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100 Photo-tastic Gifts for Under $100 for 2013

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Mason Resnick is the editor of the Adorama Learning Center and a lifetime photography enthusiast.

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100 Photo-tastic Gifts for Under $100 for 2013

Got a Benjamin? Need a photographic present? We've got 100 recommendations!

Memo to photographers: Share this buying guide with your generous friends. Maybe they’ll get the hint. Memo to gift-givers: Read on to help decide what to get for the photographers in your life.

Gifts for Photographers for under $100


With the holiday season upon us, our thoughts turn to holiday shopping and what to get for the digital photographers on your list. If you are on a tight budget, accessories make great gift ideas for your photographer friends. These gadgets and tools can really boost their images from good to great and help take their shooting skills to new heights.


So to ease some of your holiday shopping stress, we've found roughly 100 inexpensive imaging gadgets and accessories, all available from Adorama, to stuff your photographer's stocking this year—all with a price tag under $100. In fact, 25 of the 100 products listed below are only available at Adorama. (Prices and availablility are accurate as of November 4, 2013; click on the links for current pricing and to order.)


Camera Bags, Camera Straps and More

Lowepro Event Messenger 250
Adorama price: $48.99
This messenger-style bag holds a DSLR, an extra lens, flash, and a table computer—just enough to cover a wide range of assignments, including simple event photography, photojournalism and street photography. It's just big enough to sling over your shoulder and go. Available in Black  and Mica.


Tamrac 5606 Pro 6 Medium Sized Camera BagTamrac 5606 Pro 6 Medium Sized Camera Bag
Adorama price: 89.95
Every photographer could use a larger camera bag! Designed to carry a digital or film SLR with an attached zoom lens, plus 3 to 4 extra lenses and a flash, the Tamrac 5606 has plenty of pockets with room to grow. A pocket inside the top keeps film and accessories visible and organized. The ZipDrop front pocket is compartmentalized for accessories or personal items and a zippered mesh accessory pocket keeps small items in easy reach. 




Tamrac 5606 Pro 6 Medium Sized Camera BagJill.e Weather Resistant Sailcloth Messenger Style Electronics Bag
Adorama price: $61.13 (in Red)
Jill-e is known for taking a functional product—camera bags—and infusing them with a style that makes their owners' camera-geekiness less apparent. But make no mistake: These fashion-forward bags are full-featured, rugged, weather-resistant camera bags, with slots for a netbook and room for a digital camera, lens and accessories. Also available in 
White ($64.99)



Lowepro Photo AdventuraLowepro Photo Adventura
Adorama price: $25
The Lowepro Adventura is a shoulder bag that’s designed for photographers looking for a protective, lightweight, streamlined bag for a compact camera or DSLR with attached lens and some added accessories.  Available in three sizes to accommodate varying camera bodies and accessory needs, the Adventura features a rain-flap lid with a quick access buckle to ensure speedy access while keeping dust and rain from the compartment.  Adventura 170 (Black, shown) $24.26; Adventura 140 (Black) $22.69 and Adventura 120 (Black) $20.84.




Adorama SlingerAdorama Slinger
Adorama price: $29.95-49.95
(Did you know that Adorama carries an extensive lineup of exclusive "house brand" products designed by and for photographers? You can learn more about Adorama, Flashpoint and Pro-Optic products for photographers and videographers here.) The Adorama Slinger is an economical, multi-purpose, photo/video bag that can be used as either a sling bag or backpack. This ergonomic bag offers plenty of room for a single DSLR with a lens attached, and it can be worn as a backpack for comfort as well as a single-strap shoulder bag for easy access to gear. The main compartment measures 10x10x4 inches.  For extra room, a Pro Slinger model is available with an extra 2 1/2 inches of width (6 1/2 inches) in order to accommodate larger DSLRs, even with a battery grip attached. A slew of add-ons are also available to attach to the Slinger, including the Slinger Small Digital Camera Pouch, which is ideal for toting compact digicams. Adorama Slinger $59.95 (available in Gray ($29.95), Black ($59.95), Navy ($39.95), Maroon (39.95); and Slinger Aluminum Digital Card Case $7.95.
An Adorama exclusive!

Adorama Slinger Photo Video Bag
Adorama price: $24.95
The Slinger Photo Video Bag is a great match if you're using a mirrorless interchangeable-lens compact camera system. With a main compartment divided into three sections via removable inserts, the bag can hold a camera, a lens or two, and a flash. Mesh side pockets can hold additional accessories, while a solid front pocket is a good place to store extra batteries and memory cards. An Adorama exclusive!




Crumpler The Convenient Disgrace Camera Neck StrapCrumpler The Convenient Disgrace Camera Neck Strap
Adorama price: $45
Heavily padded with material that is designed to whisk away sweat, Crumpler's oddly-named Convenient Discrace Camera Neck Strap is filled with extras. For example, quick release clasps (with double safety locks) let you quickly change the camera without removing the strap from your neck. A neoprene anti-slip liner keeps the strap from sliding around, and a system of upper and lower tri-glide buckles let you quickly and easily adjust the strap's length. A lot of thought went into this strap's design, as well as its name.



Spider Holster Black Widow Spider Holster Black Widow
Adorama price: $49.99
The SpiderHolster Black Widow is a hands-free camera carrying device that doesn't rely on the usual neck strap or any variation thereof. Instead, it allows you to carry your camera—from point-and-shoot to fully-loaded DSLR—on your belt. The SpiderHolster Black Widow has two parts: the belt holster, and the camera pin. Attach the holster by pulling your belt through the two back loops and tighten your belt. Then attach the camera pin (with the supplied washer first) by screwing it into your camera's tripod socket. Use a wrench to carefully tighten it. Then slide the round end of the camera pin, with the camera attached, into the holster and you're ready to go. Read the full review at the Adorama Learning Center.

