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Kindermann 35mm AF Projector Multi Voltage Projector w/ Cooling Fan #8021
Rollei 66 Dual-P Multi Format Slide Projector - 35mm/6x4.5/6x6 AF with Fade control comes with 2 lamps...
Kindermann Magic Screen IR Projector Regular Wall Projection & also has a 10" x 10" Built...
Adorama Straight (European) Slide Tray Set, 6 Trays, Each Holds 50 Slides.
Gepe Straight (European) Slide Tray Set - 2 Trays each holds 50 slides
Porta-Trace Trace Master Deluxe - Opaque Projector
Adorama 100-150mm f/3.5 (4"-6") 35mm Projector Lens.
Braun Novamat M330 AF 35mm Slide Viewer / Projector with 85mm f/2.8 Projection Lens
Leica 35mm Straight Slide Tray, Two 80 Capacity Trays.
Braun Round Slide Tray 100 for Model 250 Projectors, #040705
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