio before shooting and easily reviewing images on the LCD throughout the shoot, the Multi-Aspect function adds a new means of expression to your photography
    The E-5 is compatible with a range of optional external flashes, including the Olympus FL-36R and FL-50R. Both of these flashes can be controlled wirelessly bythe E-5 so you can dynamically control lighting as your photography skills grow.The E-5 features a commander incorporated in its built-in flash
    The camera's Digital Leveler function is a highly functional and practical feature for such specialized requirements as architectural photography and othersimilar needs.
    Shoot movies at 30 frames per second in 720p with available manual control over aperture and shutter speed. This level of control allows you to express your vision exactly how you want in your HD videos. When shooting a movie you have the choice of Standard or HD with or without the 10 Art Filters

Olympus E-5 Specifications

Product type
Single-lens reflex Live View digital camera with interchangeable lens system
CF/SD Dual-Slot, CompactFlash Type I (UDMA), SD Memory Card(SDHC/SDXC compatible) Class 6 or higher is recommended for Movie shooting
Screen size
17.3 mm (H) x 13.0 mm (V)
Lens mount
Four Thirds Mount
Effective Pixels number
12.3 million pixels
Total pixels
Approx. 13.1 million pixels
Dust reduction
Supersonic Wave Filter (dust reduction system for image sensor)
Recording format
DCF, DPOF compatible/Exif, PRINT Image Matching III
File format
RAW (12-bit), JPEG, RAW+JPEG
Recording image size
[RAW] 4032 x 3024 pixels
[JPEG] 4032 x 3024 pixels - 640 x 480 pixels
File Size
RAW: 4032(H)x3042(V) (approx. 1/1.5 lossless compressed) Approx. 13.9MB
Set1(LF): 4032(H)x3042(V) (1/4 compressed) Approx. 5.7MB Set2(LN): 4032(H)x3042(V) (1/8 compressed) Approx. 2.7MB
Set3(MN): 2560(H)x1920(V) (1/8 compressed) Approx. 1.1MB
Set4(SN): 1024(H)x768(V) (1/8 compressed) Approx. 0.3MB
Movie Mode
Movie Mode HD: 1280(H)x720(V) Aspect 16:9
SD: 640(H)x480(V) Aspect 4:3(VGA)
Compression Ratio
1/12(HD), 1/8(SD)
Maximum Recording Time
HD: 7min, SD: 14min
Mono/Mono (Stereo external microphone available)
Field of view
Approx. 100%
Viewfinder magnification
Approx.1.15x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, infinity)
Eye point
Approx. 20.0 mm (-1m-1) *from eyepiece lens
Diopter adjustment range
-3.0 - +1m-1
Focusing screen
Changeable at a service center (Neo Lumi-Micro Mat screen supplied, possible to change to gird mat type)
Eyepiece shutter
Built-in type
Eye cup
Interchangeable type EP-5/6/7/8, EP-7 is supplied (Magnifier Eyecup ME-1 and Dioptric eyecup DE-P3, DE-N3 are available.)
Optical preview (view finder)
Yes, by preview button
Live preview
Available to set to Fn button or Preview button
View finder information
Aperture value, Shutter speed, Record mode, AF confirmation mark, Flash, WB, AE lock, Number of storable still images, Exposure compensation value, Metering mode, Battery warning, Exposure mode, AF frame (super impose), IS, Bracket, ISO value
Live View
High speed Live MOS Sensor for still picture shooting is used, 100% field of view,
Exposure adjustment pre-view, White balance adjustment pre-view, Gradation auto pre-view Face detection pre-view, Perfect shot pre-view Grid line displayable, 5x/7x/10x/14x magnification possible, MF/S-AF, AF frame display,
AF point display, Shooting information, Histogram, IS activating mode.
Built in (Imager shift image stabilizer)
3 modes (2 dimensional activation, 1 dimensional activation in landscape frame to vertical direction moving, 1 dimensional activation in portrait frame to horizontal direction moving )
Manual Function
input focal length 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 28, 30, 35, 40, 48, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 105, 120, 135, 150, 200, 210, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000
Effective compensation range
Approx.5 EV steps (in maximum effect)
3.0 inches
Total no. of pixels
Approx. 920,000 dots
Playback field of view
Brightness control
15 levels, with auto mode
Color balance
15 levels
AF system
TTL phase-difference detection system Contrast detection system in Live View
Focus mode
Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / Manual Focus (MF) /
S-AF + MF / C-AF + MF * C-AF mode is not available with the contrast detection system
Focusing point
11 points full-twin cross AF sensor with the phase-difference detection system