Adorama Slinger Digital Memory Wallet
price: $9.95

You can't have enough memory with you, and the Adorama Slinger Digital Memory Wallet conveniently holds up to 12 memory cards. The pockets are one-size-fits-all, so they can accommodate SD, Compact Flash or other formats. The Wallet opens like a book; flip through the pages to find the card you need. Easy! An Adorama exclusive!


Tripods, Monopods, Brackets and other Supports


Adorama BeanbagAdorama Beanbag 
Adorama price: $8.95
Why would you carry around a bag of beans (plastic pellets, actually) when you’re shooting? Because it can make your pictures sharper. Sometimes a puzzling lack of crispness in handheld photos is not due to incorrect focus or a crummy lens—it’s caused by shaky hands. That’s why photographers use tripods, to which the Adorama Beanbag is a more portable alternative. Plop it down on a window sill or a tree branch and simply nestle your camera into it when you shoot. It lets you safely set slow shutter speeds when you’re photographing low-light subjects or creating special effects. What it does:  Steadies your camera for sharper pictures, especially at slow shutter speeds
. An Adorama exclusive!
Slik Sprint Mini


Slik Sprint Mini II
Adorama price: $79.95
The Sprint Mini II GM from Slik is ideal for the photo traveler who wants camera support larger than a table-top tripod, but smaller than a full-sized one. The Sprint Mini II GM is a compact tripod with 4 leg sections that collapse down to less than 14 inches and weighs just 1.75 lbs.  While it is small when fully collapsed, it reaches a maximum height of 43.3 inches. It sports a sharp gun metal finish, and has padded leg wraps for more comfortable carrying. The new tripod also incorporates a new Slik SBH-100DQ all-metal compact ball head with quick release system for faster, easier camera mounting.


3Pod P5ARH Compact 5 Section Reversible Aluminum Travel Tripod
Adorama price: $99.95

The just-introduced 3Pod P5ARH 5-section tripod stands up to 56 inches tall but, amazingly, folds down to only 12.5 inches, making it an excellent choice for travelers since it will easily fit into carry-on luggage. An aluminum tripod with a clever two-part telescoping center post and five leg sections, the 3Pod comes equipped with a K3 Ball Head and can handle a payload of up to 28 pounds. An Adorama exclusive!


Gary Fong FlipCageGary Fong FlipCage
Adorama price: $19.95
It's a tripod! It's a roll-bar-reinforced drop-protective cage! It's a micro photography support! It's a video steadying handheld device! The Gary Fong FlipCage, designed to accommodate compact digital cameras, is indeed all of the above. Attach your camera to the Flip Cage, then flip the roll-bars in one direction and it becomes a tabletop tripod. Flip them to cover the camera and they will protect your camera from most falls.  In another position, the roll-bars hold the camera so it can shoot small objects up close. That's a lot for under $20. It's available for pocket-sized cameras as well as for slightly larger enthusiast models such as the Canon G16 or Nikon P7800.


Joby Gorillapod Mini Tripod
Adorama price: $19.95
We love anything that will keep your camera steady and reduce the likelihood of camera shake. But most tripods are bulky affairs, while the small ones are limited to tabletops. The funky-looking Gorillapod secures your compact camera to just about anything it can get its three legs around, and has become an instant best-seller. Want to attach your camera to a pole or tree branch? No problem!



3Pod PTT1H Tabletop Aluminum Tripod
Adorama price: $24.95
Sometimes you need just a little support: The brand-new 3Pod Tabletop Aluminum Tripod is great for self-portraits, still lifes and low-angle photography. This 5.5-ounce tabletop tripod comes with a removable ballhead, and can support up to 4.4 pounds.

3Pod PM3A Aluminum 3-Section Monopod
Adorama price: $69.95
Looking for stability when shooting sports or wildlife? The all-new 3Pod Aluminum Monopod folds down to 26 inches and extends as high as 69 inches, holds up to 4 pounds, and comes equipped with a removable 100mm ballhead. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative to pricier models but gives amateurs and enthusiasts shooting with longer lenses more stability than simply hand-holding the camera. It's a handy, accessory to have especially if you're shooting with an all-in-one superzoom compact digital camera at the long end of the focal range, and is more portable than a tripod and is therefore more likely to be something you'll bring along.


Benro A49F Classic Monopod Benro A49F Classic Monopod
Adorama price: $87
Aspiring sports shooters can't live without a monopod: It provides stability and the ability to move quickly with the action, faster than when you use a tripod. The Benro A47 Classic Monopod has quick-locking legs that let you snap the tripod into the desired height, and a foam hand grip for comfort.
This monopod weighs a mere 1.8 pounds! (You'll also need a ball head so you can rotate your camera).





Benro A48F Aluminum MonopodBenro A48F Aluminum Monopod 
Adorama price: $73
Aspiring sports shooters can't live without a monopod: It provides stability and the ability to move quickly with the action, faster than when you use a tripod. The Benro A48F Aluminum Monopod has quick-locking legs that let you snap the tripod into the desired height, and a foam hand grip for comfort. You'll also need a ball head so you can rotate your camera. It is quite good for an enthusiast-level DSLR and tele zoom lens.

Flashpoint Tripod ButlerFlashpoint Tripod Butler
Adorama price: $9.95
Tripod-using photographers have pockets full of paraphernalia when they’re shooting—lens cap, filters, cable release, maybe a meter and some gaffer’s tape. And they usually can’t remember which pocket they put something in. The  Flashpoint Tripod Butler ends pocket perplexity by keeping all your stuff safe and visible in the three compartments of its nylon sling. It attaches quickly to your tripod’s legs with Velcro straps, supporting up to nine pounds. That makes it ideal for changing lenses on the fly, and spares you having to put valuable merchandise on the ground when you’re working. What it does: Holds accessories safely and in plain sight between your tripod’s legs when you’re shooting. An Adorama exclusive!

