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Mason Resnick is the editor of the Adorama Learning Center and a lifetime photography enthusiast.


Mason Resnick is the Editor of the Adorama Learning Center. Previously, he spent five years as the Managing Editor of Popular Photography & Imaging, the world’s largest circulation photography magazine. Before that, he spent eight years as the Associate Editor of Modern Photography, where he started his career in 1983, and three years as the Managing Editor of Photo Business, a trade magazine for photo retailers.

Resnick has served as the Camera columnist for the New York Times, and has contributed articles about photography to Shutterbug, Photo District News, Visio, Darkroom Photography, American Photo, and Outdoor & Travel Photography magazines. He has contributed to several online photo-oriented web sites, including Hyperzine, eTown, Photohighway, and other retail photo web sites. He has written dozens of articles on creative picture-taking techniques.

A photography enthusiast since age 5, Resnick studied with legendary photographer Garry Winogrand, and is an avid street photographer. He can occasionally be seen on the streets of Manhattan taking candid photos with his trusty old Leica M3 - - and an Adorama 28mm f/3.5 lens! An online gallery of some of his work can be found at Resnick is a graduate of Queens College, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and the New School for Social Research, where he earned a Master’s degree in Media Studies.

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10 Top Tech Marvels For Better Digital Photography

Want to enhance your photography? Here's some well thought-out gear to watch!

ArticleAccessories and Gadgets Gear Guides & Reviews - by Mason Resnick, 4 days ago

From printers that print wirelessly from your camera phone to more comfy neck straps and remote control heli-cams, changes in low- and high-tech are having an impact on photographers.

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TAGS: photography,  accessories,  buying guide,  buying tips,  gadgets,  gear 

20 Top Camera Accessories for Macro Photography

Check out the numerous camera accessories available to improve your macro photography. Learn more about macro photography & its essential accessories. Updated for Spring 2014.

ArticleMacro Photography Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, 9 days ago

view Comments (2)

You're inspired to go out there and capture the world in all you need's the right stuff. Here are the essentials--lenses, lighting, and accessories--that will help you produce that macro magic.

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TAGS: adorama,  macro,  macro photography,  ring flash,  clamp,  lens,  Focus on Macro Photography 

The Best Entry-Level DSLRs for Spring 2014

Check out the most popular DSLR cameras for beginner photographers. Also find out about more about DSLRs and why they are so popular.

ArticleThe Best...Right Now Gear Guides & Reviews - by Mason Resnick, 16 days ago

Meet four fantastic starter DSLRs with a kit lens that cost less than $650. Learn why these are not just great bargains, but also great cameras!

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TAGS: canon,  DSLR,  pentax,  beginner,  digital SLR,  sony 

Flashpoint Streaklight Portable Flash: Product Profile

New affordable high-power shoe mount flash system

ArticleProfessional Imaging Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, 19 days ago

Adorama has just debuted the Flashpoint StreakLight flash system, bringing an affordable high-power portable flash solution to professional photographers.

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TAGS: flash,  Quantum,  power packs,  shoe-mount,  Flashpoint,  flash modifier,  shoe mount flashes,  StreakLight 

Flashpoint Blast PowerPack PB-960: Product Spotlight

Power to spare and flexibility for wedding photographers

ArticleProfessional Imaging Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, 19 days ago

The new Flashpoint Blast PowerPack PB-960 offers fast recycle time, lower costs, and 1800 full-power blasts per charge.

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TAGS: power packs,  lithium,  Flashpoint,  rechargeable,  battery,  Blast 

Flashpoint PowerStation PS-800: Product Spotlight

Steady portable power for multiple monolight strobes

ArticleProfessional Imaging Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, 20 days ago

The Flashpoint PowerStation PS-800 is a portable supply of power for any electronic device but is suited specifically for the needs of pro photographers using monolight flash units.

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TAGS: portable,  monolights,  power packs,  location,  Flashpoint,  battery 

Indoor Sports Photography Camera and Lens Gear Guide

Beyond March Madness

ArticleAction Sports Photography Techniques and How-Tos - by Mason Resnick, 21 days ago

When shooting indoor sports photography such as basketball, hockey, boxing, water sports and so forth, there are two possible approaches to getting sharp images at the peak of the action.

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TAGS: buying guide,  action,  sports,  buying tips,  sony,  action photography,  indoors,  action sports,  Nikon D7100,  Sony Alpha 7,  Nikon D5300,  Canon 5D Mark III,  Canon 70D 

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