11-area multiple AF with the contrast detection system (Auto, selectable in option)
Focusing point selection
Single target, Dynamic single target, All targets with the phase-difference detection system
Single, all 11 area, or Face detection with the contrast detection system
AF luminance range
(phase-difference detection system)
EV -2 to 19 (at 20?, ISO 100, TTL phase-difference detection system)
AF illuminator
(phase-difference detection system)
Built-in flash (external flash available)
AF lock
Locked at first position of Shutter button in Single AF mode / AEL button (customizable)
Focus tracking
Interlocked with Continuous AF mode
Focus Aid
Fine Adjustment
+/- 20 steps, 20 data can be registered
Metering system
TTL open-aperture metering system
(1) Digital ESP metering (49-points multi pattern metering)
(2) Centre weighted average metering
(3) Spot metering (approx. 2% for the viewfinder screen. Highlight / shadow bases are available)
Metering range
EV 1 - 20 (Digital ESP metering, Centre weighted average metering, Spot metering)
(At normal temperature, 50mm f2, ISO 100)
Exposure mode
(1) P: Program AE (Program shift can be performed) (2) A: Aperture priority AE (3) S: Shutter priority AE (4) M: Manual
ISO sensitivity
AUTO: ISO 200 - 6400 (customizable, Default 200-1600) / Manual ISO 100 - 6400, 1/3 or 1 EV steps
Exposure compensation
±5 EV in 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV steps selectable
AE lock
AEL button (customizable)
Exposure bracketing
2, 3, 5 or 7 frames in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1EV steps selectable
2F-0.3step ·2F-0.5step ·2F-0.7step ·2F-1.0step
3F-0.3Step · 3F-0.5Step · 3F-0.7Step · 3F-1.0Step
5F-0.3Step ·5F-0.5Step · 5F-0.7Step · 5F-1.0Step
7F-0.3step ·7F-0.5step ·7F-0.7step
ISO bracketing
3 frames in 0.3, 0.7, 1EV steps selectable
Metering standard value adjustment
1/6 EV step, +/- 1EV range
Auto WB system
Hybrid detection system with High speed Live MOS sensor and dedicated external sensor.
Preset white balance
7 settings (3000K - 7500K)
Lamp (3000K), Fluorescent (4000K), Daylight (5300K), Flash (5500K), Cloudy (6000K), Shade (7500K), Underwater
White balance compensation
±7 steps in each A-B/G-M axis (in Auto WB / Preset WB mode / One touch WB)
CWB (Kelvin setting)
1 setting can be registered at Kelvin temperature (2000K - 14000K)
One-touch white balance
4 custom setting can be registered
White balance bracketing
3 frames in 2, 4, 6 steps selectable in each A-B/G-M axis.
Color space
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Adjustment parameter
Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation level available in 5 steps for i-ENHANCE, Vivid, Natural, Portrait and Muted. Contrast and Sharpness level available in 5 steps for Monotone. 3 effect levels are available in i-ENHANCE.
Filter effect
Yellow, Orange, Red or Green filter available for Monotone
Picture tone
Sepia, Blue, Purple or Green tone available for Monotone
4 levels (Auto, High key, Normal, Low key)
at High ISO setting
at Slow shutter speed
ON (effective when shutter speed is slower than 1sec)
AUTO (effective when shutter speed is slower than 4sec (at ISO 200 or higher) or 8sec (at lower than ISO200)
Shutter speed
P(Ps), S, A, M mode: 60 - 1/8000 sec.
Bulb: up to 30 min. (selectable longest time in the menu.
Default: 8 min. 1/3, 1/2, or 1EV steps selectable.
Operation time: 12 sec., 2 sec. (cancel available)
Remote cable release
Available (with optional RM-CB1 Remote cable.)
Optical remote control
Operation time: 2 sec., 0 sec., bulb control available (with optional RM-1 remote control)
Anti shock mode
Available (1/8 to 30 sec selectable)
Movie mode
Electronics shutter 1/60s-1/250s (1/3 EV steps)
Drive mode
Single-frame shooting, Sequential shooting H, Sequential shooting L, Self-timer, Remote control
Sequential shooting speed
Approx. 5 frames/sec. in sequential shooting H, 1 to 4 fps selectable in sequential shooting L.
Max. recordable pictures
RAW mode: Max. 16 frames. (with SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB)
in sequential shooting
JPEG mode: ( up to the card capacity with SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB)
Built-in flash
Retractable flash, GN=18 @ISO200, (GN=13 @ISO 100.m)
Compatible external flash
FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-50, FL-36, FL-14
Flash control mode