Adorama Hands-Free Shoulder Support Bracket
Adorama Hands-Free Shoulder Support Bracket

Adorama price: $27.95
Built-in image stabilization systems take the jitter out of stills and video, but can’t keep your framing smooth and consistent. Adorama's shoulder support turns you into a human tripod, so that all your hands have to do is operate your DSLR or camcorder. Resting on your shoulder and torso while strapped around your back, it incorporates a large platform that can be unlocked to swing horizontally; a supplied riser/quick release can be screwed into the platform for extra extension and height. What it does: Provides hands-free support of your camcorder or DSLR for more comfortable, steadier shooting.
An Adorama exclusive!

Flashpoint 21-inch Extender MonopodFlashpoint 21-inch Extender Monopod
Adorama price: $9.95
Most snapshooters like to put themselves in their pictures. Even at arm’s length, though, your camera may not fit your friends in with you. Flashpoint's telescoping aluminum extender stretches your reach, putting enough distance between you and the camera to include everyone, and even some of the background. The Flashpoint 21-inch Extender Monopod has four leg sections that give you an extra 21 inches, yet it retracts to a mere 8.5 inches and weighs about as much as a couple of candy bars. Your camera screws into a tiny ballhead that can be angled and locked to aim your shot. Also a great tool for shooting above a crowd—or around corners! What it does: Gives you extra camera-to-subject distance for self-portraits; lets you shoot from above a surrounding crowd.
An Adorama exclusive!


Sources of Light


Flashpoint Cool Light 4Flashpoint Cool Light 4
Adorama price: $59.95
Old-fashioned incandescent light has advantages over flash, but its down side is that the brighter it is, the hotter it gets. The Flashpoint Cool Light 4 is a daylight-balanced, flicker-free fluorescent source gives photographers powerful studio light without the heat. Four separately controlled 45-watt fluorescent lamps produce the combined equivalent of a whopping 900 watts of tungsten. (The unit also consumes much less electricity than hot light, and reduces the risk of fire.) The Cool Light 4 is ideal for both portraiture and tabletop photography, giving photographers all the brightness they need for creative control of f-stop and shutter speed. What it does: Delivers 900 watts of light (tungsten equivalent) without heat buildup, allowing more freedom with exposure settings.
An Adorama exclusive!

Adorama LED Bulb with 96 E27 Standard Base
Adorama price: $19.95

Here’s the perfect solution for shooting small subjects without the heat, harshness, or color cast of a tungsten light source. Adorama’s 96 LED Bulb screws into a standard household socket, but its illumination is provided by dozens of small, cool-burning LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Since the LEDs are spread over a wide area, the light is soft, and its color is much closer to daylight than that of the usual tungsten bulb, which can produce a brownish cast in your image. Operating on just 6.6 watts of power, it produces 340 Lumens, the equivalent of a 120 Watt bulb. What it does: Provides soft, heat-free light for small-scale studio photography without tungsten’s usual brownish cast. Color temperature is 5200-5800k. An Adorama exclusive!

Flashpoint 144 LED Video Light & Dimmer
Adorama price: $69.95
Now you can easily shoot video or continuous light still photos in mixed-light environments. The Flashpoint 144 consists of 144 LED lights, and lets you dial in the light color to either balance with the ambient light, or to create a creative contrast to it. The light's color temperature range is an impressive 2800-5800 degrees K. The light throws up to 2354 Lux. Easy to use, the light mounts on your DSLR's hot shoe or on a separate light stand.


Reflectors and other Light Modifiers


Adorama Macro Flecta ReflectorAdorama Macro Flecta Reflector
Adorama price: $11.99
No, it’s not a sunhat. Adorama’s Macro Flecta actually adds light to a subject by bouncing it directly forward from your camera. This simple trick brightens the dark shadows created by strong, directional light—shadows that can ruin tight portraits or delicate close-ups. And unlike regular photographic reflectors, you don’t have to hold the Macro Flecta in position. You just slip the 12-inch-diameter white fabric circle onto your lens, where an elastic band and Velcro strips hold it in place. When you’re done, the Macro Flecta collapses to one-third its full diameter for easy transport. What it does:  Brightens shadows and smooths contrast for more pleasing portraits and close-ups.
An Adorama exclusive!

Adorama De-Shadow BoxAdorama De-Shadow Box
Adorama price: $29.95
Selling stuff on e-Bay? It’s important to show good photos of an item when you list it for auction so prospective buyers know it’s in good condition. Bad pictures can cost you a sale—which is why you need the Adorama De-Shadow Box. It’s a collapsible, miniature photo studio that pops up like a tiny tent. The sides are translucent, so they diffuse the light from the supplied halogen lamps before it reaches the item you’ve placed inside, producing a more attractive result. The De-Shadow Box is also a great way to document small-scale artwork or to do macro photos in the comfort of home. What it does:  Creates effortless soft light, for perfect shots of small items for online auctions, artists’ documentation, and macro photography.
An Adorama exclusive!


Glow 42-inch 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector
Adorama price: $28.95
Photographers can modify light quickly and easily with the Glow 42-inch 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector kit. These foldable reflectors are said to be perfect for reducing contrast, warming skin tones, eliminating shadows or just softening light. They can be hand held or attached to a light stand with an extendable reflector holder. It comes with translucent, white, black, silver and soft gold reflectors for reducing contrast, eliminating harsh shadows or simply softening the light. The reflectors are very easy to break down and transport in redesigned larger carry bag. An Adorama exclusive!


