Choosing the Right Accessories for Computing on the Go

A buying guide for road warriors

Having your notebook computer or tablet on the road is just the first step- additional peripherals are needed for optimum efficiency.


It seems that all of us are digital road warriors to one degree or another, be it something as simple as checking email in a coffee shop prior to an important meeting to feverishly reworking an important presentation in a hotel room hours prior to a sales call.

Careful consideration of what your needs will be, alongside a preparatory email to find out what equipment will be available at your destination, can make the difference between a successful trip or one that will serve as an example of what not to do on the road.

One of the simplest tools you can have is a high capacity USB flash drive. They now come with huge capacities so that users can back up large amounts of data in case the unthinkable happens and your main system turns up missing. At least you can make the presentation that you flew cross country to make, if you have taken the proper precautions.

The Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn 64GB Portable USB Data Storage Device is a fine option in this space. With 64GB of capacity it can not only serve as backup to your presentation but much of your music and video library and still fit in the palm of your hand.

The drive has an Adorama price of $39.95 and this is just one of the many portable data storage options available in the Adorama Memory Card & USB Drives section.


One of the most common tasks a road warrior has is to make a presentation. Even those willing to lug around a large notebook with a screen larger than a small TV understand that having your clients huddle around the computer is not the optimum environment to make a pitch.
Many businesses are set up so that the attachment of a computer to their display system can be a snap. But as anyone knows, there are often glitches which, while usually minor, are very irritating. Instead of completely relying on your host, come prepared with a controller that you know handles the presentation. For this look to the
Califone Multipurpose Laser Presenter, a small device that takes control of any slide show on your computer. 

The wireless remote allows you to easily run a presentation. It consists of a receiver that can plug into the USB port of both Macs and Windows compatible computers and a laser pointer. The pointer has a range of 650 feet so that the size of the room that you are using for the presentation will probably not matter. It has an Adorama price of $54.95.

Stay Wired or Wireless

Some offices swap out an older notebook for a users work system as a sort of low cost insurance. While increasingly rare some still do not have wireless, which means no Wi-Fi. To get around this a user simply needs an add-on adapter such as the TRENDnet N150 Wireless USB Adapter.

About the size of your thumb the adapter enables laptops to quickly and conveniently connect to high speed wireless networks so users can access the Internet at coffee shops and hotels with ease. It has an Adorama price of $17.16.

An extra cable takes up almost no room at all and can be a life saver if for instance you need to connect your computer to a larger display for a presentation and the site does not have one. One such as the Accell UltraAV 6.6’ Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable will do the trick. Make sure that you have the correct cable for the port on your computer! The cable has an Adorama price of $13.99.


A few years ago tablets were still considered just a consumer item but they have crashed through the business IT barrier and become a mainstream productivity tool in the work environment as well. However there are some drawbacks to the devices that a few additions can help.

One is a simple stand so that the tablet is in an upright position, meaning the user does not have to hunch over to view the display. They come in an array of shapes and sizes in Adorama’s iPads and Tablets section but one that sets an example is the Stump Stand for eReaders, iPads, iPhones and Tablets.

The small multifunctional device can easily fit in a briefcase or travel bag and prop up a wide range of devices for easier viewing. It is available with an Adorama price of $24.95.

Another tool that augments productivity on the road, or at home for that matter, is a keyboard. While tablets have the ability to type directly on their touchscreen, sometimes an external offering helps to increase your productivity.

The inNuevo Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard enables a user to sit and type with the keyboard in their lap while the tablet can be yards away, and it does not require cables to connect. It is compatible with a wide range of platforms including the very popular iPad line from Apple and Samsung’s Galaxy family. It has an Adorama price of $59.99.


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