TTL Auto (TTL pre-flash mode), Auto, Manual
Flash mode
Auto, Red-eye reduction, Red-eye reduction slow sync., Slow sync at 1st curtain, Slow sync at 2nd curtain, Fill-in,
Manual (1/4, 1/16, 1/64), Off.
Synchronization speed
1/60s -1/250s (1/3 EV steps) (Min. speed can be down to 60 sec)
Flash intensity control
Up to ±3 EV in 0.3, 0.5, 1 EV steps
Flash bracketing
3 frames in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1 EV steps selectable.
Control method
Triggered and controlled by built-in flash light
Number of channel
4 channels
Group setting
3 groups
Number of pictures
2-4 pictures
Auto gain, Live View, Exposing on Recorded picture
Aspect Ratio
Rear LCD monitor, Viewfinder, Control panel
WB setting, WB compensation notification, B/W mode notification, Record mode, ISO sensitivity, Program Sift, BKT notification, Flash mode, Drive mode, Recordable still image number, Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, Exposure compensation value, Metering mode, AF mode, Activated AF points, Focusing mode, IS, Multi Exposure
Back light timer
8 sec.
Information (shooting)
Battery information, Exposure mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, BKT setting, NR setting, WB, WB compensation value, Picture mode, Flash mode, Record mode, Image size, Card information, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode,
Information (shooting) continued
Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, FP warning, AF frame, AF illuminator deactivated notification, IS, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Gradation, IS activating mode, Face detection, RC mode setting, Myset, Flush Charge, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio
Information (wireless flash commander
Exposure mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value bar, Exposure compensation value, Flash compensation value bar, Flash compensation value, ALE notification, Flash compensation notification, NR notification, BKT notification, AF illuminator deactivated notification, Color space, Wireless channel setting, Built-in flash intensity, Group setting
Information (LV shooting)
Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, Record mode, Flash Status, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Internal Temperature Warning, IS activating mode, Face detection, Myset, Multi Exposure
Playback mode
Single-frame - Information Display - Index Display(4/9/25/100 frames, Calendar) - Close-up (2 - 14X) - Movie (w/sound, FF/REW/Pause) Slideshow(Still/Movie/Still+Movie, Slide show w/BGM/BGM+Sound/Sound)
Information display
Histogram (independent luminance / RGB available), Highlight / Shadow point warning, AF frame, Shooting information
Japanese, English , French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Croat, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Turkish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai
4 setting recordable
Erasing function
Single frame, All frames, Selected frames
Protect function
Single frame, Selected frames, Release protect (Single/All selected)
Copy between media
Single frame, All frames, Selected frames
RAW picture editing
RAW development
JPEG editing
Shadow adjustment, Red-eye fix, Trimming, Monotone, Sepia, Saturation (color depth), Resize (producing another file), Aspect Change, e-Portrait
Marge function
2-4 pictures, merge gain step 0.1-2.0 0.1 step
Print function
Print reservation (DPOF), Direct print (PictBridge compatible)
PC interface
USB 2.0 High Speed for storage and camera control (MTP mode is available)
TV interface
HDMI(HD/Mono or Stereo Sound), Audio&Video out (Audio: Mono, Video: NTSC/PAL selectable)
Flash attachment
Hot shoe / External flash connector
Version 1.40a, Mini HDMI type-C (1080i/720p/576p/480p)
(AC-1 compatible*) *CAUTION: AC-1 is usable in some regions from safely regulation
BLM-5 Li-ion battery (included)
Sleep mode
Available (1, 3, 5, 10 min., off selectable)
No. of recordable pictures
Approx. 870 shots (optical viewfinder)
(with 50% flash light)
(with BLM-5 under CIPA testing standard)
Power battery holder
HLD-4 compatible
5.6" (W) × 4.6" (H) × 2.9"(D) / 142.5 mm (W) × 116.5 mm (H) × 74.5 mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
28.2 oz. / 800 g (body only) , 31.5 oz. / 892g (incl. Battery and CF card)
0 - 40c / 32 F - 104 F (operation) / -20 - 60c / -4 F - 140F (storage)
30 - 90% (operation) / 10 - 90% (storage)
Splash proof
Mfr #