Lastolite Ezybalance Collapsible Grey & White 12Lastolite Ezybalance Collapsible Grey & White 12" Exposure Aid Card
Adorama price: $29.90
Time to replace your grey card—the Lastolite Ezybalance Collapsible Grey & White 12" Exposure Aid Card is a not-quite-square 12-inch target that folds down to a third of its full size and is easy to stuff in a gadget bag or even your pocket. In addition to offering 18% grey—ideal for fine-tuning exposure—the other side of the Ezybalance is pure white. Use this with your camera's custom white balance setting to set the best color balance for a specific shooting situation and reduce time Photoshopping later.



Professor Kobre’s LightscoopProfessor Kobre’s Lightscoop
Adorama price: $19.95
Normally, the little pop-up flash atop a typical amateur or enthusiast-level DSLR projects a bit of direct, harsh light, and when used with the wrong subject or lens, could create red-eye. Professor Kobre’s  Lightscoop redirects the light and diffuses it, creating a more natural lighting effect. It’s available in a kit that includes a warming insert for more flattering faces. Just slip it in your hot shoe, pop up your flash, and go. (Oh, and boost the flash output to make up for lost light due to the bounce.)




Flashpoint Triple Shoe Mount Bracket  
Adorama price: $10.95
If you've been watching Joe McNally's videos, you already know that there are times when you need to blast a scene with multiple flash units. the Flashpoint Triple Shoe Mount Bracket will hold three shoe mount flash units. Aim all three at the same umbrella, which is mounted via a hole for the umbrella's pole between the three flash units. The bracket itself is made of solid cast aluminum, and can be mounted either on a tripod, flash stand, or hot shoe.

Expoimagig Rogue FlashBender

Expoimaging Rogue FlashBender
Adorama price: $34.95
Flash modifiers have come a long way since the days of the bounce card. The Rogue FashBender is an infinitely positionable flash bounce that is made of flexible material and a backing that holds any shape in place, it lets you shape it any way you want to mold the light from your hot-shoe flash to fit your needs. You can even roll it up and use it as a snoot. The white reflective surface is optically neutrall so there's no need for custom white balance settings.



Expoimaging Rogue Universal GelsExpoimaging Rogue Universal Gels
Adorama price: $29.95
Designed to fit on almost every  shoe-mounted flash on the market, Rogue Universal Gels are a great way to add a dash of color to your portable flash setups. Each kit gives you 20 different-colored gels which you can combine for a very wide variety of color combinations and effects. Each gel is marked with the Lee Filter equivalent, as well as the amount of light loss you can expect, in f/stops or fractions of stops. To attach to your flash, simply pull an included gel band around the flash head, then slip the ends of the gel between band and flash. Easy, and a ton of creative fun.


Expoimaging Rogue Safari DSLR Pop-Up Flash Booster
Adorama price: $34.95
Are you frustrated by the limited light output your APS-sensor's dinky little pop-up flash puts out? If so, the Expoimaging Rogue Safari may be just for you. For a fraction of the cost of an additional shoe-mount flash, the Safari uses specially-designed Fresnel optics to magnify the intensity of your flash for up to eight times the light output. It's only designed to work with Canon or Nikon APS-C and DX sensor DSLRs' pop-up flashes. It simply attaches via your camera's hot shoe, and you're ready to roll.


LumiQuest Soft ScreenLumiQuest Soft Screen
Adorama price: $13.95
LumiQuest has been making light modifiers for around 20 years--you see them at press conference on those big portable shoe-mount flashes. But now they've made one to fit over your digital SLR's pop-up flash. Use this to soften the harsh lighting that direct on-camera flash produces. It'll also reduce the chance of getting red-eye.





Lenses, optical accessories and more

Pro Optic Auto Extension TubesPro Optic Auto Extension Tubes
Adorama price: $49.95-$89.95
Few kinds of picture-taking excite photographers more than close-ups. But dedicated macro lenses are very expensive, and screw-in supplementary lenses usually don’t produce high-quality results. Extension tubes are the way to go—and  Pro Optic Auto Extension Tubes cost a fraction of the price of their name-brand equivalents. Their three interconnecting tubes slip between camera and lens, alone or stacked in combination to achieve the exact degree of magnification you want, yet with full autoexposure control.  What it does: Allows high-quality, high-magnification close-up photography at an affordable price, and with full exposure control. Available for Canon, Sony/Minolta, and Nikon DSLRs.
An Adorama exclusive!

Pro Optic Lens AdaptersPro Optic Lens Adapters
Adorama price: $14.95-$222.00
Photographers who feel trapped by their SLRs’ or DSLRs’ dedicated lens systems should check out our Pro Optic lens adapters. They let you use all sorts of name-brand interchangeable lenses on other manufacturers’ camera bodies! If you own one of the new Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus or Panasonic, for example, we have adapters that will let you put just about any SLR/DSLR lens (even Leica M lenses) on these tiny, mirrorless bodies. Or you can put old Canon FD manual-focus lenses on Canon EOS autofocus bodies. What it does: Lets you use a variety of existing brand-name lenses on other manufacturers’ camera models
An Adorama exclusive!
Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic


Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic
Adorama price: $49.95
Lensbaby’s Soft Focus Optic system is an add-on accessory that would make a great gift for the photographer who already has a Lensbaby Composer, Muse or Control Freak featuring the new Optic Swap System. The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic works with Lensbaby’s Creative Effects SLR camera lenses, the Composer, Muse and Control Freak.  Images created with the 50mm focal length Soft Focus Optic have a soft, diffused appearance. The Soft Focus Optic’s multi-coated optical glass doublet creates a much flatter field of focus than previous Lensbaby optics, making this optic well-suited for a variety of soft focus applications. The Lensbaby Optic is being sold in a special bundle that includes three optics options: plastic, pinhole/zone plate, and single glass. Each optic creates a dreamy, ethereal look and will take users to new artistic horizons.