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Outstanding but Expensive


This is indeed a great camera, but much more than I really needed. I just wanted a second Olympus DSLR body as a backup to my E-520. But Olympus no longer makes any other DSLR so I bit the bullet and got this. (The originally much cheaper E-620 is still available online, but for a whole lot more money than the E-5. I can't imagine who would buy that when he can get the E-5 for a lot less!) Oh well, it sure does take great pics and has some really neat features that I'm still learning. However, though I gave it 5 stars, I do have some gripes: 1. First is the neck strap. It's a piece of trash. The plastic adjustment slider broke by the third time I used the camera - simply from letting the camera hang down after one use. That, of course, can cause the strap to slide out and the camera to bite the dust. Given the high price just for the camera body, you would think Olympus could at least spring for a couple of stainless steel sliders. I just don't get it. If you buy this camera, buy a decent strap. 2. The owner's manual is only marginally useful and simply fails to cover some subjects adequately. An excellent guide book (available from a major online retailer) for the E-5 is far better and I highly recommend it. It is written by a leading camera guide author. 3. This camera has a dedicated remote cable connector socket. My E-520 provides this function through the USB connection, so that meant I had to buy another remote cable since the one I bought for the E-520 won't work with this camera. Also, the USB cable from the E-520 will not work with the USB connection in the E-5 (this is actually a fault with the E-520, since a standard USB cable cannot be used with it, but can with the E-5). Irrespective of that, Olympus has not demonstrated any uniformity in some aspects of their DSLR line, which I find disturbing. 4. The external flash and remote cable sockets have small screw-on/off plastic caps, that are sure to get lost at some point. A small compartment with a flip-out cover for both would have been far better. 5. It seems all Olympus DSLR cameras imbed the caption "Olympus Digital Camera" into the exif data. That means if I don't manually remove it from the metadata in each and every image after downloading, it will show up on pictures posted on various online photo sharing websites. This is annoying since it cannot be changed in the camera. When you ask Olympus support about it, they get very touchy in replying. The bottom line is that they want you to give them free advertising. My wife's camera which is not an Olympus does not do that. Well, enough of the griping. This camera does take fantastic pictures, and I don't even have Oly's high or super high grade lenses yet - just several standard grade lenses (except the 50 mm, f2 macro, which I have not yet used with this camera). It is ergonomically super and the swivel LCD is a real benefit over the fixed one on the E-520. I no longer have to lie down in the dirt to get the shot I want. The eyepiece shutter is such a simple but functional feature when taking a remote picture using the self timer - you don't have to place a hood over the camera in order to keep out stray light. Of course, I always forget to close that thing, but have not had any problems with exposures getting messed up as a result. The front and rear dials make navigating the menu or the direct button settings a real breeze. The dual record media option (SD or CF) is a great feature which I got used to on the E-520 as well. As to the video recording capability, I can do without it. My stand-alone HD camcorder does it better. So I think I'll keep it!

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Excellent with good light


I've been using an Olympus E-1 since early 2004. I use the ZD 14-54mm, 50-200mm, 50mm macro and Panasonic/Leica 25mm Four-Thirds lenses. I've mainly been shooting sports/action and wildlife photos. I bought an E-5 in November 2011 and I'm becoming accustomed to it. The E-5 would have been an amazing camera body for 2007. The image quality is good light is amazing. I was skeptical when reviews put it up against the high end Nikon and Canon bodies, but I can see why. In studio lighting, the images are so good. However, I photograph sports, many of them indoors or in poor weather conditions outdoors. I had to resort to using flash with the E-1 and the E-5 is no better, despite 7 years in-between them. The body settings need to be changed and the noise filter and noise reduction need to be reset to have sharp photos under poor lighting. I've found that ISO 1600 seems equivalent to ISO 2500 on a Nikon D300. The D300 isn't far ahead, but settings are important on both to achieve sharp photos. Under mediocre lighting, there is an odd "grain" or luminance noise. It's not totally unpleasant, but it's not exactly film-like, either. What makes the E-5 (or the E-1) important to me is that I have no problem shooting in the rain. In fact, I was shooting in 3 different hurricanes and only needed to towel dry the E-1 and lenses after each use. I have tested the auto focus and it works reasonably well but it's not a function I use normally. Again, settings will determine your success. The articulating LCD works well in Live View mode and you can capture photos at low angles much more easily. If one thing bothers me more than poor low light capabilities, which I expected, it would be the ergonomics. Using the E-1, things fall to hand quickly, even at 1 or 2 months. After 5 months with the E-5, I still have to look. I had hoped for more in 2011, but isn't terribly disappointing, even though it's a bit behind other brands in low light photography. The size and the multiplication factor of the format allow excellent, lighter weight lenses than the equivalent 135 format would provide and handheld shots are quite easy.