Pro Optic 0.25x Super Fish-eye Auxiliary Lens

Pro Optic 0.25x Super Fish-eye Auxiliary Lens
Adorama price: $34.95-$79.95
Turn your 50mm lens (or mid-range zoom lens) on your SLR into a quasi-fisheye lens that can take in 180 degrees of coverage with the Pro Optic 0.25x Super Fish-eye Auxiliary Lens. This simple, inexpensive accessory attaches to the filter thread of your lens and converts what you see into a whole new world. Available in 49mm to 67mm filter sizes.
An Adorama exclusive!






Lomography Fisheye 2 35mm CameraLomography Fisheye 2 35mm CameraLomography Fisheye 2 35mm Camera
Adorama price: $54.95
It's time to get really funky! Lomo, a company that never shies away from plastic film cameras, has done it again with the Lomo Fisheye 2. It's sole purpose in life is to capture rounded, super-distorted 170-degree super-wide-angle photos on 35mm film. It's a bare-bones camera with a fixed exposure setting, a flash shoe for external flash, multiple-exposure switch, and an accessory viewfinder so what you see is...kinda...what you get. Browse the Adorama film department for 35m film for this camera. Built for fun!

Digital and Traditional Frames

Audiovox DPF809 8" Digital Photo Frame 
Adorama price: $84.95
Beautifully display your favorite pictures at home or the office with the easy-to-use Audiovix DPF809 8-inch digital photo frame.  It accepts MS, MMC, SD and xD memory cards, has single image, thumbnail and slideshow options plus a USB port, as well as 512MB of internal memory. It has a wide 16:9 aspect ratio and delivers 800x600 dot resolution.


Pictronix Illuminated Flat Screen Photo FramePictronix Illuminated Flat Screen Photo Frame
Adorama price: $18.48
Sure, you could watch your digital images on a large-screen plasma TV or Smart Phone, but we like this inexpensive, elegant brown faux leather framed 4x6-inch viewer. The same size as the most commonly-requested photographic print, the Pictronic is one of the best digital photo frame values we've seen.



Quadro Designs Simplicity Wood Frame
Adorama price: $29.95
If you, like so many others, still believe in the beauty of physical prints, Quadro Designs' Simplicity Wood Frame holds a bunch of 'em—21 standard 4x6-inch prints, to be precise. Its black-painted wood frame is a modern, classy way to show off your favorite prints...and princesses.



Memory Cards, Readers, and other Digital Storage Solutions

Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB WiFi Class 10 SDHC Memory Card

Adorama price: $89.74
Instant uploads from your camera wherever you are - that's the power of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB WiFi Class 10 SDHC Memory card. Every year it seems Eye-Fi has doubled the capacity of its memory card, which adds Wi-Fi capabilities to nearly any digital camera that accepts SD-format cards. Automatically upload or back up photos and videos to your iPhone android or tablet, whether you're at the beach or on travel. Never run out of space with Endless Memory Mode. Built-in 802.11n transfer speed keeps files moving fast; You can also wirelessly send your JPEG photos and videos to popular websites which includes Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe, and YouTube. If, however, you have a camera with Wi-Fi built in, this card may not be necessary and you can save some money by buying a regular memory card.

Kingston Technology 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card
Adorama price: $17.95
Memory keeps getting less expensive, and the Kingston 16GB SDHC card offers an outstanding value. Great for use in consumer-level compact cameras, MILCs, and DSLRs, this card has a 60MB/second read speed and 35MB/s write speed—fast enough to get all those great JPEGs and HD videos with no hiccups.

SanDisk 16GB ExtremePRO CompactFlash Card - up to 160MB/sec
Adorama price: $17.95$74.95
Designed for DSLR photographers who shoot big files and need to transfer them fast, the SanDisk Extreme Pro card boasts 160MB/s file transfer speed,  and is UDMA-7 rated; it is said to handle both HD and 4K video with aplomb. Sealed against humidity, it is designed to work in rugged conditions.

WD 500GB My Passport Portable Hard Drive 
Adorama price: $56.95
As useful as it is eye-catching, the WD My Passport is one of the smallest portable hards drive around, letting you save and back up your valuable files and data. With a 500GB capacity, up to 5 GB/sec transfer rate (that's really fast!),  a design that deliberately matches that of a typical Apple MacBook Pro, and full compatibility with Time Machine, it's plug-and-play ready to use with any Mac.

Lexar Professional UDMA Dual-Slot USB 3.0 Reader

Lexar Professional UDMA Dual-Slot USB 3.0 Reader
Adorama price: $34.95
The highest speed offering in the Lexar® Professional reader line, the Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader is an excellent solution for professional photographers and videographers looking to maximize their workflow with blazingfast transfer speeds. With a USB interface speed of 500MB/s, which reads up to 4.5 times faster than USB 2.0. Watch Mark Wallace's demo of this reader on AdoramaTV.

Sakar Mickey Mouse 8GB USB Flash Drive KeyChain
He may look a cute, unassuming toy, but this Mickey Mouse keychain bauble is a high-capacity 8GB USB flash drive that provides a convenient solution for storing, transferring and sharing multimedia. Created to suit the users’ busy lifestyle, Sakar makes a fashionable accessory, and comes with a small attachment hole to string the drive and attach to a backpack, or hook to a purse or briefcase. The definition of a digital-age stocking stuffer!


Useful Imaging Tools


Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
Adorama price: $89.99
Photoshop's kid brother. Adobe Photoshop Elements, keeps getting bigger and stronger, offering an extensive set of editing tools for those who know how to use them, and intuitive, simple ways to improve images for snapshooters via Quick, Guided, and Expert modes. There are distinct editor and organizer interfaces, and retouching tools that include Content Aware Move and Fill, which work to intelligently replace backgrounds within images after moving elements. Straighten tool corrects misaligned horizons and the Spot Healing Brush can be used to quickly remove any undesired aspects of a picture. Discolored pet eyes can be quickly corrected for and Auto Smart Tone works to efficiently optimize brightness, contrast and color based on learned personal preferences. 25 Guided Edits help novice users become more familiar with the software.




Datacolor SpyderCube 3d CubeDatacolor SpyderCube 3d Cube
Adorama price: $49
For years, photographers have relied on traditional flat gray cards to establish proper white balance in a wide range of shooting environments.  But now Datacolor’s SpyderCube changes all that. You can quickly customize white balance and capture much more precise color when shooting in RAW using SpyderCube. This calibration device is spectrally neutral, so it responds accurately to all lighting conditions and allows photographers to correct highlight and shadow details in RAW images. Users can customize accurate white balance across an entire set of images shot in the same lighting conditions.



More Good Stuff!



Flipbac 3-inch Angle Viewfinder and LCD Screen ProtectorFlipbac 3-inch Angle Viewfinder and LCD Screen Protector
Adorama price: $14.95
The Flipbac attaches to the back of your DSLR or compact digital camera and a hinged mirror flips out to reflect the image. Thanks to its dual hinge you can flip it up, down or to either side, allowing you to view around corners, over heads, or do hip shots. It’s great as long as your camera has a 3-inch LCD monitor.

Datacolor SpyderLensCal Datacolor SpyderLensCal
Adorama price: $64.00
Is your lens focusing accurately? Are you sure? Even the best lenses can slip slightly out of focus, just enough to mess up that important shot of a lifetime. The SpyderLensCal lets you quickly and easily establish if your lens's focus is accurate and help you to recalibrate it. It lets you quickly and easily self-service your lenses and save you hundreds of dollars because you don't have to send your gear in to be fixed by providing accurate repeatable calibration of your lenses and recent DSLR bodies.




Ansmann Energy 8 Battery ChargerAnsmann Energy 8 Battery Charger
Adorama price: $55.99
In these days of multiple battery-operated devices, this multiple battery recharger is a necessity. The
Ansmann Energy 8 Battery Charger will charge up to 6 AA and AAA cells, or 4 C or D cells, or any combination of C, D, AA and AAA cells as well as two 9-volt batteries. It can provide a full charge for NiMH and NiCd cells in 3 hours, and can automatically detect and switch to the proper current.




Alpine Innovations Spudz 6x6 Microfiber ClothAlpine Innovations Spudz 6x6 Microfiber Cloth
Adorama price: $4.95
This convenient microfiber cloth tucks into a self-contained tough sack, and can attach to a camera strap or belt loop. Handy and wallet-friendly. Alpine's Sputz cloth goes well with Alpine Innovations' Anti-Fog Liquid CPAF for use when cleaning lenses.




Adorama microGAFFER tapeAdorama microGAFFER tape
Adorama price: $19.95
Studio and location photographers would have to shut up shop if it weren’t for gaffer’s tape. It does things no piece of photographic hardware can do, whether clamp, clip, or thumbscrew. But the downside is that it comes in big, heavy rolls that are a nuisance to carry around. Enter Adorama microGAFFER—high-quality, professional cloth gaffer’s tape made pocketable. Each roll is just an inch wide (vs. two inches for a standard roll) and measures less than 2.5 inches in diameter (vs. 6.5 inches). Those dimensions make a roll of microGAFFER small enough to slip into your pocket. It comes in four-packs of white , gray, and black , plus a fluorescent multicolor four-pack (shown).  What it does: Provides trusty, tried-and-true gaffer’s tape in a form you can actually stick in your pocket.
An Adorama Exclusive!

Flashpoint Professional Camera Grips Flashpoint Professional Camera Grips
Adorama price: $24.95 and up
It’s tough to pay top dollar for brand-name accessories when you’ve just bought an expensive DSLR. Fortunately, that needn’t stop you from buying a dedicated camera grip—one that gives you both longer battery life and a more comfortable hold for vertical shooting. Flashpoint Professional Camera Grips are custom-built in versions for nearly all popular DSLRs, yet cost a fraction of their name-brand equivalents. Each of them provides full functionality with its intended model, including a separate, more comfortably placed shutter button for vertical shooting. These AA-powered grips match their specific model cosmetically as well.  What it does: Provides longer-lasting power and more comfortable vertical shooting at a fraction of name-brand price.
An Adorama Exclusive!

Kaiser Strap-On Cable Release AdapterKaiser Strap-On Cable Release Adapter
Adorama price: $34.95
Serious photographers love to shoot with compact cameras, which free them from the weight and bulk of DSLRs. But setting them to slow shutter speeds for low-light shooting or creative effects can be a problem because pressing the shutter button with your finger usually causes blur. Most compacts don’t have a traditional threaded socket in the middle of their shutter button, so if you want to use an inexpensive mechanical cable release you’ll need the Kaiser Strap-On Cable Release Adapter. This simple but ingenious device is a strap that wraps around your compact camera, secured with Velcro so that its threaded socket is positioned above your camera’s shutter button. And unlike a self-timer, it lets you trip the shutter immediately! What it does: Lets you use an inexpensive mechanical cable release on a compact camera, for blur-free long exposures

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
Adorama price: $79.85
Forget those “Swiss” gadgets, the stainless steel Leatherman Wave Multi-tool is packed with 18 different components: 420HC Clip Point Knife,  420HC Sheepsfoot Serrated Knifem Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, Large Screwdriver, Large Bit Driver, mall Bit Driver, Scissors, Wood/Metal File, Diamond-coated File, Saw, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, 8 in / 19 cm Ruler. Be prepared!


Hoodman Professional 3-inch LCD Screen Loupe

Hoodman Professional 3-inch LCD Screen Loupe
Adorama price: $79.95
Hoodloupe 3.0 Professional can be worn around your neck just like a normal loupe, and you can also use it to review your shots by placing it over your LCD monitor to get a magnified view. Each Hoodloupe is encased in rubber for comfort and protection from bumps that will occur throughout your shoot. A comfortable lanyard and compact protective storage case included. It fits up to 3.0 inch LCD screens.