An excellent dslr camera


The bulk of my photos are of flowers, animals/birds, and landscapes and this dslr fits the bill completely. Image quality is outstanding, even at higher ISO settings and Image stabilization is very helpful as I am not as steady as I used to be. Most members of my local camera club own Canon or Nikon and are amazed at the image quality of the E-5. The lenses I presently use are the 14-54 II and the 50-200 SWD with a 1.4 teleconverter behind it. I sometimes miss the mode dial that was on my previous E-500 and E-3 cameras but don't consider this a major issue.


Well worth it!


This camera has worked well for me in most instances. I think adjustments on my part will improve images taken in low light conditions. Olympus images are extraordinarily clear and sharp. I have been using this system for many years and plan to stick with Olympus.

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VEry good upgrade


I upgraded from the E-30. It is top of the Olympus DSLR line without the top of the line price of the competitors. I can hardly think of situations where the full sensor and the higher mps would be worth the difference of price. I think the E-5 gets a little lost in the crowd. Built in image stabilization and waterproofing are big pluses.


Great picture quality. Build like a TANK


Anytime and everytime. Pair this up with the 12-60mm and the 50-200mm and its a Go! Weather Sealed and all.

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I chose Olympus because of it's image quality and build quality. I have used several Olympus dslr's over the years, including the E3. Compared to the E3, the E5 has decent high-iso performance (provided there is some light), fast and more accurate auto focus in low-light, a richer feel to the images, and higher resolution. I have seen comments about noise when shooting low-light and high iso. This might be an issue for some. For me, if I'm shooting by moon or candle light and expecting no noise and great shadow detail, then I'm playing, not working. This camera focuses very well in dim conditions, so all you need is to know how to add a little light, or work with what's available. I photograph in rain and snow more often than I do the dark, so if this camera's weather sealing is anywhere near the E3 or E1's, then the E5 is a bargain at $1000's less than comparably sealed camera's from other makers.


Exellent Camera-Top Notch Quality


I shoot everything, Portraits, Landscape, Wildlife, Fast shutter speed with the right lenses. Not great in low light conditions.


Best 4/3 Camera ever


I use this camera for everything... from the viewfinder to the screen, from the handiling to the weather resistant... I love everything in this camera... if you are into 4/3 cameras and you have high or Super High Grede lenses... this is the camera to go... do not look any further... you just find it.


The Unheralded DSLR Pro


This camera has many things going for it. Olympus pro optics provide superior resolution, The built in image stabilization is excellent and helps substantially in low light. This is important since high ISO settings can be noisy and require post capture processing to minimize grain. The tilt/swivel LCD allows great flexibility when taking low angle or high angle shots. The 2X lens factor gives great telephoto range with lighter optics, which is perfect for wildlife photography. At the other end of the range olympus has an incredible 7-14 mm wide angle, a beautiful lens. The real workhorse lens is a 12-60 mm. The body is rugged, withstanding hits in harsh environments from dirt, rain, and shock.


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Shopper  I have an E-600 Olympus with associated 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses as well as a Zuiko 70-300mm later acquired lens. (1) Are these compatible with the E-5 frame? (2) One of the problems with the E-600 battery is not enough long term power to operate the70-300mm lens effectively. Do you have a compatible battery pack that would provide that power to the E-5 if the lens is compatible? (3) What if I were to try and trade in the E-600 frame only, or frame and lenses, and start over? (3) Why Olympus as opposed to Canon or Nikon?
PAULA F  I have the e30 with the 50-200, 12-60mm as well as the good macro lens. I tried the e-5 but did not like it. The quality of the Olympus dslr is very good but the lenses have to be good quality. The more wide open the f stop the better (f2.8 or lower) since more light comes through. The zuiko lenses you have hould be compatible with the e5. The problem with the 4/3rds system is that it uses a smaller sensor so the camera is not good at low light. I still have my Olympus system and continue to use it but I purchased the Canon 5d mark 2 with the 24-105 kit lens and it is definitely better at low light. I am gradually switching to the Canon system since their products are very good quality and their menu system is much easier to use, in my opinion, than the Nikon's. If you are looking for an upgrade, also look at the canon t3i or the canon 60d. I purchased my canon from adorama and am very pleased with the customer service and return policy. I hope I've been helpful. Paula

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