Adorama Silica Gel with Indicator in a Reuseable CanisterAdorama Silica Gel with Indicator in a Reuseable Canister
Adorama price: $9.95
Keep your valuable equipment safe with silica gel. Reusable Desiccating Canisters protect all types of articles from deterioration, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and other damage caused by moisture or high humidity. The Adorama Cilica Gel With Indicator would make a great stocking stuffer/accessory to give along with the Pelican case below!
An Adorama Exclusive!


Pelican 1200 Watertight Mini-S Hard Case with Pick N Pluck Foam InsertPelican 1200 Watertight Mini-S Hard Case with Pick N Pluck Foam Insert
Adorama price: $38.95
Unarguable the most popular unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof case on the market! The Pelican 1200's unique Desert Tan color stands out and makes you look as professional as you are cautious. Your equipment will be
protected against impact, vibration or shock in this 10.62" x 9.68" x 4.87" case.



Adorama Blower with Suction BaseAdorama Blower with Suction Base     
Adorama price: $8.95
Designed to meet the needs of digital photographer, the Adorama Blower gently blows dust and particles off sensors and can be an ideal complement to your sensor cleaning kit. A suction base lets you stow it vertically for space-saving storage.
An Adorama Exclusive!

Adorama Shoe to Tripod Screw Adapter


Adorama Shoe to Tripod Screw Adapter
Adorama price: $9.45             
Sometimes you need an extra standard tripod screw to mount tripod-mounted accessories atop your camera or multi-flash holder. An example? Let's say you're shooting stills but also want to shoot video from the same angle. Place the Adorama Shoe to Tripod Screw Adapter in your DSLR's hot shoe and mount a video camera via the screw mount, and you're good to go!
An Adorama Exclusive!



Adorama Flex BracketAdorama Flex Bracket 
Adorama price: $14.95
This flexible arm attaches to your camera's hot shoe and holds a shoe-mount accessory such as an LED light panel or flash away from your camera body. 5/8 connectors let you attach the Flex Bracket to a tripod.
An Adorama Exclusive!






Hoodman Cinema StrapHoodman Cinema Strap
Adorama price: $19.95
Hoodman’s Cinema Strap is a simple rubber mounting system that secures Hoodman’s Hood-Loupe 3.0 over the LCD screen of your DSLR for extended hands-free shooting.





Toy Cameras

Digital Blue Lego CameraDigital Blue Lego Camera
Adorama price: $49.99
A fully-functioning 3MP digital camera, this imaginative image-capture device looks like a lego toy. And in fact, the Digital Blue Lego Camera's external shell is made up completely of Legos, and you can add additional legos to it. So is it a camera, or a toy? Well, it's both, and if you're a playful sort, it will do double duty. You could even create a Lego tripod to give it tabletop support. Features are minimal: built-in flash, a 1.5-inch LCD, 128MB of internal memory (holds up to 80 photos at a time, downloadable via USB) and a fixed-focus lens. OK, we'll admit it's not at the top of our list for sheer photographic ability, but it's one heck of a conversation piece.


Lomography Diana Mini Camera, 35mm Square Format or Half-Frame


Lomography Diana Mini Camera, 35mm Square Format or Half-Frame
Adorama price: $49.99
The Diana is a fun retro-inspired toy camera with Multiple Exposure and Long Exposure features, a tripod mount, and a cable release attachment. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film!


Lomography Redscale 50-200 ISO 120mm Film, Pack of 3

Lomography Redscale 50-200 ISO 120mm Film, Pack of 3
Adorama price: $15.99
Spice up your 35mm shots with Lomography's Redscale film.
These special-effect emulsions allow you to tweak the ISO settings to produce different effects, so whether you want your photos to glow brightly in warm red tones, or wish to inject a bit of cool blues into your images, it's all possible in just a single roll of film. Achieving surreal, retro results has never been easier. Oh, the joy of shooting film!

Lomography Pop Nine, 9 Lens 35mm Point & Shoot Camera with FlashLomography Pop Nine, 9 Lens 35mm Point & Shoot Camera with Flash
Adorama price: $33.99
You'll have a ball with this sexy metallic toy camera. One single shot from the Lomography Pop Nine produces nine identical images on one print, and its built-in flash allows for gorgeous results in low-light and late nights out. Capture an action shot in a fun, unique way or keep still and cut the image to give to nine friends.

HolgaGlo 120N Plastic Lens Medium Format Camera, Neon Green
Adorama price: $39.99
The Holga camera was initially introduced to the Chinese public in 1982 as an inexpensive camera for everyday use. Shortly after its introduction, it became an underground artistic phenomena. Using a Holga is an exercise in breaking freefrom dependence on technology, precision and controllability. The slight softness of the images, vignetting and random light leaks produce dream-like, one-of-a-kind images. The Limited Edition HolgaGlo camera actually glows in the dark. Just expose to white light, shut off the lights and watch your Holga glow! This camera uses 120 film.



Books, DVDs and More

AdoramaPIX Photo BooksAdoramaPIX Photo Books
Adorama price: $14.95 and up
AdoramaPix PhotoBooks have garnered praise from professional photographers for their excellent color reproduction and overall quality. Available in sizes from 6x4 to 12x12 inches and in
14, 26, 38, 50 and 76 page lengths, these hardcover books are supported by a robust online, cross-platform design tool that recently won praise from Popular Photography magazine for its ease of use and flexible layout options that give you total control over image size and placement both inside the book and on the covers. An Adorama Exclusive!



Tamara Lackey's Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography Gift Box SetTamara Lackey's Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography Deluxe Kit
Adorama price: $59.99
This 90-minute DVD, 100-page book and quick reference guide combine nearly a decade of AdoramaTV's Tamara Lackey's behind-the-camera knowledge and experience with her fresh and playful approach to capturing the emotion and authenticity of real moments. Tamara takes technical concepts like lighting, composition, styling and framing and puts them into simple to understand terms, breaking down each category into entertaining, everyday real-life situations. The Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography Gift Set includes all three products delivered in a beautiful ready-to-give gift box.

The Art Of Children's Portrait Photography by Tamara LackeyThe Art Of Children's Portrait Photography by Tamara Lackey
Adorama price: $24.95
Contemporary children's portrait photographers strive to create images that are focused on emotion, relationships, and story telling images that go far beyond simple likeness of the subject. In AdoramaTV host Tamara Lackey's book, The Art of Children's Portrait Photography, you'll learn the ins and outs of accomplishing this goal. You'll learn how to evaluate your subject's personality and sculpt your approach to the session with this knowledge. You will also get lighting and posing tips that will help you set the stage for capturing natural, spontaneous moments. Tips for targeting your desired demographic, developing an efficient workflow, conducting effective and enticing proofing sessions, delivering your products and more round out this great book. (100 % of proceeds of this book benefit children's charaties).  Great advice from AdoramaTV's Tamara Lackey.

PhotoBert Cheat SheetsPhotoBert Cheat Sheets
Adorama price: $4.95-10.95
Yeah, we know. You don't want to read the #$*% manual. But sometimes, you need to crib some quick tips because you're stuck on a mystery function or something you can't quite figure out on your own about your camera. That's where PhotoBert CheatSheets come in very handy. They are chock-full of get-to-the point advice to get the most out of your specific camera, and they fold up and can be tucked away in a corner of your camera bag so they're there when you need them without making you look like a total noob.

Understanding Photography Field Guide by Bryan Peterson Understanding Photography Field Guide by Bryan Peterson
Adorama price: $24.99
Everything you need to know in one take-anywhere field guide! Understanding Photography Field Guide is an all-in-one guide from renowned photographer, instructor,  author and AdoramaTV host Bryan Peterson will help you take better photos anytime, anywhere with any camera. Want to finally understand exposure? Interested in learning to "see" and composing your images more creatively? Ready to master the magic of light? It's all here, the techniques every amateur photographer needs to take better nature,landscape, people, and close-up photos. You'll even get creative techniques, like making "rain" and capturing "ghosts," and practical advice on gear, equipment, and postprocessing software. Filled with Bryan's inspirational photographs, this is the one essential guide for every camera bag.

Understanding Flash Photography by Bryan PetersonUnderstanding Flash Photography by Bryan Peterson
Adorama price: $25.99
This is an easy-to-understand guide to flash and other artificial light sources. AdoramaTV's Bryan Peterson starts by breaking down how flash works, then dispels the widely-held myth that automatic "TTL" flash exposure is easier, showing readers how to quickly master manual flash exposure to control the quality, shape, and direction of light and create the images they want, every time.  Bryan then goes beyond traditional flash, celebrating the creative possibilities of artificial light sources such as spotlights, floodlights, flashlights, candlelight, sparklers, even matches. Understanding Flash Photography also includes a thorough exploration ofcombining artificial lighting with available light, providing easy exposure formulas to ensure that readers are soon mixing their own exposure cocktails with sure-fire success.

Beyond Portraiture: Creative People Photography by Bryan PetersonBeyond Portraiture: Creative People Photography by Bryan Peterson
Adorama price: $21.95
Great portraits go beyond a mere record of a face. They reveal one of the millions of intimate human moments that make up a life. In Beyond Portraiture, renowned photographer and AdoramaTV personality Bryan Peterson shows how to spot those "ah-ha!" moments and capture them forever. A teary child...old people laughing together...a smiling girl with big, big hair. Everyone remember pictures like these, usually taken by a mother, a father, a friend holding a camera, forever preserving small yet revealing vignettes of our personal histories. But we always relied on pure luck and chance to catch those moments. Peterson's approach explains what makes a photo memorable, how to spot the universal themes that everyone can identify with, and how to use lighting, setting, and exposure to reveal the wonder and the joy of everyday moments.

Understanding Exposure by Bryan PetersonUnderstanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
Adorama price: $19.95
If you're someone who finds the concept of exposure overwhelming and confusing, the Understanding Exposure is the book you've been waiting for. Professional photographer and Adorama Partner Bryan Peterson demystifies this complex subject, making it easy to grasp. He explains how to successfully combine aperture, shutter speed, and film - the elements that compose what Peterson refers to as "the photographic triangle." He defines each element of the triangle and shows how it relates to the other two through the use of more than 100 side-by-side comparison pictures.



Practical HDRI by Jack HowardPractical HDRI by Jack Howard
Adorama price: $19.95
Practical HDRI, 2nd Edition - HDRI, by Adorama's own Jack Howard, gives you the opportunity to record images in a unique and expanded range not possible in conventional digital photography. This thorough and compelling edition covers everything from initial capture of an image through post-production. With clear and concise instruction, you'll learn the wonders and techniques of HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) using the latest versions of Adobe Photomatrix FDRTools, Dynamic Photo HDR and HDR PhotoStudio.


The Life Guide to Digital Photography by Joe McNallyThe Life Guide to Digital Photography by Joe McNally

Adorama price: $19.95
LIFE, the most recognized name in photography, joins forces with AdoramaTV host Joe McNally, the most recognized name in how-to digital photography. The LIFE Guide to Digital Photography has everything you need to know in order to take digital pictures just like the pros. From what equipment you'll need through instruction on focusing, lighting, composition, fixing your images, printing and sharing, Joe McNally and the Editors of LIFE, the world's preeminent photography brand, have what you need and share their expert advice in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion.



The Adorama Gift Certificate
Still not sure about what you should get? No worries. Adorama Gift Certificates will always be appreciated. They come in amounts from $25 up to $500.




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